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Maharashtra Swaraj Party (MSP) is a regional political party formed by the christian community in Mumbai, India.T.[1] The party's name draws inspiration from the phrase "Swaraj is my Birthright", coined by East Indian freedom fighter and Mumbai's first mayor of Indian origin, Joseph 'Kaka' Baptista. Kaka Baptista was a close associate of Lokmanya Tilak who made the phrase popular.[2] The organisation, aimed at representing the East Indian community, was initiated by various local NGO's like Watchdog Foundation, Mobai Gaothan Panchayat, Bombay East India Association, Vakola Advanced Locality Management, Kalina Civic Forum and the Kolovery Welfare Association.[3] MSP plans expand to the rest of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Swaraj Party
LeaderGodfrey Pimenta
FoundedSeptember 2014
Election symbol
Nib with 7 rays

2014 Maharashtra Assembly ElectionEdit

The party fielded five candidates from Mumbai's suburbs in the 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election. Since the organisation is not registered as a political party, the candidates were fielded as independents.

Names of candidates announced by the party include:[4]


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