Mack Magnum was a heavy-duty truck that was produced and manufactured from 1999 to 2003[1][2] by Mack Trucks Australia, a division of AB Volvo. It consisted of a Renault Magnum cab and chassis, with an all American Drive line including a Roadranger 18 speed transmission and had either Rockwell or Dana drive axles. Although a 454 hp Mack engine was an option. This truck was not "replaced" by the Mack Quantum, as both were sold alongside each other, the former being a premium heavy duty truck, the latter the smaller lighter less expensive model. Its popularity waned quickly in Australia due to electrical problems and parts availability issues and it was removed from Mack Australia's lineup after only 5 years.

Mack Magnum
ManufacturerMack Trucks Australia
ProductionAustralia/New Zealand
Body and chassis
ClassB Double and Single Prime Mover
Body styleTruck (cab over engine)
RelatedRenault Magnum
EngineCummins 580 hp Signature DOHC/Mack 454hp
Transmission18 spd Roadranger (manual)
PredecessorMack Manager

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