Maithili music

Maithili Music is one of the most ancient types of music in the Indian subcontinent. It originated from Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent, which is now divided between India and Nepal. No one knows exactly when Maithili Music came into existence, probably due to the length of its history, but its age indicates that it might have helped other music develop and flourish in India and Nepal. Although Maithili music is usually played by classical instruments, it has been modernized and now uses various modern instruments. Some significant contributors to this music style are Maha Kavi Vidyapati Thakur, Udit Narayan Jha, Sharda Sinha.[1] and new sensation Maithili Thakur (India's rising star Runner up 2017). The region's folk songs are associated with the various events in the life of an ordinary person.

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A Lady Playing the Tanpura, ca. 1735.jpg
A lady playing the Tanpura, c. 1735 (Rajasthan)


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