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Maharashtra Day, (Marathi: महाराष्ट्र दिन Mahārāṣţra Din) commonly known as Maharashtra Din also referred to as Maharashtra Diwas is a state holiday[1] in the Indian state of Maharashtra, commemorating the formation of the state of Maharashtra[2] from the division of the Bombay State on 1 May 1960.[1] Maharashtra Day is commonly associated with parades and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history and traditions of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Day
Maharashtra State map.jpg
Also calledMaharashtra Diwas, Maharashtra Din
Observed byMaharashtra, India, Marathi speaking.
SignificanceThe day the state of Maharashtra was formed by the Bombay Reorganisation Act, 1960
Date1 May


The States Reorganisation Act, 1956 defined boundaries for the states within India on the basis of languages.[3] The Bombay State that was formed as a consequence of this act, however, was composed of different areas where different languages were spoken; Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi and Konkani. The Sanyukta Maharashtra Samiti was at the forefront of the movement to divide the Bombay State into two states; one composed of areas where people primarily spoke Gujarati and Kutchhi and the other where people primarily spoke Marathi and Konkani.[4][5]

The state of Maharashtra and Gujarat were formed as a result of this movement according to the Bombay Reorganisation Act, 1960 enacted by the Parliament of India on 25 April 1960. The act came into effect on 1 May 1960,[6] hence the reason of annual celebration.


Every year the Government of Maharashtra issues a notification declaring the 1st of May to be a public holiday to be celebrated as Maharashtra Day. This holiday applies to all the schools, offices and companies under the jurisdiction of the State and central Government celebrate this day by organising various programmes.[7]


Every year a parade is held at Shivaji Park where the Governor of Maharashtra makes a speech.[citation needed]

Liquor sales to Indians are prohibited on this day across Maharashtra, excluding foreigners.[8]

Unique or historical celebrationsEdit

The Golden Jubilee celebrations for Maharashtra Day were conducted on 1 May 2011 across Maharashtra.[9][10]

Inaugurations and launching of new projects and schemesEdit

In Maharashtra state government and private sector inaugurates and launches various new projects and schemes on 1 May. Annual celebrations of such institutions and projects are also held on Maharashtra Day.[citation needed]

The Marathi language Wikipedia was started on 1 May 2003.[citation needed]


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