MEVA Schalungs-Systeme

MEVA Formwork Systems is a worldwide producer of formwork systems. Headquartered in Germany under the name MEVA Schalungs-System GmbH, the MEVA group has 40 subsidiaries, plants and logistics centers on 5 continents.

MEVA Schalungs Systeme
Founded1970 by Gerhard Dingler
HeadquartersHaiterbach, Germany
Key people
Florian F Dingler
Products Formwork Systems
Revenue110m Euro (2014)
Number of employees
500 (2014)


MEVA designs, constructs, produces and markets frame formwork systems for all types of in-situ concrete applications in the building industry. MEVA’s product portfolio is completed by the company’s service and consulting packages for formwork users.


MEVA was founded in 1970 by Gerhard Dingler. The idea of developing a formwork system that would be re-usable led to the company’s foundation and to the first frame-based panelised formwork system with a facing integrated into a metal frame, the so-called formwork panel. The panels are produced in different sizes and can be freely combined, hence the name modular formwork system. In the course of its history, MEVA developed several innovations, part of which have become standard features in the industry.

The milestones:[1]

  • 1971 – MEVA presents the first modular panelised formwork system.
  • 1977 – MEVA invents the formwork clamp that connects panels tightly and firmly.
  • 1978 – The frame with hollow profiles and grooves is presented. It is lighter than previous frames, supports a higher fresh concrete pressure and is easier to clean as no dirt can enter the closed hollow profiles.[2]
  • 1981 – The first crane-independent formwork system for walls and slabs is marketed.
  • 1982 – MEVA’s Mammut wall formwork system is the first heavy-duty system offering a fresh concrete load capacity of 97 kN/m².
  • 1989 – MEVA develops the aluminium wall formwork system.
  • 1992 – The crane-independent MevaDec slab system offers 3 methods for all types of slabs.
  • 2000 – MEVA presents the first all-plastic facing and is the first formwork producer to use this kind of facing in all formwork systems. Contrary to wooden facing, the all-plastic facing lasts as long as the panel frame, can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and repaired with identical material on the construction site and delivers a consistently high-quality concrete surface. MEVA’s all-plastic facing alkus [3] comes with a 7-year long term warranty that so far has never been claimed.[4]
  • 2012 – MEVA’s automatic climbing system MAC is used on sites in Europe after several years of use in Australia and the Far East.[5]

Product and Service PortfolioEdit

MEVA offers standard formwork systems for all types of in-situ concrete applications and also designs and produces special formwork and solutions for special requirements such as irregular building geometries or surfaces without joints. The systems are highly compatible and use identical accessories wherever possible. MEVA offers:

MEVA is a one-stop supplier for formwork systems and solutions. In line with its slogan "… more than just formwork" MEVA offers a comprehensive services[23] and consulting package including formwork planning and on-site support with formwork set up, process control and customer staff training. Rental formwork users can choose from different services packages and have their rental formwork inspected, cleaned and repaired by MEVA at MEVA’s industrial cleaning and repair facilities once the formwork is returned from the construction site. Customers with their own formwork inventory can have their formwork regenerated[24] by MEVA and made like new. With its all-plastic facing MEVA formwork delivers high-quality and architectural concrete[25] surfaces. Details about architectural concrete is founded Beside renting and selling new formwork systems MEVA offers used formwork with a double-warranty from the manufacturer.[26] A comprehensive training program with in-depth training and seminars for customers is part of MEVA’s customer services. MEVA is certified according to ISO 9001:2008[27] and is active in important industry standards committees and organisations such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI)[28] and the German equivalent GSV.[29]


MEVA formwork is used for all types of in-situ concrete work on construction sites all over the world:

Architectural construction

Civil engineering construction

High-rise construction

Commercial and residential construction


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