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Macha was an experimental post-rock band from Athens, Georgia composed of brothers Josh McKay (founder/singer/multi-instrumentalist), Mischo McKay (drums/percussion), Kai Reidl (multi-instrumentalist) and Wes Martin (multi-instrumentalist).[1] Macha's music combined the precision tension-and-release post-rock of Mogwai with the lush, hypnotic grind of My Bloody Valentine, along with elements of post-punk, kraut-rock and especially Indonesian Gamelan. The CMJ New Music Report opined that the band "may have invented a new genre - call it Indo-rock."[2] They incorporated a variety of instruments into their sets: Javanese zither, Balinese bamboo flute, hammered dulcimer, Hawaiian slide guitar, talempong nipple gongs and Nepalese shawms, vibraphone, and a 1970s-era thrift-store organ called the Fun Machine.

The band released their self-titled debut album in 1998 for Jetset Records. The album made the top five on both the CMJ and Gavin College Radio Charts.[3] In 1999 they released See It Another Way (Jetset). They also teamed up with Bedhead a year later for the mini-album Macha Loved Bedhead (Jetset 2000).[4] Four years since their last full-length, the group returned with Forget Tomorrow (Jetset 2004) expanding their sound and venturing into more pop territories.

Josh McKay is currently a member of the indie rock band Deerhunter, and recorded solo material under the name Abandon the Earth Mission (A.T.E.M.) in Athens.




  • 1998: Macha
  • 1999: See It Another Way
  • 2000: Macha Loved Bedhead
  • 2004: Forget Tomorrow


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