The Madi (Croatian: Madijevci) family was a patrician family from Zadar. They were influential in Croatian politics from the 10th to 12th centuries.[1]

Notable membersEdit

  • Andrija, prior of Zadar, founder of the St. Krševan Monastery. Died in 918.
  • Jelena, Croatian queen, wife of king Michael Krešimir II of Croatia, died in 976.
  • Grgur or Dobronja, prior of Zadar, died in 1035. Tried to make Dalmatian cities independent from Byzantine Empire.
  • Čika and her daughter Domnana, the founders the Benedictine monastery of St. Maria in Zadar in 1066 which received privileges from the Croatian king Peter Krešimir IV.
  • Vekenega, the daughter of Čika, became a nun in 1072 and later the abbess of the convent.


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