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Mahō Sentai Magiranger (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー, Mahō Sentai Majirenjā, [Note 1]), is Toei Company's twenty-ninth production of the Super Sentai metaseries. The action footage was used in Power Rangers Mystic Force and both shows had scenes simultaneously shot in New Zealand.[1][citation needed] The main themes of this series are courage and love of family. This series was dubbed into Korean under the title Power Rangers Magic Force.

Mahō Sentai Magiranger
Superhero fiction
Fantasy fiction
Created byToei Company
Written by
Directed by
Narrated byTesshō Genda
Composer(s)Kousuke Yamashita
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes49
Executive producer(s)Takeyuki Suzuki
  • Schreck Hedwick
  • Hideaki Tsukada
  • Takaaki Utsunomiya
  • Kōichi Yada
Running time30 minutes
Original network
Original releaseFebruary 13, 2005 (2005-02-13) –
February 12, 2006 (2006-02-12)
Preceded byTokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Followed byGoGo Sentai Boukenger
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The catchphrases of the series are "Magic, it's a sacred power! Magic, it's an adventure to the unknown! Magic, and it's a proof of courage!" (Japanese: 魔法、それは聖なる力! 魔法、それは未知への冒険! 魔法、そしてそれは勇気の証!, romanizedMahō, sore wa seinaru chikara! Mahō, sore wa michi e no bōken! Mahō, soshite sore wa yūki no akashi!) and "Divine! Adventurous! Courageous! It's just MAGIC" (Japanese: 神秘!冒険!勇気!それは魔法, romanizedShinpi! Bōken! Yūki! Sore wa mahō).


A war between the Infershia and Magitopia had occurred unbeknownst to humans. After being imprisoned within the Earth for fifteen years, the Infershia have returned to get revenge from their imprisonment. When the Infershia attack, five siblings witness their mother change in front of them and she hands them MagiPhones to transform into a magic team. Now endowed with magic powers, these five vow to live up to their family's legacy. They have yet to discover many more family secrets.[citation needed]


The Ozu Family (小津一家, Ozu Ikka) is a family of mages that initially consisted of five children (three brothers and two sisters) who lived peacefully with their mother Miyuki on the assumption that their father died in an expedition in Antarctica. But the five learn their family legacy as they battle against the Infershia after their mother was taken from them, reunited with their parents by the series finale. The five main Magirangers transform using the Magi Phone (マージフォン, Māji Fon) transformation devices which allows them to execute spells, armed with the Magi Stick (マジスティック, Magi Sutikku) wands and the Sky Hoky (スカイホーキー, Sukai Hōkī) brooms. Whenever facing a giant monster, the Magirangers use the "Magical Big Transformation" (魔法大変身, Mahō Dai Henshin) to transform into the Magi Majin (マジ魔神, Maji Majin) which can all combine into Majin Fusion Magi King (魔神合体マジキング, Majin Gattai Maji Kingu) or without MagiPhoenix to form Magic Dragon Fusion Magi Dragon (魔竜合体マジドラゴン, Maryū Gattai Maji Doragon). After the five acquired the ability to become Legend Magirangers (レジェンドマジレンジャー, Rejendo Majirenjā), once learning to regulate their powers to remain on Earth, they acquire the Magical Holy Staff DialRods (魔法聖杖ダイヤルロッド, Mahō Seijō Daiyaruroddo) and the ability to become Magi Majuu that combine into Legendary Fusion God Magi Legend (伝説合神マジレジェンド, Densetsu Gasshin Maji Rejendo).

Kai Ozu (小津 魁, Ozu Kai)
The youngest of the Ozu Family who is team leader despite being in high school, impulsive yet optimistic and brave. He is able to become Red Magician Magi Red (赤の魔法使いマジレッド, Aka no Mahōtsukai), deriving his power from Heavenly Saint Flagel (天空聖者フレイジェル, Tenkū Seija Fureijeru), with a proficiency in alchemy and fire magic. Kai bore animosity towards Wolzard for apparently killing Miyuki for most of the series before learning his true identity as Isamu, gradually accepting him while inheriting his techniques and ideals. In the series finale epilogue, Kai becomes a liaison between the "Surface World" and Infershia. As Magi Red, able to turn his Magi Stick into a sword and equip himself with the Magi Punch (マジパンチ, Maji Panchi) boxing gloves, he is able to transform into the Majin Magi Phoenix (マジフェニックス, Maji Fenikkusu), which forms the core of MagiKing and can combine with Varikion and Horned Sacred Horse Unigolon (一角聖馬ユニゴルオン Ikkaku Seiba Yunigoruon) to become Friendship Fusion FireKaiser (友情合体ファイヤーカイザー, Yūjō Gattai Faiyākaizā) and Heavenly Fusion Saint Kaiser (天空合体セイントカイザー, Tenkū Gattai Seinto Kaizā). After gaining the ability to become Legend Magi Red (レジェンドマジレッド, Rejendo Maji Reddo), he is able to transform into the Majuu Magi Firebird (マジファイヤーバード, Maji Faiyābādo)
Tsubasa Ozu (小津 翼, Ozu Tsubasa)
The middle son of the Ozu Family, the rational second in command despite being laid-back and irresponsible at times. He is able to become Yellow Magician Magi Yellow (黄色の魔法使いマジイエロー, Kiiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Ierō), deriving his power from Heavenly Saint Volgel (天空聖者ボルジェル, Tenkū Seija Borujeru), with a proficiency in potion-making and thunder magic. Following the final battle against N Ma, Tsubasa becomes a professional boxer. As Magi Yellow, able to turn his Magi Stick into a crossbow, he is able to transform into the Majin Magi Garuda (マジガルーダ Maji Garūda), which forms the wings of MagiDragon and MagiKing. After gaining the ability to become Legend Magi Yellow (レジェンドマジイエロー, Rejendo Maji Ierō), he is able to combine with his older siblings to form the Majuu Magi Lion (マジライオン, Majiraion).
Urara Ozu (小津 麗, Ozu Urara)
The youngest daughter and middle child of the Ozu Family, a kind-hearted yet strict girl who acts like a surrogate mother to her siblings. She is able to become Blue Magician Magi Blue (黄色の魔法使いマジブルー, Ao no Mahōtsukai Maji Burū), deriving her power from Heavenly Saint Splagel (天空聖者スプラジェル, Tenkū Seija Supurajeru), with a proficiency in fortune-telling and water magic. Urara also had a frog phobia due to a prank Kai pulled on them when they were little, which partially overcame to restore Hikaru whom she eventually fell in love with and married prior to the final battle. As MagiBlue, she is able to transform into the Majin Magi Mermaid (マジマーメイド, Maji Māmeido), while her Legend Magi Blue (レジェンドマジブルー, Rejendo Maji Burū) form allows her to serve as a component in forming Magi Lion.
Houka Ozu (小津 芳香, Ozu Hōka)
The eldest daughter and the second oldest child of the Ozu Family, a somewhat ditzy girl who looks on the bright side of things while sometimes working a fashion model. She is able to become Pink Magician Magi Pink (桃色の魔法使いマジピンク, Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Pinku), deriving her power from Heavenly Saint Wingel (天空聖者ウインジェル, Tenkū Seija Uinjeru), with a proficiency in transformations and wind magic. She was previously turned in a vampire servant by Vancuria before Tsubasa restored her to normal and later convinced Titan to abandon Infershia. As Magi Pink, she is able to transform into the Majin Magi Fairy (マジフェアリー, Maji Fearī), with the ability of turning into the Magiranger Ball (マジレンジャーボール, Majirenjā Bōru) for team attacks, while her Legend Magi Pink (レジェンドマジピンク, Rejendo Maji Pinku) form allows her to serve as a component in forming Magi Lion.
Makito Ozu (小津 蒔人, Ozu Makito)
The eldest son of the Ozu Family, who is a father figure to his younger siblings and grows vegetables on his personal "Aniki Farm". He is able to become Green Magician Magi Green (黄色の魔法使いマジグリーン, Midori no Mahōtsukai Maji Gurīn), deriving his power from Heavenly Saint Groungel (天空聖者グランジェル, Tenkū Seija Guranjeru), with a proficiency in herbology and earth magic. He despite being appearing to overbearing, he is truly the linchpin that keeps his family together. Magi Geen, able to turn his Magi Stick into an axe, he is able to transform into the Majin Magi Taurus (マジタウロス, Maji Taurosu), which forms the main body of MagiDragon and MagiKing. After gaining the ability to become Legend Magi Green (レジェンドマジグリーン, Rejendo Maji Gurīn), he is able to combine with his three younger siblings to form Magi Lion.
Hikaru (ヒカル)
An apprentice of Isamu's whose true identity is Heavenly Saint Sungel (天空聖者サンジェル, Tenkū Seija Sanjeru), having fought Infershia in the past before he was turned into a frog as a side effect of sealing Raigel before Urara kissed him to break the spell. Assuming his human idenity, Hikaru resolves to serve as the Ozu siblings as their mentor in magic while settling things with Memmy. Overtime, while ending up learning from them, Hikaru began to develop feelings for Urara and eventually married him prior to the series finale. Hikaru uses the GripPhone (グリップフォン Gurippufon) transformation device with a Magi Ticket to become Heavenly Hero Magi Shine (天空勇者マジシャイン, Tenkū Yūsha Maji Shain), armed with the Magi Lamp Buster (マジランプバスター, Maji Ranpu Basutā). He can also pilot the Magical Train Travelion Express (魔法特急トラベリオンエクスプレス, Mahō Tokkyū Toraberion Ekusupuresu), a steam-engine that can travel to any Marudeyona world and transform into Magical Ironman Travelion (魔法鉄神トラベリオン, Mahō Tetsujin Toraberion).
Miyuki Ozu (小津 深雪, Ozu Miyuki)
The Ozu siblings' mother who can become the White Magician Magi Mother (白の魔法使いマジマザー, Shiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Mazā), whose power is derived from Snowgel. Following Isamu's disappearance, convincing Magigel to grant her children magic as a precaution, Miyuki concealed the truth of her and her husband fighting Infershia from their children until its forces resume their attack on the surface. Through it appeared Wolzard killed her with the Magirangers motivated to fight Infershia, he momentary regained his memory as Isamu long enough to teleport her away into the Flower Garden of Souls as light. But Miyuki is taken captive by Toad before her children rescue her.
Isamu Ozu (小津 勇, Ozu Isamu)
The Ozu Siblings' father, revealed to be Magitopia's champion Heavenly Saint Blagel (天空聖者ブレイジェル, Tenkū Seija Bureijeru) who was forced to leave his family to seal the Hades Gate with him trapped in Infershia where he is transformed into Dark Magic Knight Wolzard (魔導騎士ウルザード, Madō Kishi Uruzādo) with the WolSabre & Jagun Shield (ウルサーベル&ジャガンシールド, Urusāberu & Jagan Shīrudo) as his weapons of choice. He can enlarge himself to combine with his steed Dark Magic Horse Varikion (魔導馬バリキオン, Madōba Barikion) into either Dark Magic Fusion WolKentauros (魔導合体ウルケンタウロス, Madō Gattai Urukentaurosu) or Majin Fusion WolKaiser (魔神合体ウルカイザー, Majin Gattai Urukaizā). Wolzard battled the Magirangers until he regained his memories and sacrificed himself to seal N Ma into his body, hiding himself away until he was attacked and nearly killed by Dagon. But Miyuki healed him as he later absorbs Wyvern's flames to create the Fire WolzaPhone (ファイヤーウーザフォン, Faiyā Ūzafon) to become the red-armored Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire (天空勇者ウルザードファイヤ, Tenkū Yūsha Uruzādo Faiyā) and participate in the final battle against N Ma.


Mandora Boy (マンドラ坊や, Mandora Bōya)
A young mandrake the Magirangers met when they found their secret headquarters. Despite being in a pot, he can hop around as well as fly. He can even be plucked out of the pot, which, true to his species, will cause him to emit a deafening cry, though the experience comes to him as painful (as seen in Stage 3, when Tsubasa, with headphones on, did so). Mandora Boy will often give advice to the team, particularly Kai, and introduced their individual abilities to them. He is very emotional and easily excited and tends to bicker with Smoky after he and Hikaru moved in.
Smoky the Magical Cat (魔法猫スモーキー Mahō Neko Sumōkī)
Hikaru's mischievous feline genie who resides in the Magi Lamp, which was found in the cave that was Raigel's tomb. Smoky came into being from the volcano in Flagel's domain on Magitopia, causing trouble for the Magitopians with his pranks until he was inflicted with a curse from opening the Annihilation Box. Sungel saved Smoky by placing him in the Magi Lamp, but the cat is informed that he can't last more than three hours outside the lamp. Smoky can be released from the curse if he grants the wishes of others, but Smoky prefers to grant only one wish to whoever awakens him from his slumber, and only if he is compensated for his services. When the Ozu siblings wished for Infershia to be gone, he denied their request, stating that the power the Infershia wield is greater than his own. He seems to have some limited magical powers as well, such as getting brief glimpses of the future and enlarging himself to help the gang out and by turning food into sand as a prank. Despite being a goof-off, he is a capable fighter and once piloted Travelion (though he usually just shovels the coal). He sees Urara as a mother figures and bickers with Mandora Boy now and then.
Yuka Yamazaki (山崎 由佳, Yamazaki Yuka)
The manager of Kai's high school soccer team whom he developed a strong crush on despite her falling in love with Magi Red. But Yuka learns of Kai's identity as Magi Red during the events of Bride of Infershia, when abducted by Glum do Bridon to be his bride. She kept this from Kai as she supports him from afar.
Heavenly Saint Lunagel (天空聖者ルナジェル, Tenkū Seija Runajeru)
The first Heavenly Saint the Magirangers encounter, an ally of Blagel who acted on his orders to seal Hades Gate with "key magic", keeping it close while she lives. But Lunagel loses her memory after being attacked by Raigel, wandering in a human form that Kai later named Rin (リン) before the regaining her memories. Despite her initial thoughts on the Magirangers, she reconsiders after Kai saves her as she returns to Magitopia while helping the Ozu siblings in any way she can.
Heavenly Saint Snowgel (天空聖者スノウジェル, Tenkū Seija Sunōjeru)
The Heavenly Saint Miyuki derives her power from and former apprentice of the Five Legendary Magicians' pupil, able to unleash one's dormant magic with a person and assume an infant-like guise. But after the tragedy of Miyuki and Blagel along with Raigel's treachery, Snowgel took refuge in the Marudeyona World called the "Lamentation Sea" formed from his tears tears. The Magirangers manage to find Snowgel and convince him to aid them acquiring the Legend power. Snowgel later appears to aid in Magirangers' battle against Drake, revealing his true adult form while giving Hikaru an important lesson.
Heavenly Archsaint Magiel (天空大聖者マジエル, Tenkū Daiseija Majieru)
The giant-sized leader of the Heavenly Saints who resides in Heavenly Temple, the highest point in Magitopia. At first she refused to let the Ozu siblings borrow Unigolon due to the fact that Magitopian law dictates that Heavenly Saints are not allowed to intervene in human affairs. Magiel even admitted she frowned on both Blagel's choice to sacrifice himself and Miyuki's intent to learn magic. But after seeing the same courage their parents showed, Magiel allowed them Unigolon's aid and made a later exception on the distribution of the Legendary Magicians' power to the Ozu siblings. When N Ma attacks Magitopia, after failing to stop him, Magiel teleports Lunagel to the human world while seemingly killed by the demon's rampage. But Magiel teleported herself to the Flower Garden of Souls at the last second and remained there during the final battle. A year after N Ma's destruction, Magiel is still getting used to Urara living on the rebuilt Magitopia.

Underground Hades Empire InfershiaEdit

The Underground Hades Empire Infershia (地底冥府インフェルシア, Chitei Meifu Inferushia) are from the Kedomono Realm at the center of the Earth, which was ruled by the mysterious N Ma. Fifteen years ago, N Ma created the Hades Gate to send his entire army to Earth, but was stopped by the Heavenly Saint Blagel. N Ma uses his agents to break the seal so he can conquer the surface world. However, over time, some of the Infershians began to realize N Ma's insane obsession of destroying Magitopia and the Ozu Family was reckless due to needless deaths. Once N Ma was destroyed, Hades Goddess Sphinx took over the Infershia to rebuild their world and start anew with Magitopia.

Absolute God N Ma (絶対神ン・マ, Zettaishin N Ma)
The ruler of Infershia and the main antagonist of the series, a demon of pure evil motivated by sheer malice and an uncontrollable hunger to devour everything in sight. For the first half of the series, N-Ma contacted his minions via a white pool at the center of their lair before a purified Blagel sealed the demon's soul in his own body. But Hades Gods extracted N Ma with Titan sacrificed to enable N-Ma molding the god's body in his image. Three days after acquiring his new form, N Ma attacks Magitopia while revealing his ability to absorb all magic. The Magirangers ultimate use the ability against him to cause him to explode from being unable to contain their unlimited magic.
Victory General Branken (凱力大将ブランケン, Gairiki Taishō Buranken)
The high commander who was previously a High Zobil, armed with the Imperial Sword Hell Fang created from N Ma's fang that he uses in his "Hell Slash" attack. Branken desires to reach the surface world and clashed with Wolzard over it, using the Hades Beasts to systematic slaughter people in hopes one among would be Lungel with her death removing the seal on the Hades Gate. Once Lunagel was found and captured, Branken forced himself through the partially unseal Hades Gate before he is destroyed by Magi King with Wolzard taking his Hell Fang to forge into a replacement sword.
Sorcery Priest Meemy (魔導神官メーミィ, Madō Shinkan Mēmyi)
The high commander who took over following Branken, armed with an extendable fan. He was originally Heavenly Saint Raigel (天空聖者ライジェル, Tenkū Seija Raijeru), Glagel's apprentice who believed magic is a means to grant his own selfish desires. He betrayed his comrades during their battle with Infershia, abandoning Blagel and sealing Lunagel's memories before confronted by Sungel in a battle that ended with them sealed in a cave with Raigel's mummified remains covered by Vancuria. Meemy, seeing himself as N Ma's vassel, utilizes the Hades Beastmen in schemes to bring N Ma into the human world before succeeding with the Magirangers' Legend powers. But he is killed after engaging Hikaru in Duel Bond match, crumbling to dust while revealing the advent of the Infershia Pantheon.
Phantom Spy Vancuria (妖幻密使バンキュリア, Yōgen Misshi Bankyuria)
A vampire queen who serves Infershia's spy, adversely unaffected by sunlight and virtually indestructible. She acquired to the ability to travel freely between the surface and Infershia when she developed the ability to split herself into two bodies to over her lonely existence. The two fragmented halves,Nai & Mea (ナイとメア, Nai to Mea), are mischievous in personality with Nai appearing 'older sister' since Mea repeats some of words. Eventually, Vancuria joins Sphinx in siding with the Magirangers to stop N Ma.

Infershia PantheonEdit

The Infershia Pantheon (冥府十神, Meifu Jusshin) are the antagonist of the second half of the series, composed of ten giant-sized deities residing in the Valley of the Gods until they were revived upon N Ma's death to deliver Divine Punishment (神罰, Shinbatsu) on mankind with any interference having grave consequences for both the surface world and Magitopia. The reason for this is because the Hades gods' deaths serve an alternate purpose to provide N Ma with selecting a vessel among the survivors. Each deities follows a self-made code of conduct called the Dark Precept, using the Slab of Judgement to pick the chosen god to execute Divine Punishment with a Dark Aurora heralding their arrival to the surface, assuming a human-size form to carry out the punishment. Should they choose to play games with anyone, they must abide by the rules they made. They are divided into three groups: The Three Wise Gods (三賢神, Sankenshin), Five Warrior Gods (五武神, Gobushin), and the Two Ultimate Gods (二極神, Nikyokushin).

Hades God Dagon (冥府神ダゴン, Meifushin Dagon)
One of the Three Wise Gods and leader of the Infershia Pantheon, armed with Samukama trident and religiously devoted with N Ma. When he realizes that something's array with the Dark Percepts, Dagon learns that Wolzard is keeping N Ma's soul prisoner within his body. This forces Dagon to break the rules in order to lure Wolzard out by targeting his children whom he could no longer underestimated, sending Sleipnir to support Drake to force Wolzard to act. After Vancuria planted one of his fishscales on Wolzard during the battle, Dagon takes Wyvern and Titan with him to ambush Wolzard and knock him down a fiery crevasse after extracting N Ma's soul. After killing Titan so that N Ma could be reborn and then Sphinx when she abandoned her Divine Punishment, Dagon abducts Magi Mother after killing Smoky with an attack meant for Urara. But Dagon is shocked to find Sphinx revived by Vancuria, killed by the former after she attempted to give him a chance to change his ways.
Hades Goddess Sphinx (冥府神スフィンクス, Meifushin Sufinkusu)
One of the Three Wise Gods who enforces the Dark Percepts while serving as an observer, with armed with the Lionic Blade bazooka-gauntlet. Noticing Dagon's disregard for their rules and their members being defeated, Sphinx decides to use Makito, Houka, and Titan's escape to the Eternal Woods to interrogate the other Magirangers over how they defeated the other gods in her Marudeyouna world Sage's Night on the promise of sending them to Titan's location, amazed to hear their answer to be courage. Following N Ma's resurrection, despite attempting to convince the others that the Surface World has some worth they could learn from, Sphinx is forced to attack as the last god chosen by the Slab of Judgement. Though Sphinx overpowered the Magirangers, she renounced her Divine Punishment after being convinced by Urara with Sleipnir and Dagon killing her off on N Ma's orders. But Sphinx is revived by Vancuria, saving Miyuki from Dagon while being forced to kill him. After N Ma's defeat, Sphinx become the new leader of the Infershia and establishes an alliance between her kind and Magitopia while over seeing the Kedomono Realm's reconstruction.
Hades God Ifrit (冥府神イフリート, Meifushin Ifurīto)
One of the Five Warriors Gods, armed a club with a ball and chain as his weapon and able to evaporate any attacks within his sight. The first chosen by the Slab of Judgement, Ifrit toyed with the humans by lighting a tower on fire to give the humans time to repent and beg for their lives before commencing to reduce everything to ashes. But while fighting MagiLegend, Ifrit lit another tower as he proclaimed he would kill the Magirangers before it completely burns while promising to reveal their mother's whereabouts. But Ifrit prolonged his fight after the tower completely burned and is killed by Dagon to maintain the Dark Precept, Ifrit revealing Miyuki is held captive by one of other Hades gods in "a garden of thorns".
Hades God Cyclops (冥府神サイクロプス, Meifushin Saikuropusu)
One of the Five Warrior Gods, a sharpshooter armed with sniper rifle-type bayonet that uses different ammunitions to has different effects. He is also one of the most calm and composed of the group, reclaiming composure quickly even if he were to get angry. The second chosen by the Slab of Judgement, using reflective surfaces to snipe them, Cyclops challenges the Magirangers with a game of cat and mouse where at lease one of them needs evade his shots until sunset for the group to win. But Tsubasa manages to outwit Cyclops and defeat him to save his siblings, with Cyclops destroyed by Magi Legend with assistance from Travelion.
Hades Goddess Gorgon (冥府神ゴーゴン, Meifushin Gōgon)
One of the Three Wise Gods whose personal Marudeyouna world is "Gorgon's Garden", armed with an aegis-type mirror-shield and able to turn herself into either a nāga or a giant snake to devour her enemies. Learning herself to be the third chosen by the Slab of Judgement from reading the Book of Prophecy, intending to turn people to stone through her snake familiars and mirror-shield, Gorgon sends Toad out to alter events for her benefit by having him body swap Kai and Houka. But Sphinx restores Kai and Houka when Gorgon attacks them once dealing with the others, her falling apart as she dies proclaiming Drake would avenge her.
Hades God Drake (冥府神ドレイク, Meifushin Doreiku)
One of the Two Ultimate Gods, representing Infershia's shield due to his impenetrable hide that covers his entire body except the back of his neck. Drake is armed with a sword that can shoot streams of lightning and his hide allows him to survive any kind of attack unscathed. Having to respect for his group's ritual practices, Drake's only motivation is destroying everything on the surface and fight Hikaru. Following Gorgon's death, Drake is the fourth to be chosen by the Slab of Judgement as he assumes a dragon-like form to destroy the city before Hikaru learns of Drake's weakpoint and defeats him. Drake then joined by Sleipnir as the two overpower Magi Legend and Travelion before Wolzard removes the latter from the fight, with Drake destroyed soon after.
Hades God Toad (冥府神トード, Meifushin Tōdo)
One of the Five Warrior Gods, armed with a trumpet-hammer and able to use a variety of poisons produced from his warts. He is also a glutton who feeds on High Zobils and collects souls, unintentionally capturing Miyuki during his post-awakening visit to the Flower Garden of Souls and holding her with his Briar Garden. Initially used by Gorgon to body-swap Kai and Houka, Toad is the fifth god chosen by the Slab of Judgement as he conjures forth huge clouds of Hades Frog Eggs in the sky to subject the world to a Plague of Frogs. But the Magirangers eventually defeat him alongside Magi Mother.
Hades God Titan (冥府神ティターン, Meifushin Titān)
The strongest of the Five Warrior Gods, armed a double bladed staff, Titan abhorred the ideas of needless suffering and pointless fighting. After accompanying Dagon and Wyvern to seek out Wolzard to reclaim N-Ma's soul, Titan is the sixth god chosen by the Slab of Judgement as gathers electricity to create a large ball of energy to instantly kill everyone before Houka convinces him to renounce his Divine Punishment once seeing him for the kind-hearted figure he is. Titan then forced to flee after being chosen as N Ma's vessel, which required him to sacrifice himself so the deity fully resurrect. Despite Houka, and Makito taking him to the Marudeyouna world known as the Eternal Woods where he can enter a deep rest in the Lake of Slumber, Titan is killed by Dagon with N Ma ripping out of the god's dying body.
Hades God Wyvern (冥府神ワイバーン, Meifushin Waibān)
One of the Five Warrior Gods, fast and arrogant while armed with a spear. He initially takes a liking in Vancuria, helping her understand his group and how their function. But after Wolzard injured him while retrieving N Ma's soul, Wvyern became bitter enough to lash out at Nai and Mea whenever they come to his aid or comfort him. When Titan flees to the Eternal Woods, Wyvern pursues him before learning that Makito and Houka distracted him with the latter's disguise magic to give Titan time to reach at the Lake of Slumber. This causes an infuriated Wyvern to overpower the Magirangers until Isamu showed up and absorbed one of the revenge-driven deity's flames, with Wyvern destroyed by Wolzard Fire after an incredibly short standoff.
Hades God Sleipnir (冥府神スレイプニル, Meifushin Sureipuniru)
One of the two Ultimate Gods and Dagon's right-hand, a knight-like demon who represents Infershia's halberd who boasts of being having the greatest offence among the gods. He is armed with jousting lance or a jagged sword and a shield, with signature attack being his Ranging Spear Crusher thrust attack. Easily defeating Magi Legend with a single blow when the Hades gods first appeared, Dagon sends him to aid Drake in overpowering the Magirangers on his Hades Chariot pulled by Barikion-like horses before Wolkaizer removes him from the fight. After aiding Dagon in executing Sphinx, Sleipnir takes over her Divine Punishment while fighting the Magirangers before they managed to destroy him with their Five Fantastic Aerial Attack.

Hades BeastmenEdit

The Hades Beastmen (冥獣人, Meijūjin) the second wave of monsters to fight the Magirangers, previous humans who sold their souls to N Ma, and were more powerful and intelligent than ordinary Hades Beasts. They had been sealed away by Blagel but were set free by Meemy, bond to serve him as commanded by the Dark Contract to sacrifice many humans so that N Ma could be revived. While most were enlarged by Meemy, Peewee and Bullrates were enlarged by Vancuria using the WolzaPhones.

Hades Beastman Berserker Glúm do Bridon (冥獣人バーサーカー・グルーム・ド・ブライドン, Meijūjin Bāsākā Gurūmu do Buraidon)
The main antagonist of Bride of Infershia and king of the Hades Beastman Berserkers (冥獣人バーサーカー, Meijūjin Bāsākā), the strongest species of Infershia's warriors whose undying souls his armor. As Infershian legends say, should the King of the Hades Beastman Berserkers and a pure-hearted human girl marry, all the spirits trapped in the armor would be resurrected into the world. Glúm kidnapped Yuka Yamazaki to be his bride in order to bring his army of Hades Beastman Berserkers into the world. He used the Puppet's Ring that absorbed the souls of humans to put Yuka under his control and make her love him. He wore a helmet that concealed his hideous face. As the type of Hades Beastman he is, once he becomes enraged, spikes shoot out from his armor, even from his face plate and his strength and defense doubles. During the wedding, he wore a cape. He wielded a glaive that could also turn into a sword or gun. His marriage would have been successful, if Kai hadn't intervened. He was consumed by his Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword (超冥獣リビングソード, Chō Meijū Ribingu Sōdo) to become the scorpion-centaur Hades Beast Fusion Sword of Glúm (冥獣合体ソード・オブ・グルーム, Meijū Gattai Sōdo Obu Gurūmu, Movie) before being destroyed by SaintKaiser, with Magi Dragon and Travelion's aid.
Hades Beastman Elite Four (冥獣人四底王 Meijūjin Shiteiō)
The most evil and powerful of the Hades Beastmen who overpowered Blagel before they were sealed away, summoned by Meemy in an attempt to placate N Ma. The first to attack the Magirangers is Samurai Shichijuurou (サムライシチジューロー, Samurai Shichijūrō), a living sword that possess the holder and can severe the bonds between people, followed by group's female member Siren Neries (セイレーンネリエス, Seirēn Neriesu), who uses the ghost of Rei to gather souls to defeat her throat which Blagel injured years ago. The group's hockey-themed leader Yeti Zee (イエティズィー, Ieti Zī?), who injured Blagel enough to be turned into Wolzard, enlists the aid of the 300-year old Kobold Bullrates (コボルトブルラテス, Koboruto Bururatesu) to freeze the world with his "Devil's Glacier" plan before being destroyed by the Legend MagiRangers. Bullrates end up the group's last member as he is tricked by Memmy into having his soul used to animate Hades Machine Golem (冥機ゴーレム, Meiki Gōremu) which MagiLegend destroys.
Agent X (エージェントX, Ējento Ekkusu)
The antagonist of Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, his real name is Hades Beastman Demon Apollos (デーモン Meijujin Dēmon Aboloth) who leave Earth years ago and became an apprentice and successor to Agent Abrella with the Alienizer Babon as his partner in crime in a scheme to acquire the Flower of Heaven to destroy all love on the planet. But after being wounded by Legend MagiRed and the DekaRed Battlizer, Agent X is destroyed when the Magirangers and the Dekarangers hit him and Babon with their Fantastic Strike Out attack.


High Zobils (ハイゾビル, Hai Zobiru)
Higher-ranked Zombies who wield either large spear-like staffs or whips and leads the Zobils into battle as a field commander. They can also control some of the Hades Beasts. While they first appeared in Stage 1, they first fought the Rangers in Stage 3, where the one they fought against and was beaten by the Rangers was killed by Branken as punishment for incompetence. Branken was originally a High Zobil himself. Toad occasionally ate High Zobil from a bowl.
Zobils (ゾビル, Zobiru)
Corpselike soldiers who wield axes and follow the High Zobil. There are thousands of them in the lair. Underneath their helmets are their repulsive rotting skulls with maggots. In the finale, they are shown with builder hats building the bridge that links the surface world to the Kedomono Realm.
Hades Beasts (冥獣, Meijū)
The first wave of monsters to fight the Magirangers, send by Branken to kill humans in hopes that one of their victims is Lunagel, whose death would open the gate. The first three were naturally giant, but the rest were human-sized when first depicted. When these human-sized Hades Beasts are killed, Wolzard used a spell that resurrects the monsters and makes them grow. They emerged onto the surface through a Madou Circle.

Magical spellsEdit

The characters of Magiranger use magical spells to accomplish tasks. Each magical word correspond to a digit on a phone. For example, when the Magiranger want to transform into their Magiranger forms, they use 106, which corresponds to "Maagi Magi Magiiro" and "Goolu Golu Goludiro".

Stages (Episodes)Edit

  1. The Morning of Departure ~Maagi Magi Magiiro~ (旅立ちの朝~マージ・マジ・マジーロ~, Tabidachi no Asa ~Māji Maji Majīro~)
  2. Bring Out the Courage ~Maagi Magi Magika~ (勇気を出して~マージ・マジ・マジカ~, Yūki o Dashite ~Māji Maji Majika~)
  3. Ride the Magical Dragon ~Maagi Giruma Jinga~ (魔竜に乗れ~マージ・ジルマ・ジンガ~, Maryū ni Nore ~Māji Jiruma Jinga~)
  4. The King of the Majin ~Maagi Giruma Magi Jinga~ (魔人の王様~マージ・ジルマ・マジ・ジンガ~, Majin no Ōsama ~Māji Jiruma Maji Jinga~)
  5. The Way of Love! ~Maagi Magiiro~ (恋をしようよ~マージ・マジーロ~, Koi o Shiyō yo ~Māji Majīro~)
  6. The Ruler of Darkness ~Uuza Douza Uru Zanga~ (闇の覇王~ウーザ・ドーザ・ウル・ザンガ~, Yami no Haō ~Ūza Dōza Uru Zanga~)
  7. Into the Dream ~Jinga Magiiro~ (夢の中へ~ジンガ・マジーロ~, Yume no Naka e ~Jinga Majīro~)
  8. You're Just the Heroine ~Majuna Majuna~ (君こそヒロイン~マジュナ・マジュナ~, Kimi Koso Hiroin ~Majuna Majuna~)
  9. Fiery Friendship Fusion ~Giruma Maagi Magi Jinga~ (炎の友情合体~ジルマ・マージ・マジ・ジンガ~, Honō no Yūjō Gattai ~Jiruma Māji Maji Jinga~)
  10. If the Flower Blooms ~Maagi Giruma Magi Magika~ (決意のしるし~マージ・ジルマ・マジ・マジカ~, Hana ga Saitara ~Māji Jiruma Magi Majika~)
  11. Night of the Vampires ~Magiiro Magika~ (吸血鬼の夜~マジーロ・マジカ~, Kyūketsuki no Yoru ~Majīro Majika~)
  12. The Mark of Determination ~Maagi Giruma Magi Magika~ (決意のしるし~マージ・ジルマ・マジ・マジカ~, Ketsui no Shirushi ~Māji Jiruma Maji Majika~)
  13. If I Were Mother ~Jinga Majuna~ (お母さんなら~ジンガ・マジュナ~, Okāsan Nara ~Jinga Majuna~)
  14. Burn, Punch ~Gii Gii Jijiru~ (燃えろパンチ~ジー・ジー・ジジル~, Moero Panchi ~Jī Jī Jijiru~)
  15. The Bride's Elder Brother ~Giruma Magi Majuna~ (花嫁の兄~ジルマ・マジ・マジュナ~, Hanayome no Ani ~Jiruma Maji Majuna~)
  16. The Gate's Key ~Uzaara Ugaro~ (門の鍵~ウザーラ・ウガロ~, Mon no Kagi ~Uzāra Ugaro~)
  17. Tenderness isn't Needed ~Uuza Douza Uru Ugaro~ (優しさはいらない~ウーザ・ドーザ・ウル・ウガロ~, Yasashisa wa Iranai ~Ūza Dōza Uru Ugaro~)
  18. Uniting Powers ~Maagi Giruma Gii Jinga~ (力を合わせて~マージ・ジルマ・ジー・ジンガ~, Chikara o Awasete ~Māji Jiruma Jī Jinga~)
  19. The Magic Lamp ~Meeza Zazare~ (魔法のランプ~メーザ・ザザレ~, Mahō no Ranpu ~Mēza Zazare~)
  20. Kiss Me, Ribbit ~Goolu Golu Goludiiro~ (キスしてケロ~ゴール・ゴル・ゴルディーロ~, Kisu Shite Kero ~Gōru Goru Gorudīro~)
  21. Let's Go on the Magic Express ~Goo Goo Goludiiro~ (魔法特急で行こう~ゴー・ゴー・ゴルディーロ~, Mahō Tokkyū de Ikou ~Gō Gō Gorudīro~)
  22. A Date in Kyoto? ~Luuma Goludo~ (京都でデート?~ルーマ・ゴルド~, Kyōto de Dēto? ~Rūma Gorudo~)
  23. Forbidden Magic ~Rooji Maneeji Magi Mamaruji~ (禁断の魔法~ロージ・マネージ・マジ・ママルジ~, Kindan no Mahō ~Rōji Menēji Maji Mamaruji~)
  24. As Your Teacher ~Golu Golu Gojika~ (先生として~ゴル・ゴル・ゴジカ~, Sensei Toshite ~Goru Goru Gojika~)
  25. Stolen Courage ~Giruma Magi Magiiro~ (盗まれた勇気~ジルマ・マジ・マジーロ~, Nusumareta Yūki ~Jiruma Maji Majīro~)
  26. Believe!! ~Giruma Gii Magika~ (信じろよ!~ジルマ・ジー・マジカ~, Shinjiro yo! ~Jiruma Jī Majika~)
  27. Our Bonds ~Magiine Magiine~ (俺たちの絆~マジーネ・マジーネ~, Oretachi no Kizuna ~Majīne Majīne~)
  28. Eternally… ~Giruma Magi Magi Magiine~ (永遠に…~ジルマ・マジ・マジ・マジーネ~, Eien ni… ~Jiruma Maji Maji Majīne~)
  29. Repeating "Huh?" ~Gii Magi Magiiro~ (くり返す「あれ?」~ジー・マジ・マジーロ~, Kurikaesu "Are?" ~Jī Maji Majīro~)
  30. Legendary Power ~Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro~ (伝説の力~マージ・マジ・マジ・マジーロ~, Densetsu no Chikara ~Māji Maji Maji Majīro~)
  31. The Extraordinary Majin ~Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin~ (凄まじき魔神~マージ・ジルマ・ゴル・ジンガジン~, Susamajiki Majin ~Māji Jiruma Goru Jingajin~)
  32. Dad's Words ~Maagi Giruma Golu Gogika~ (父の言葉~マージ・ジルマ・ゴル・ゴジカ~, Chichi no Kotoba ~Māji Jiruma Goru Gojika~)
  33. To the Infershia ~Maagi Golu Magika~ (インフェルシアへ~マージ・ゴル・マジカ~, Inferushia e ~Māji Goru Majika~)
  34. Bonds of Courage ~Goolu Golu Goludo~ (勇気の絆~ゴール・ゴル・ゴルド~, Yūki no Kizuna ~Gōru Goru Gorudo~)
  35. Valley of the Gods ~Magi Magi Jijiru~ (神々の谷~マジ・マジ・ジジル~, Kamigami no Tani ~Maji Maji Jijiru~)
  36. Carrying Out Divine Retribution ~Maagi Golu Gogika~ (神罰執行~マージ・ゴル・ゴジカ~, Shinbatsu Shikkō ~Māji Goru Gojika~)
  37. Sniping ~Golu Maagi~ (狙い撃ち~ゴル・マージ~, Neraiuchi ~Goru Māji~)
  38. A Promise With Big Brother ~Goo Magiiro~ (アニキとの約束~ゴー・マジーロ~, Aniki to no Yakusoku ~Gō Majīro~)
  39. Contrary Brother and Sister ~Majuna Giruma~ (あべこべ姉弟~マジュナ・ジルマ~, Abekobe Kyōdai ~Majuna Jiruma~)
  40. The Gorgon's Garden ~Magine Luludo~ (蛇女の庭~マジーネ・ルルド~, Hebi-onna no Niwa ~Majīne Rurudo~)
  41. The Teacher's Teacher ~Goolu Golu Majuulu~ (先生の先生~ゴール・ゴル・マジュール~, Sensei no Sensei ~Gōru Goru Majūru~)
  42. Confrontation! Two Ultimate Gods ~Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga~ (対決!二極神~ゴール・ルーマ・ゴル・ゴンガ~, Taiketsu! Nikyokushin ~Gōru Rūma Goru Gonga~)
  43. The Garden of Thorns ~Magi Magi Gogika~ (茨の園~マジ・マジ・ゴジカ~, Ibara no Sono ~Maji Maji Gojika~)
  44. Mother's Scent ~Giruma Giruma Gonga~ (母さんの匂い~ジルマ・ジルマ・ゴンガ~, Kāsan no Nioi ~Jiruma Jiruma Gonga~)
  45. Those Two are Friends ~Gii Golu Majuna~ (二人はともだち~ジー・ゴル・マジュナ~, Futari wa Tomodachi ~Jī Goru Majuna~)
  46. Head to the Lake ~Goolu Golu Golu Goludiiro~ (湖へ向かえ~ゴール・ゴル・ゴル・ゴルディーロ~, Mizūmi e Mukae ~Gōru Goru Goru Gorudīro~)
  47. Using Magic to Reach You ~Luludo Goludiiro~ (君にかける魔法~ルルド・ゴルディーロ~, Kimi ni Kakeru Mahō ~Rurudo Gorudīro~)
  48. Decisive Battle ~Magi Majuulu Gogoolu Jingajin~ (決戦~マジ・マジュール・ゴゴール・ジンガジン~, Kessen ~Maji Majūru Gogōru Jingajin~)
  49. Return to Legends ~Maagi Magi Majendo~ (伝説への帰還~マージ・マジ・マジェンド~, Densetsu e no Kikan ~Māji Maji Majendo~)

Theatrical movie and direct-to-video releasesEdit

  • Mahōu Sentai Magiranger the Movie: Bride of Infershia (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー THE MOVIE インフェルシアの花嫁, Mahō Sentai Majirenjā Za Mūbī: Inferushia no Hanayome, 2005)
  • Mahōu Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger (魔法戦隊マジレンジャーVSデカレンジャー, Mahō Sentai Magirenjā tai Dekarenjā, 2006)
  • Mahōu Sentai Magiranger: Revealed! The Gold Grip Phone's Super Magic ~Golu Goolu Goo Goo~ (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー: 大公開!黄金 (ゴールド)グリップフォンの超魔法〜ゴル・ゴール・ゴー・ゴー〜, Dai kōkai! Gōrudo Gurippufon no chō mahō 〜 goru gōru gō gō 〜, 2005)
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai (轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャー VS スーパー戦隊, GōGō Sentai Bōkenjā tai Sūpā Sentai, 2007)


  • Kai Ozu (小津 魁, Ozu Kai): Atsushi Hashimoto (橋本 淳, Hashimoto Atsushi)
  • Tsubasa Ozu (小津 翼, Ozu Tsubasa): Hiroya Matsumoto (松本 寛也, Matsumoto Hiroya)
  • Urara Ozu (小津 麗, Ozu Urara): Asami Kai (甲斐 麻美, Kai Asami)
  • Houka Ozu (小津 芳香, Ozu Hōka): Ayumi Beppu (別府 あゆみ, Beppu Ayumi)
  • Makito Ozu (小津 蒔人, Ozu Makito): Yuki Ito (伊藤 友樹, Itō Yūki)
  • Hikaru (ヒカル, Hikaru): Yousuke Ichikawa (市川 洋介, Ichikawa Yōsuke)
  • Miyuki Ozu (小津 深雪, Ozu Miyuki), Goddess of Mini Spring (Special DVD): Azusa Watanabe (渡辺 梓, Watanabe Azusa)
  • Isamu Ozu (小津 勇, Ozu Isamu): Tsutomu Isobe (磯部 勉, Isobe Tsutomu)
  • Yuka Yamazaki (山崎 由佳, Yamazaki Yuka): Kaoru Hirata (平田 薫, Hirata Kaoru)
  • Eriko Ikeda (池田 江里子, Ikeda Eriko): Sayaka Fukuoka (福岡 サヤカ, Fukuoka Sayaka)
  • Tetsuya (テツヤ, Tetsuya): Gen Igarashi (五十嵐 元, Igarashi Gen)
  • Nai (ナイ, Nai): Chiaki Horan (ホラン 千秋, Horan Chiaki)
  • Mea (メア, Mea): Tomomi Kitagami (北神 朋美, Kitagami Tomomi)
  • Heavenly Saint Lunagel (天空聖者ルナジェル, Tenku Seija Runajeru): Meibi Yamanouchi (山内 明日, Yamanouchi Meibi)
  • Heavenly Archsaint Magiel (天空大聖者マジエル, Tenku Daiseija Majieru): Machiko Soga (曽我 町子, Soga Machiko)

Voice actorsEdit

  • Mandora Boy (マンドラ坊や, Mandora Boya), Announcer (calls each episode's title): Kumiko Higa (比嘉 久美子, Higa Kumiko)
  • Smoky the Magical Cat (魔法猫スモーキー, Maho Neko Sumoki): Takeshi Kusao (草尾 毅, Kusao Takeshi)
  • Heavenly Saint Chronogel (天空聖者クロノジェル, Tenku Seija Kuronojeru): Keiichi Noda (野田 圭一, Noda Keiichi)
  • Heavenly Saint Snowgel (天空聖者スノウジェル, Tenku Seija Sunojeru): Keiko Han (潘 恵子, Han Keiko)
  • Absolute God N Ma (絶対神ン・マ, Zettaishin N Ma): Katsumi Shiono (塩野 勝美, Shiono Katsumi), Daisuke Namikawa (浪川 大輔, Namikawa Daisuke)
  • Victory General Branken (凱力大将ブランケン, Gairiki Taishō Buranken): Hisao Egawa (江川 央生, Egawa Hisao)
  • Sorcery Priest Meemy (魔導神官メーミィ, Madō Shinkan Mēmyi), Heavenly Saint Raigel (天空聖者ライジェル, Tenkū Seija Raijeru): Yasuhiro Takato (高戸 靖広, Takato Yasuhiro)
  • Phantom Spy Vancuria (妖幻密使バンキュリア, Yōgen Misshi Bankyuria): Misa Watanabe (渡辺 美佐, Watanabe Misa)
  • Hades God Sleipnir (冥府神スレイプニル, Meifushin Sureipuniru): Hideyuki Umezu (梅津 秀行, Umezu Hideyuki)
  • Hades God Drake (冥府神ドレイク, Meifushin Doreiku): Kazuki Yao (矢尾 一樹, Yao Kazuki)
  • Hades God Dagon (冥府神ダゴン, Meifushin Dagon): Akio Ōtsuka (大塚 明夫, Ōtsuka Akio)
  • Hades Goddess Sphinx (冥府神スフィンクス, Meifushin Sufinkusu): Kyoko Terase (寺瀬 今日子, Terase Kyoko)
  • Hades Goddess Gorgon (冥府神ゴーゴン, Meifushin Gōgon): Atsuko Tanaka (田中 敦子, Tanaka Atsuko)
  • Hades God Titan (冥府神ティターン, Meifushin Titān): Mitsuru Ogata (小形 満, Ogata Mitsuru)
  • Hades God Wyvern (冥府神ワイバーン, Meifushin Waibān): Nozomu Sasaki (佐々木 望, Sasaki Nozomu)
  • Hades God Toad (冥府神トード, Meifushin Tōdo): Masato Hirano (平野 正人, Hirano Masato)
  • Hades God Cyclops (冥府神サイクロプス, Meifushin Saikuropusu): Ryoutarou Okiayu (置鮎 龍太郎, Okiayu Ryōtarō)
  • Hades God Ifrit (冥府神イフリート, Meifushin Ifurīto): Tetsu Inada (稲田 徹, Inada Tetsu)
  • Zobil, High Zobil: Katsumi Shiono, Yuki Anai (穴井 勇輝, Anai Yūki)
  • Narrator, Spell Voice: Tesshō Genda (玄田 哲章, Genda Tesshō)


Opening theme
  • "Mahou Sentai Magiranger" (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー, Mahō Sentai Majirenjā)
Ending theme
  • "Jumon Kōrin ~ Magical Force" (呪文降臨~マジカル・フォース, Jumon Kōrin ~ Majikaru Fōsu) "The Spell Advent ~ Magical Force"


  1. ^ Mahō (魔法) is the Japanese word for "Magic", "Sorcery" and "Witchcraft". In the case of the series' title, "Magical" is a closer translation


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