GoGo Sentai Boukenger

GoGo Sentai Boukenger (轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャー, Gōgō Sentai Bōkenjā, [Note 1][Note 2]) is the 30th series in Toei's Super Sentai series, a metaseries of Japanese tokusatsu programming. It is the first installment to be broadcast in 16:9 aspect ratio. It premiered on February 19, 2006 at 7:30 a.m. on TV Asahi. Its footage was used in the American series, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, while the original footage was dubbed into Korean for the South Korean series, Power Rangers Treasure Force.

GoGo Sentai Boukenger
Superhero fiction
Created byToei
Developed byShō Aikawa
Directed bySatoshi Morota
StarringMitsuomi Takahashi
Yasuka Saitoh
Masashi Mikami
Chise Nakamura
Haruka Suenaga
Masayuki Deai
Hiroo Otaka
Junpei Morita
Mami Yamasaki
Voices ofBanjō Ginga
Takaya Kuroda
Kenta Miyake
Chihiro Suzuki
Narrated byShinichirō Ōta
Opening theme"GoGo Sentai Boukenger" by NoB
Ending theme"Boukensha ON THE ROAD" by Psychic Lover
Composer(s)Kōtarō Nakagawa
Country of originJapan
No. of seasons30
No. of episodes49
Producer(s)Schreck Hedwick
Jun Hikasa
Takaaki Utsunomiya
Kōichi Yada
Masashi Yagi
Running time30 minutes
Original networktv asahi
Original releaseFebruary 19, 2006 (2006-02-19) –
February 11, 2007 (2007-02-11)
Preceded byMahou Sentai Magiranger
Followed byJuken Sentai Gekiranger
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Plot summaryEdit

Powerful relics known as Precious have started to appear throughout the world. However, the various Negative Syndicates wish to take the Precious for themselves and utilize them for evil means. To make sure that the Precious do not fall into the hands of the Negative Syndicates, the Search Guard Successor Foundation has developed its own special operations team, the Boukengers, to do battle and collect some of the more dangerous Precious.



The Search Guard Successor (S.G.S.) Foundation (サージェス財団, Sājesu Zaidan) collects the Precious with help from the Boukengers.

The Boukengers are

Satoru Akashi (明石 暁, Akashi Satoru)
The Fiery Adventurer, as Bouken Red he drives GoGo Dump and leads the team with a calm expression and a fire in his heart. He mostly battles against Ryuoon of the Jyaryu Tribe.
Masumi Inou (伊能 真墨, Inō Masumi)
The Fast Adventurer, as Bouken Black he drives GoGo Formula, a racecar-like vehicle, and is only part of the Boukengers to pay his debt back to Akashi for saving his life. He has a personal vendetta against Yaiba of Darkness of Dark Shadow.
Souta Mogami (最上 蒼太, Mogami Sōta)
The High-Up Adventurer, as Bouken Blue he drives GoGo Gyro, an airplane-like vehicle, and serves as the team's information specialist. He finds himself fighting Shizuka of the Wind of Dark Shadow.
Natsuki Mamiya (間宮 菜月, Mamiya Natsuki)
The Strong Adventurer, as Bouken Yellow she drives GoGo Dozer, a giant bulldozer, and is the most childish of the group. Her main reason to adventure was to discover more about her own past. It is later revealed that she is the last survivor of the Lemurian civilization.
Sakura Nishihori (西堀 さくら, Nishihori Sakura)
The Deep Adventurer, as Bouken Pink she drives GoGo Marine, a giant submarine, and is the most serious member of the team when it comes to work. She often appears to be cold and emotionless, but cares for her teammates.
Eiji Takaoka (高丘 映士, Takaoka Eiji)
The Dazzling Adventurer, as Bouken Silver he drives GoGo Fire and serves as the spiritually strongest of the team because his father, the Ashu Watcher Karato wed with the Ashu Kei, making Eiji half-Ashu. He mostly battles against Gai (as either form) due to their bitter history. In Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, he embodies Hope.

They are led by Mister Voice, who serves as a liaison to the main S.G.S. headquarters, and they are assisted by Makino Morino, who is the technical specialist of S.G.S. and creator of the GoGo Vehicles, the mecha of the Boukengers.

Non-SGS AlliesEdit

Kyoko (キョウコ, Kyōko, 4)
One of Satoru's ex-partners who went on an expedition with him years ago. While searching for a Precious, Satoru accidentally set off a trap which created a ring of fire that neither she nor Masaki could escape and Satoru could not reach them. Satoru swore to get help and rescue them, but the trap triggered an explosion, killing Kyoko and Masaki before Satoru could even leave to find help. Portrayed by Miki Handa (繁田 美貴, Handa Miki).
Shiro Masaki (柾木 紫郎, Masaki Shirō, 4 & 18)
One of Satoru's ex-partners who went on an expedition with him years ago. While searching for a Precious, Satoru accidentally set off a trap which created a ring of fire that neither he nor Kyoko could escape and Satoru could not reach them. Satoru swore to get help and rescue them, but the trap triggered an explosion, killing Kyoko and Masaki before Satoru could even leave to find help. Later on, Ley tricked Satoru into believing that Gai was Masaki, still alive, so he could shoot him with the Soldier's Crossbow. Eventually Satoru saw through the illusion and went on. Portrayed by Yusuke Murakami (村上 裕亮, Murakami Yūsuke).
Phantom Thief Selene (怪盗セレネー, Kaitō Serenē, 13)
She had been seeking the treasures from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, crossing the Jyaryu Tribe while getting her fourth treasure, the Dragon's Neck Orb. She had all but one when she ran into Souta, who later returned to protect her against Wicked Dragon Lindom when she attempted to get the Potion of Immortality. It was shown in the end that Selene could have been Princess Kaguya herself. Portrayed by Nana Yanagisawa (柳沢 なな, Yanagisawa Nana), who later portrayed Megumi Aso in Kamen Rider Kiva.
Magi (マギ, 15 & 16)
An elder from the Water Metropolis who didn't want to see any more of his people perish in the search for the Aqua Crystal. Turned Ragi's section of the Crystal Document into water, but Satoru remembered it from earlier and helped Ragi find the Crystal. Magi soon realized the error of his ways and give Ragi his blessing. Ragi and Magi were reunited as the ocean returned. Portrayed by Mike Maki (マイク 真木, Maiku Maki), who previously portrayed Mondo Tatsumi in Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive.
Ragi (ラギ, 15 & 16)
Magi's apprentice. Once a "Water human", he was intend to finish what his father started to restore the Water Metropolis. He sacrificed his humanity in order to survive without water by discarding the "Proof of Water" crystal on his tiara (which Ryuoon crushed) and was transformed into a Wicked Dragon by Ryuoon, who used him to find the Aqua Crystal. He could not regain his composure until Satoru took him under his protection. Eventually, Ragi was able to free the Aqua Cystal from a volcano and his transformation paid off. After Naga was terminated by Ultimate DaiBouken, Ragi put the Aqua Crystal in its rightful place and returned to the City of Water, but, couldn't step into the sea waters until Satoru gave him the new crystal forged from the shattered remains of his father's Proof of Water as a thanks for the "greatest adventure". Ragi's Wicked Dragon form's design is based on Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger's Bachycelonagurus. Portrayed by Takeru Shibaki (柴木 丈瑠, Shibaki Takeru), who previously portrayed Kai Samezu/Gao Blue in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
Karato Takaoka (高丘 漢人, Takaoka Karato, 19, 20 & 40)
Eiji's father. While he was fighting Gai, Gai told a young Eiji that he was part Ashu and his mother was one of them. When Eiji's Ashu side came loose, Karato tried to calm Eiji down by embracing him, however Gai used this moment to slash him in the back. With his last breath he bestowed upon Eiji his shakujo so he could fight the Ashu. Portrayed by Hiroshi Watari (渡 洋史, Watari Hiroshi), who previously portrayed Den Iga/Sharivan in Uchuu Keiji Sharivan and Yousuke Jou/Spielban in Jikuu Senshi Spielban.
Kei (ケイ, 19, 20, 41, 42 & 48)
First appearing in Task 19, she is the only female Ashu and is Eiji's mother, as a result of her and Karato's sharing of a forbidden love. After conversing with Natsuki, Souta, and Satoru by means of her spirit (trapped in a mirror), a tear-shaped jewel was left behind. Kei came to her son's aid during his fight with Ouga in Task 42, and helped him return to his world. She made a cameo in Task 48. Portrayed by Mami Higashiyama (東山 麻美, Higashiyama Mami), who previously portrayed Miku Imamura/Mega Pink in Denji Sentai Megaranger.
Yuji Toba (鳥羽 祐二, Toba Yūji, 23)
Souta's ex-partner from his times as a spy, kidnaping him in order to know the place where SGS kept the Imperial Pearl and steal it for the country. It's later revealed that he recruited the Questers to help him. Ley would forcefully extract from Souta's memory the location of the building so they could steal the Precious and Toba would receive the Imperial Pearl as payment. However, Toba soon got a change of heart after hearing's Souta intend to make up for his crime. When the Questers finally locate the building and try to break into it with Quester Robo Turbo, Toba detonated a bomb he installed in the cockpit previously, giving SirenBuilder and Ultimate DaiBouken the chance to destroy the robot. He the called act a "parting gift" to Souta. Portrayed by Akira Kubodera (窪寺 昭, Kubodera Akira), who previously portrayed Kunzite in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Kanai/Giraffa Undead in Kamen Rider Blade.
Kouichi Akashi (明石 虹一, Akashi Kōichi, Movie)
Satoru's father and a legendary UMA hunter. He responds to Muse's call to obtain a strange prehistoric insect said not to exist. He and Satoru had been distanced because of their thoughts about what's an adventure. After confronting Hyde Gene, Kouichi acknowledges Satoru as an adventurer and a son to be proud of. Portrayed by Yasuaki Kurata (倉田 保昭, Kurata Yasuaki).
Hanzou Igarashi (五十嵐 半蔵, Igarashi Hanzō, 29)
Archeologist, well known for being the only known researcher of the most ancient civilization known, Lemuria, as well as one of the only two men who can read Lemurian, the other one being Ryuoon. Despises SGS for its "ambition", and treasure hunters because of the destruction of many ruins at their hands in search of Precious. Has been searching for the last known Precious of the Lemurian civilization: the Lemurian Egg and the Golden Sword. Acknowledges Satoru when the Sword lets him wield it as only the right-hearted can touch the Golden Sword. Portrayed by Mansaku Fuwa (不破 万作, Fuwa Mansaku).
Kousuke Shimada (島田 浩介, Shimada Kōsuke, 32)
A last-in-everything that was accepted in the Adventurer School after being mistaken for Satoru. In class, he was always target of Shirubegami's Chalk Attack as he was always screwing up. After Shirubegami's plans are revealed, the unapproved alumni were thrown to the sea along with the Accelulars of Natsuki and Souta and just when the others were about to be sacrificed, Shimada appears with the recovered Accellulars and gives the Boukengers the chance to destroy the Tsukumogami and rescue the alumni. Touched by the adventurer spirit that Shimada showed when recovering the Accellulars, the Boukengers learn that adventure is not something to learn in a school. Portrayed by Makoto Sakamoto (坂本 真, Sakamoto Makoto).
Taro (太郎, Tarō, 36)
A mysterious boy who was born from a giant peach Satoru and Eiji found in a river. The boy develops at an incredible speed growing in one day what a normal human would grow in 10 years. It's later revealed that he was sent by the mountain in which the Mountain-Crushing Kanabō was hidden in order to recover it. He was a complete coward despite being his only goal to take back the Precious. Eventually could gather courage from Satoru and Eiji and stood against the Questers. Taro took away the Precious from Quester Robo Radial barehanded and returned to his mountain. He is based upon the Japanese legend of Momotarō.
Miyu (未夢, 38)
A mysterious girl who claims to have been kissed and hugged by Souta and wants him to be with her, Souta doesn't remember even knowing her but she insists that he was very kind to her. It's later revealed that she is actually a cat which by means of a piece of the Rainbow Cloth, transformed into a human in order to thank Souta for helping her fix her leg. When Shizuka used that same Precious to transform in Super Shizuka, Miyu, as a cat, sniffed the part of the cloth she had ripped off, consequently finding Super Shizuka's weak spot and allowing the Boukengers to defeat her. She was adopted by Souta after returning to her true form. Portrayed by Mizuho Hata (秦 みずほ, Hata Mizuho).
Eve (イヴ, Ivu, 43)
A young girl Satoru met and who claims to be Santa Claus. She is attacked by Gajya in order to obtain the Golem, a Precious capable of destroying a large city. However, it turns out that Eve irresponsively gave the Golem in its doll form to a boy named Kiyoshi much to Satoru's annoyance while they were on a "date" to find Golem. but Gajya found it first, reviving Golem to attack the Boukengers with then enlarged itself. When the battle against the Golem seemed lost, Eve remembered the way to defeat it and revealed it to the Boukengers. She later thanks the Boukenger for helping her, promising another date with Satoru, and she flies away on her reindeer-drawn sleigh. Portrayed by Rina Akiyama (秋山 莉奈, Akiyama Rina), who previously portrayed Mana Kazama in Kamen Rider Agito and later portrayed Naomi in Kamen Rider Den-O.
Aka Red (アカレッド, Aka Reddo)
The embodiment of all of the past Red Sentai Warriors who gives Eiji the Super Sentai Address Book to find older Sentai members to fight Chronos. After the Legend War where all Super Sentai lost their powers, Aka Red led the Red Pirates who were said to be the greatest rebel force ever to face the Zangyack. But when the Red Pirates were wiped out in a Zangyack attack due to Basco ta Jolokia's treachery, he saved the life of his crewmate Marvelous, making him promise to find the Greatest Treasure in the Universe before sacrificing himself to ensure Marvelous' escape. Voiced by Tōru Furuya (古谷 徹, Furuya Tōru).
Past Sentai Warriors
Like the Dream Sentai in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. They appeared in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai. Along with Eiji, they embodied the "6 Sentai Spirits." These 5 warriors represented Passion, Courage, Friendship, Justice, and Love respectively.
Nanami Nano/Water Ninja Hurricane Blue (野乃 七海/水忍ハリケンブルー, Nono Nanami/Mizunin Harikenburū)
The only female of the Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, currently a popstar. Eiji came to her concert to enlist her help as she embodied Friendship.
Asuka/Abare Black (アスカ/アバレブラック, Asuka/Abare Burakku)
A resident of Dino Earth from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, who gave the Abarangers the power to fight the Evolien meance. Asuka contacted Eiji from Dino Earth informing Eiji that Aka Red told of the situation. He embodies Passion.
Tekkan Aira/Deka Break (姶良 鉄幹/デカブレイク, Aira Tekkan/Deka Bureiku)
Nickname, "Tetsu" (テツ). A super elite member of the SPD who learned the true meaning of justice from his "Mentor" Ban of the Earth-branch Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, who Tetsu had himself assigned to. He met Eiji when he was undercover and negotiating with Alienizers. He was recruited by Eiji as he embodied Justice.
Tsubasa Ozu/Yellow Magician Magi Yellow (小津 翼/黄色の魔法使いマジイエロー, Ozu Tsubasa/Kiiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Ierō)
The Ozu family's fourth child and a member of the Mahou Sentai Magiranger. His specialties are potions and the element of thunder. He was recruited by Eiji at a boxing match as he embodied Courage.
Hikaru/Heavenly Hero Magi Shine (ヒカル/天空勇者マジシャイン, Hikaru/Tenkū Yūsha Maji Shain)
Tsubasa's brother in law, who taught him and his siblings the true potential of magic and fought by their side also he married Urara, Tsubasa's sister. He, along with his genie Smoky, helped the Boukengers out of Chronos' realm and embodied Love.
Juken Sentai Gekiranger
A group of martial artists the Boukengers team up with in Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.

Negative SyndicatesEdit

Not much is known about the Negative Syndicates (ネガティブシンジケート, Negatibu Shinjikēto) other than they are individual organizations whose respective leaders, foot soldiers, and monsters try to steal the Precious and use them for evil deeds. This is the first series to have separate factions of villains since Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. Although there is some animosity between the member groups, they occasionally work together to serve their own ambitions.

Goodomu Civilization (ゴードム文明, Gōdomu Bunmei)
Its sole survivor, High Priest Gaja (大神官ガジャ, Daishinkan Gaja), intends to restore Goodomu its former glory by retrieving the Precious lost to them over the thousands of years they spent in slumber. Goodomu was the first and last Negative the Boukengers had to deal with. In the end, Gaja was defeated and re-entered hibernation to re-await his day of ruling the world.
Jyaryu Clan (ジャリュウ一族, Jaryū Ichizoku)
Led by Creator King Ryuoon (創造王リュウオーン, Sōzōō Ryūōn), once human, the Jyaryu seek to destroy mankind and make the Earth more suited to their reptilian bodies. However, most of the Jyaryu were wiped out near the series finale and Ryuoon lack the energy needed to make more, with only two seen a year and a half later in the epilogue. Ryuoon's whereabouts and condition are unknown.
Dark Shadow (ダークシャドウ, Dāku Shadō)
A ninja clan under Gekkou of Illusion who uses both old and new items to create monsters called Tsukumogami (ツクモガミ) to help them gather Precious for profit. After the betrayal and death of its member, Yaiba of Darkness, Dark Shadow dropped out of the Precious hunt and left the country during the finale until Gaja was defeated. Dark Shadow resumed its wicked ways in the epilogue.
Questers (クエスター, Kuesutā)
Formerly of the demonic Ashu Tribe (アシュ族, Ashu Zoku), Gai & Rei were revived by Gaja's Goodomu Engine quickly after being destroyed by the Boukengers and Eiji. They pursue Precious with intent on using them to achieve their goal of the complete genocide of the human race. They were eventually destroyed for good by the Boukengers.


Precious (プレシャス, Pureshasu) are the dangerous treasures that the Boukengers and Negative are fighting over. For a relic to be considered a Precious, it must be physically or technologically superior to any current human (or SGS-related) technology. The hand-held Accellular henshin devices use their half-open Scan Mode to determine the "Hazard Level" of each relic; the higher the number, the more important or dangerous the Precious is. Each relic that ends up in the Boukengers' hands is placed into a box that materializes from a card-like device.

Tasks (Episodes)Edit

  1. The Heart of the Demon God (魔神の心臓, Majin no Shinzō)
  2. The Dragon Thieves (竜の略奪者, Ryū no Ryakudatsu-sha)
  3. The Champion's Blades (覇者の剣, Hasha no Tsurugi)
  4. The Lost Vehicles (失われたビークル, Ushinawareta Bīkuru)
  5. The Imperial Pearl (帝国の真珠, Teikoku no Shinju)
  6. The Cursed Fog (呪いの霧, Noroi no Kiri)
  7. The Salamander's Scale (火竜 (サラマンダー)のウロコ, Saramandā no Uroko)
  8. The Treasure of Atlantis (アトランティスの秘宝, Atorantisu no Hihō)
  9. The Paper Crane Ninja (折鶴の忍者, Orizuru no Ninja)
  10. Bouken Red Disappears (消えたボウケンレッド, Kieta Bōken Reddo)
  11. The Showdown on the Isolated Island (孤島の決戦, Kotō no Kessen)
  12. The Pipes of Hamelin (ハーメルンの笛, Hāmerun no Fue)
  13. The Treasures of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫の宝, Kaguya-hime no Takara)
  14. The Revived Past (甦る過去, Yomigaeru Kako)
  15. The Water Metropolis (水の都, Mizu no Miyako)
  16. The Water Crystal (水のクリスタル, Mizu no Kurisutaru)
  17. The Ashu Mirror (アシュの鏡, Ashu no Kagami)
  18. The Man that Lived (生きていた男, Ikiteita Otoko)
  19. The Dazzling Adventurer (眩き冒険者, Mabayuki Bōkensha)
  20. A Brand-New Giant (新たなる巨人, Aratanaru Kyojin)
  21. The Mallet of Uchide (打出の小槌, Uchide no Kozuchi)
  22. The Ring of Solomon (ソロモンの指輪, Soromon no Yubiwa)
  23. The Dangerous Partner (あぶない相棒, Abunai Aibō)
  24. The Hatsune Drum (初音の鼓, Hatsune no Tsuzumi)
  25. The Forbidden Fruit (禁断の果実, Kindan no Kajitsu)
  26. The Glass Slipper (ガラスの靴, Garasu no Kutsu)
  27. The Feng-Shui Trap (風水占いの罠, Fūsui Uranai no Wana)
  28. The Legendary Armor (伝説の鎧, Densetsu no Yoroi)
  29. The Golden Sword (黄金の剣, Ōgon no Ken)
  30. The Rage of the Golden Majin (怒りの黄金魔人, Ikari no Ōgon Majin)
  31. The Flame of the Ruined Country (亡国の炎, Bōkoku no Honō)
  32. The Secret of the Adventure School (ボウケン学校の秘密, Bōken Gakkō no Himitsu)
  33. The Sun of Lemuria (レムリアの太陽, Remuria no Taiyō)
  34. The Distant Memories (遼かなる記憶, Harukanaru Kioku)
  35. The Head of God (神の頭, Kami no Kashira)
  36. The Oni's Kanabou (鬼の金棒, Oni no Kanabō)
  37. The Yearned-For Showbiz World (憧れの芸能界, Akogare no Geinō-kai)
  38. The Rainbow Cloth (虹の反物, Niji no Tanmono)
  39. The Prometheus Stone (プロメテウスの石, Purometeusu no Ishi)
  40. The Western Ashu (西のアシュ, Nishi no Ashu)
  41. The Mercurius Vessel (メルクリウスの器, Merukuriusu no Utsuwa)
  42. The Age of the Questers (クエスターの時代, Kuesutā no Jidai)
  43. The Dangerous Christmas Present (危険な贈物 (クリスマスプレゼント), Kiken na Kurisumasu Purezento)
  44. The Hermit's Onsen (仙人の温泉, Sennin no Onsen)
  45. The Evilest Wicked Dragon (最凶の邪悪竜, Saikyō no Jaakuryū)
  46. The Awakened Darkness (目覚めた闇, Mezameta Yami)
  47. The Box of Despair (絶望の函, Zetsubō no Hako)
  48. The Fearsome High Priest (恐怖なる大神官, Kyōfu naru Daishinkan)
  49. The Endless Adventure Spirits (果て無き冒険魂, Hatenaki Bōken Damashii)

The 30 Sentai EncyclopediaEdit

At the end of the segment for Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (Task 28), the Boukengers wear the Gaorangers' jackets in their respective colors (Sakura wearing GaoWhite's) and perform their signature poses, complete with the Gao (牙吠).

The 30 Sentai Encyclopedia (30戦隊大全集, Sanjū Sentai Daizenshū) is a series of featurettes that air at the end of each episode (Task) of Boukenger that honors each of its predecessors in the Super Sentai franchise, starting with Task 4. They looked back at each of the 29 previous teams, referencing various items within the older shows, and later on, wearing the costumes and using other props from the series, such as the "civilian" clothing. After covering themselves, they start a new series of segments called the Special Files (スペシャルファイル, Supesharu Fairu) that cover milestones from the "First Gattai Robo" to the "First Sixth Hero" and then from the "First Multi Gattai" to the "Extra Heroes", playing an insert song from the respective series. The show's final segment (Task 48) covered its successor Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

The Greatest PreciousEdit

Episode 18 of Kamen Rider Kabuto showed a short preview for the Boukenger movie, and starting with Task 19, Boukenger showed its own previews. The movie is titled GoGo Sentai Boukenger the Movie: The Greatest Precious (轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャー THE MOVIE 最強のプレシャス, Gōgō Sentai Bōkenjā Za Mūbī Saikyō no Pureshasu), which occurs between Tasks 28 and 29. It was released in theaters on August 5, 2006. A mysterious being called Muse (ミューズ, Myūzu) awakens, announcing the Precious to whoever gets to her first, causing a 5-way confrontation between the Boukengers, Gajya, the Jyaryu, Dark Shadow and the Questers. Even Satoru's father, Kouichi (虹一, Kōichi) is involved. But as Satoru learns while dealing with his father ideals, the prize is more treacherous than the path to it.

GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super SentaiEdit

As with Gaoranger before it, Boukenger features a team up special featuring five past Sentai members and a new hero, entitled GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai (轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャーVSスーパー戦隊, Gōgō Sentai Bōkenjā tai Sūpā Sentai).

The villain for this special, Time Demon Chronos (時の魔神クロノス, Toki no Majin Kuronosu), abducts all of the Boukenger, save for Eiji, into an alternate dimension. A warrior known solely as Aka Red contacts Eiji on Earth and provide him a book that holds the names of all of the past warriors in it. He goes out and seeks the assistance of Tsubasa Ozu (Magi Yellow of Mahou Sentai Magiranger) at a boxing match, Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira (Deka Break of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger) while he is undercover, Asuka (Abare Black of Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger) taking care of his daughter on Dino Earth, and Nanami Nono (Hurricane Blue of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger) at her concert. They then fight Chronos who has purchased Goodomu Engines from Gajya in order to bring back Furabiijo from Hurricaneger, revive Duchess Org TsueTsue from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger and Sorcery Priest Meemy of Magiranger. While the remaining Boukengers are in the other dimension, they meet up with Hikaru (Magi Shine of Magiranger) and Smoky, his cat genie, and try to find a way to escape. When Chronos turns Meemy, TsueTsue, and Furabiijo into a staff-like Precious with a Hazard Level of 666, Aka Red becomes a vessel for the six Sentai Spirits and allows for DaiVoyager to become Burning Legend DaiVoyager (バーニングレジェンドダイボイジャー, Bāningu Rejendo Daiboijā). The events of the movie take place between Tasks 42 and 43.


  • Satoru Akashi (明石 暁, Akashi Satoru): Mitsuomi Takahashi (高橋 光臣, Takahashi Mitsuomi)
  • Masumi Inou (伊能 真墨, Inō Masumi): Yasuka Saitoh (齋藤 ヤスカ, Saitō Yasuka)
  • Souta Mogami (最上 蒼太, Mogami Sōta): Masashi Mikami (三上 真史, Mikami Masashi)
  • Natsuki Mamiya (間宮 菜月, Mamiya Natsuki): Chise Nakamura (中村 知世, Nakamura Chise)
  • Sakura Nishihori (西堀 さくら): Haruka Suenaga (末永 遥, Suenaga Haruka)
  • Eiji Takaoka (高丘 映士, Takaoka Eiji): Masayuki Deai (出合 正幸, Deai Masayuki)
  • Shizuka of the Wind (風のシズカ, Kaze no Shizuka): Mami Yamasaki (山崎 真実, Yamasaki Mami)
  • High Priest Gajya (大神官ガジャ, Daishinkan Gaja): Hiroo Otaka (大高 洋夫, Ōtaka Hiroo)
  • Morio Makino (牧野 森男, Makino Morio): Shigeru Saiki (斉木 しげる, Saiki Shigeru)
  • Mister Voice (ミスター・ボイス, Misutā Boisu, Voice): Nobuo Tanaka (田中 信夫, Tanaka Nobuo)
  • DaiKenjin Zubaan (大剣人ズバーン, Daikenjin Zubān, Voice): Hideyuki Hori (堀 秀行, Hori Hideyuki)
  • Creator King Ryuoon (創造王リュウオーン, Sōzōō Ryūōn, Voice): Junpei Morita (森田 順平, Morita Junpei)
  • Dragonoid Soldier Jyaryu (竜人兵ジャリュウ, Ryūjinhei Jaryū, Voice): Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保, Nishiwaki Tamotsu)
  • Gekkou of Illusions (幻のゲッコウ, Maboroshi no Gekkō, Voice): Banjō Ginga (銀河 万丈, Ginga Banjō)
  • Yaiba of Darkness (闇のヤイバ, Yami no Yaiba, Voice): Takaya Kuroda (黒田 崇矢, Kuroda Takaya)
  • Furious Fiend Gai (怒りの鬼神ガイ, Ikari no Kishin Gai, Voice): Kenta Miyake (三宅 健太, Miyake Kenta)
  • Grand Beast Ley (大いなる獣レイ, Ōinaru Kemono Rei, Voice): Chihiro Suzuki (鈴木 千尋, Suzuki Chihiro)
  • Narrator, Boukenger Equipment Voice: Shinichirō Ōta (太田 真一郎, Ōta Shin'ichirō)

Guest starsEdit

  • Jimon Kagawa (香川 慈門, Kagawa Jimon, 7): Koji Shimizu (清水 紘治, Shimizu Kōji)
  • Magi (マギ, 15 & 16): Mike Maki (マイク 真木, Maiku Maki)
  • Ragi (ラギ, 15 & 16): Takeru Shibaki (柴木 丈瑠, Shibaki Takeru)
  • Kei (ケイ, 19, 20, 41, 42 & 48): Mami Higashiyama (東山 麻美, Higashiyama Mami)
  • Karato Takaoka (高丘 漢人, Takaoka Karato, 19, 20 & 40): Hiroshi Watari (渡 洋史, Watari Hiroshi)
  • Yuji Toba (鳥羽 祐二, Toba Yūji, 23): Akira Kubodera (窪寺 昭, Kubodera Akira)
  • Strange Woman Clorinda (怪女クロリンダ, Kaijo Kurorinda, 26): Makiko Kuno (クノ 真季子, Kuno Makiko)
  • Natsuki's father (33 & 34): Keisuke Tsuchiya (土屋 圭輔, Tsuchiya Keisuke)
  • Natsuki's mother (33 & 34): Eri Tanaka (たなか えり, Tanaka Eri)
  • Toshiro Tanbara (丹原 敏郎, Tanbara Toshirō, 37): Tetsuo Morishita (森下 哲夫, Morishita Tetsuo)
  • Manager Wakabayashi (若林マネージャー, Wabayashi Manējā, 37): Tatsuya Nōmi (能見 達也, Nōmi Tatsuya)

International broadcastEdit

Country Network(s)
  Thailand [Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5]]
Gang Cartoon Channel


Opening theme
Ending theme
  • "Boukensha ON THE ROAD" (冒険者 ON THE ROAD, Bōkensha On Za Rōdo, "Adventurers on the Road")


  1. ^ Gōgō (轟轟) literally translates as "Rumbling".
  2. ^ "Boukenger" (ボウケンジャー, Bōkenjā) comes from the Japanese word for "adventurer" (冒険者, Bōkensha), and is a portmanteau of "Adventure" (冒険, Bōken) and "Ranger" (レンジャー, Renjā).


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