Magos y Gigantes

Magos y Gigantes (known as Wizards and Giants in English) is a 2003 Mexican animated fantasy-comedy film produced by Ánima Estudios and 20th Century Fox and released on November 19, 2003. This is the first feature film from Ánima Estudios and the first theatrically released animated film created with Adobe Flash, a program often used for internet cartoons. It was also the first Mexican animated feature in 30 years.[3]

Magos y Gigantes
Directed byAndrés Couturier
Eduardo Sprowls
Produced byFernando de Fuentes
Juan Fernando Pérez Gavilán
Written byMartinez Vara Adolfo
Jose C. Garcia de Letona
Francisco Hirata
StarringRossy Aguirre
Francisco Colmenero
Miguel Couturier
Eduardo Garza
Juan Ramón Huerta
Arath de la Torre
Moisés Iván Mora
Rubén Trujillo
Gaby Ugarte
Xochitl Ugarte
Music byXavier Asali
Edited byJorge Hernandez S.
Distributed by20th Century Fox International
Release date
November 19, 2003
Running time
84 minutes
Box officeMX$8.3 million[1]

An animated series loosely based on this film, Awesome Magical Tales (formerly Teenage Fairytale Dropouts), premiered on Seven Network in Australia on December 31, 2012.[4]

Plot summaryEdit

Magos y Gigantes tells the story of Gigante, a vertically challenged giant, Ada, a fairy whose wings have yet to blossom, and Trafalgar, a curious-looking little wizard, and their adventures while attending the biggest magic tournament in the land of Reino Magico. Mayhem ensues when Titan Caradura, an evil wizard, is disqualified from the tournament and seeks revenge by hatching up an elaborate plan to steal the magic powers from all the inhabitants of Reino Magico.


  • Xochitl Ugarte as Gigante, a young giant who didn't grow up to be one.
  • Rossy Aguirre as Ada, a fairy who can't fly.
  • Rubén Trujillo as Trafalgar, a clumsy magician who cast spells incorrectly.
  • Arath de la Torre as Titán Caradura
  • Francisco Colmenero as Mago Enigma
  • Miguel Couturier as Omega / Guardaespaldas 1
  • Eduardo Garza as Jack in the Box
  • Juan Ramón Huerta as Alfa / Guardaespaldas 2
  • Moisés Iván Mora as Cochinito
  • Gaby Ugarte as Princesa Luna


The film was released in theaters on November 19, 2003 in Mexico, produced by Ánima Estudios and distributed by 20th Century Fox Mexico. The film was produced in flash animation, which is the first animated film to be released theatrically, using that animation.

Box officeEdit

The film opened #4 behind The Matrix Revolutions, Freaky Friday, and 21 Grams, grossing $4,531,492 pesos ($398,023 USD) on its opening weekend in Mexico.[5] The film later bombed at the domestic box office, due to an unsuccessful competition with more-successful animated releases in Mexico.[6]


La Magia Está Dentro de Ti
1."Un Amigo Así"Ha*Ash3:59
2."Sigo Buscándote"Oscar Schwebel3:40
5."Sube Que Baja"El Círculo2:57
6."Aserejé"Las Ketchup3:32
7."El Baile Del Gorila"Melody3:08
9."Sinfonía Inconclusa en la Mar"Piero4:22
10."El Gusanito"Real Chicano2:07
11."El Patio de Mi Casa"Tatiana3:25


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