Magni Grenivík

Magni Grenivík is an Icelandic sports club from the village of Grenivík,[1] mainly known for its football team. The club has a football team currently playing in the second tier of Icelandic football[2] also known as Inkasso-deild karla. Magni was founded in 1915 by Magnús Björnsson making it one of the oldest teams in Icelandic football history.

Magni Grenivík
Full nameÍþróttafélagið Magni Grenivík
Founded10 July 1915; 105 years ago (1915-07-10)
Grenivík, Iceland
ChairmanÞorsteinn Þormóðsson
ManagerSveinn Þór Steingrímsson
2019Inkasso-Deildin, 9th of 12th

Current squadEdit

As of 12 October 2019[3]

Kit numbers changed depending on the game and injuries.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   ISL Hjörtur Geir Heimisson
13 GK   ISL Steinþór Már Auðunsson
23 GK   ISL Steinar Adolf Arnþórsson
23 GK   ISL Aron Elí Gíslason
2 DF   ISL Baldvin Ólafsson
4 DF   ISL Sveinn Óli Birgisson (C)
5 DF   ISL Jakob Hafsteinsson
6 DF   ISL Hjörvar Sigurgeirsson
8 DF   ISL Arnar Geir Halldórsson
18 DF   ISL Ívar Sigurbjörnsson
26 DF   ISL Viktor Már Heiðarsson
77 DF   ISL Gauti Gautason
13 DF   ISL Ívar Sigurbjörnsson
20 MF   ENG Louis Wardle
20 MF   ISL Marinó Snær Birgisson
3 MF   ISL Þorgeir Ingvarsson
20 MF   ENG Kian Williams
22 MF   ISL Björn Andri Ingólfsson
23 DF   ISL Davíð Rúnar Bjarnason
11 MF   ISL Patrekur Hafliði Búason
11 MF   ISL Frosti Brynjólfsson
15 MF   ISL Guðni Sigþórsson
21 MF   ISL Oddgeir Logi Gíslason
14 FW   ISL Áki Sölvason
22 FW   ISL Bergvin Jóhannsson
10 FW   ISL Lars Óli Jessen
9 FW   ISL Gunnar Örvar Stefánsson
17 FW   ISL Kristinn Thór Rósbergsson
7 FW   ENG Jordan Blinco
99 FW   ISL Angantýr Máni Gautason

Best Players of 2019Edit

Best player: Gauti Gautason

2nd best player: Ólafur Aron Pétursson

3rd best player: Steinþór Már Auðunsson

Most promising player: Guðni Sigþórsson

Most goals scored: Kristinn Þór Rósbergsson

Current staffEdit

As of 12 October 2019

Position Name
Chairman Þorsteinn Þórmóðsson
CEO Gísli Gunnar Oddgeirsson
Vice Chairman Stefán Hrafn Stefánsson
Board Member Jón Helgi Pétursson
Tresurer Arnþór Pétursson
Coach Sveinn Þór Steingrímsson
Assistant coach Anton Orri Sigurbjörnsson
Assistant coach Baldvin Ólafsson

Statistics and HonorsEdit

1918 Won the Cup of the Quarters

1934 Won the Football tournament of the Northerners

1972 Promotion to 3.deild karla (at the time it was called the 2. league)

1990 Won 4.deild karla

2005/2006 Promotion to 2.deild karla[4]

2014/2015 Promotion to 2. deild karla

2016/2017 Promotion to 1.deild karla


A picture of the field as well as their new facilities taken by Gunnar Guðmundsson.

Magni play their matches at Grenivíkurvöllur but also play at Boginn in Akureyri if the pitch condition is poor as is common during the preseason.

Seating and the new facilities were installed at Grenivíkurvöllur due to their promotion to the second tier of Icelandic football. The amount of seats are approximately 360 with plenty of space around the field as well.

There is also a smaller field on the east side of the main field which is mostly used by the future stars for practice.


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