MC HotDog (Chinese: 姚中仁; pinyin: Yáo Zhōngrén; Wade–Giles: Yao Chung-jen; born April 10, 1978) is a Taiwanese rap artist known for his use of explicit lyrics in his songs.

MC HotDog
MC HotDog in 2012
MC HotDog in 2012
Background information
Birth name姚中仁 (Yao Zhongren)
Born (1978-04-10) April 10, 1978 (age 44)
OriginTaipei, Taiwan
GenresHip hop
  • Hip-hop artist
  • Talent show judge

In 2001, his four mini-CDs sold over 220,000 copies. In 2004, he toured with Chang Chen-yue in the North American Kill Kitty tour. In 2006, MC HotDog released an album Wake Up, which contains hit song 「我愛臺妹」 (I Love Taiwanese Girls). 「我愛臺妹」 is currently featured in a commercial for Kuang Chuan Tea Time.[1] It sampled Glenn Frey's "The One You Love" and The Spinners (American R&B group)'s "I'll Be Around". The track won "Best Karaoke Song" at the 2007 HITO Radio Music Awards, presented by Taiwanese radio station Hit FM.[2] Wake Up was both a critically acclaimed album as well as a commercial success, as it provided MC HotDog with crossover appeal. In 2008, MC HotDog released a new album called Mr. Almost.

He has been a judge on The Rap of China television show.[3]


  • In 1996, MC Hotdog was admitted to the Department of Imaging and Communication of Fu Jen Catholic University for the second term.[4] Perform Freestyle Rap at the New Year's Orientation Party and starts small-scale stage performances.[5]
  • In 1998, he published his own rap songs on the rap-related website "Master U" one after another, and became a prominent figure among online rap enthusiasts.[6]
  • In 1999, self-made music circulated around the campus and the Internet, becoming fever topic on campus. Home-made music even copyright infringement pirated CDs sold in Guang Hua Digital Plaza. His music instantly spread to the Ethnic Chinese market (Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China), and became the most mysterious figure on the Internet, and he was hailed as the "first underground rap guy in Taiwan."[5] Later, invited by the school community, singing in Bar was discovered by the Pub operator and introduced to "Magic stone".
  • In 2000, he signed a contract to join the "Big Circus Music Studio" owned by "Magic stone".[7] Members include friends Dwagie and others.[8]
  • In 2001, four consecutive EPs were released, causing a sensation in the music world, with cumulative record sales exceeding 300,000.[5] Graduated from the Department of Video Communication, Faculty of Letters, Fu Jen Catholic University[4](non-fresh graduates are postponed; the degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts). At the end of the year, he enlisted in the army.
  • At the end of 2003, he discharged from the army.
  • In 2004, invited by Chang Chen-yue, ran all over Taiwan Bar tour. In October, invited by the largest American Chain Bar "House of Blues", together with Chang Chen-yue went to the top ten cities in the United States to perform.[9]
  • In June 2005, he was invited to Hong Kong as a guest of Chang Chen-yue's concert.
  • In January 2006, he released his first full album "Wake Up". After releasing a solo album, slowly stepping out of my own style.[10] And he and his friend Dwagie also ended their cooperative relationship with each other.[11] In April, held his first ticket sales concert in Taipei World Trade Center II. Tickets were sold out two weeks before the concert, and ticket resale were bidding ten times the price on the Internet.[11] In June, participated in the 17th Golden Melody Awards performance.[12]
  • In June 2007, "Wake Up" album won the 18th Golden Melody Awards for Best Mandarin Album, indicating that its alternative style was recognized by the jury. (performance clips of the two at the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony are prohibited from broadcasting in mainland China, and their vulgar albums are prohibited from being released in mainland China.)[13]
  • In October 2008, the second album "Mr. Almost"(差不多先生) was released.[14]
  • In July 2012, the third album "Poverty Million Star"(贫民百万歌星) was released.[15]
  • On February 27, 2013, he boarded the Hong Kong Coliseum for the first time to hold a personal ticket sales concert.[16]
  • On August 3, 2013, he boarded the Taipei Arena for the first time and held a personal ticketing concert.[17]
  • On August 21, 2014, he confessed to "ETtoday News Cloud" that he had taken Prohibition of drugs for two years under the encouragement of curiosity and friends in college. I used to take MDMA, Cannabis (drug) and Ketamine, but after the hyperactive drug use, my mind was empty, my appetite was lost, my face was yellowish and thin, and I was not energetic. In the later stage, regret will appear in the heart after taking drugs. Until one day, I suddenly figured it out and decided to delete all the phone numbers of the medicine tip and drug addicts in the mobile phone. He said, "It's boring to take drugs and cost money, and there is no need to keep playing." Speaking frankly about drug use, he said: "Have fun, there is nothing to avoid!"[18]
  • On July 10, 2015, singer-songwriter Chang Chen-yue, who has composed countless classic songs, and MC HotDog (hot dog), the iconic Chinese rap singer, plus the most trendy hip-hop newcomer record of the Chinese music circle Wang Nantong MJ116, held a press conference in Beijing , Announced that the "Brothers True Colors Sunset Black Party World Tour" officially set sail, and announced that the "Brothers True Colors Sunset" (G.U.T.S.)era has officially come.[19]
  • In 2017, he served as the star producer and appraiser of "The Rap of China".[20]
  • In 2018, he served as the star producer and appraiser of "The Rap of China2".[21]
  • In 2019, he joined "me as a singer-songwriter"(我是唱作人).[22]
  • In 2018, he served as the star producer and appraiser of "The Rap of China3".[21]
  • In 2020, he will be the instructor of the rap base of "Rap for Youth".[23]
  • In 2021, he joined the cast of Call Me By Fire as a contestant.[24]

Musical workEdit

Extended playEdit

The album name Repertoire Album information
MC HotDog[25]
  1. Intro
  2. Let me rap(让我RAP)
  3. where are you going(你要去那里)
Magic stone

January 2001

Extended play

  1. Intro
  2. my life(我的生活)
  3. Angel thirteen(十三号天使)
  4. Korean Wave is coming(韩流来袭)
  5. Ximending Old Man(西门町老人)
  6. Skit
  7. graduation(毕业)
  8. Korean Wave is coming─Live version(韩流来袭─现场演唱版)
Magic stone

April 2001

Extended play

Gangs who are passionately pursuing MCdog(哈狗帮)[27]
  1. belief(信仰)
  2. Gangs who are passionately pursuing MCdog(哈狗帮)
  3. Happy(快乐)
  4. BuBuBu(補補補)
  5. Skit
  6. 1030
  7. 18 years old (18岁)
Magic stone

June 2001

Extended play

bottom Inning(九局下半)[28]
  1. bottom Inning(九局下半)
  2. Boys and girls Pooh (男生女生呸)
  3. Happy(快乐)/18 years old (18岁)/Let me rap-VCD(让我RAP-VCD)
  4. Haven't had enough-documentary+MVFull record(還沒玩完─記錄片+MV全紀錄)
Magic stone

October 2001

Extended play+VCD

Regular albumEdit

The album name Repertoire Album information Remarks
"Wake Up"[10]
  1. Intro
  2. persist in one's old ways (我行我素)
  3. rookie king(新人王)
  4. Lin Chi-Ling sister come to me(志玲姊姊來找我)
  5. I Love Taiwanese Girls -feat.Chang Chen-yue (我愛台妹-feat.張震嶽)
  6. Don't forget the sufferings of the past(毋忘在莒)
  7. Matsu serenade (馬祖小夜曲)
  8. Introducing Arthur boy (Introducing啞色小狗 )
  9. 2006 Champion Love Song (2006冠軍情歌)
  10. Tiger Style
  11. tigress (母老虎)
  12. Our party is the most talkative (我們的Party最扯)
  13. I went to TU when I was young(我小時候都去TU)
  14. Annoying(煩死人)
  15. My life II(我的生活II)
  16. Outro
  17. Encore(安可)
Rock Records

January 2006


18th Golden Melody Awards Best Mandarin Album Award
"Mr. Almost"(差不多先生)[14]
  1. I'm mad(我疯了)
  2. Mr. Almost(差不多先生)
  3. I like you(我哈你)
  4. ocean(海洋)
  5. Thanks yahoo(谢谢哑唬)
  6. King of the Blind King(瞎王之王)
  7. poison(毒)
  8. Please clap your hands(请拍手)
  9. How can feat. Nien-Hsien (怎么能够 feat.马念先)
  10. They feel (他们觉得)
Rock Records

October 2008


"Poverty Million Star"(贫民百万歌星)[15]
  1. Poverty Million Star (INTRO) (贫民百万歌星 INTRO)
  2. Poverty Million Star (贫民百万歌星)
  3. Skipping breakfast is a funny thing feat.Du zhenxi(不吃早餐才是一件很嘻哈的事feat. Du zhenxi)
  4. I met you here by chanceSKIT(和你巧遇在这里SKIT)
  5. Light mature 27 feat. MiacaKuan (轻熟女 27feat.关彦淳)
  6. MC is here(MC来了)
  7. so boring feat. A-Yue ( 好无聊 feat. A-Yue)
  8. go away feat.Chang Chen-yue(离开 feat.张震岳)
  9. Hi hi life feat.Chang Chen-yue,Guan ying(嗨嗨人生 feat.张震岳、关颖)
  10. After the break SKIT (散场之后SKIT)
  11. After Party(feat. Scottie)
  12. HeiHei Taxi(嘿嘿Taxi)
  13. News bulletin SKIT(新闻快报SKIT )
  14. Live @ Legacy SKIT
  15. Party Like HotDog
  16. I have money(老子有钱)
  17. Woman 27(Acoustic Version)(feat.Guan ying)
Rock Records

July 13, 2012


  1. Hip hop no party(嘻哈没有派对)
  2. change feat.Chang Chen-yue(改变 Feat.张震岳)
  3. Just let the bullet fly Feat. E-So (就让子弹飞 Feat. E-So瘦子)
  4. Meteor Serenade Feat.Yoyo Sham(流星小夜曲 Feat.岑宁儿)
  5. Insomnia is a disease Feat. J.Sheon(失眠是一种病 Feat. J.Sheon)
  6. World-weary Chihuahua (厌世吉娃娃)
  7. Dream camera (梦幻照相机)
  8. Lonely monster (寂寞の水怪)
  9. Grudge Feat. Eve Ai(怨偶 Feat. 艾怡良)
  10. Goodbye Hip-Hop (再见Hip-Hop)
  11. I'm Loser(我是鲁蛇)
  12. Do You Remember
  13. Hip hop no party—Trap Metal Version( 嘻哈没有派对Trap Metal Version)
Rock Records

June 5, 2019


"Brothers True Colors Sunset" (G.U.T.S.)Edit

Extended playEdit

The album name issue date Record company
FLY OUT[30] January 20, 2016 Rock Records 1. Oversized luggage-Chang Chen-yue&E-So(超大行李-张震岳 & 瘦子)

2. Lost Lamb-Chang Chen-yue&E-So&Da yuan(迷途羔羊-张震岳 & 瘦子 & 大渊)


4. mortal-MC HotDog&Da yuan&Xiao chun&Double.J 凡人(姚中仁 & 大渊 & 小春 & 呆宝静)

5. COMING HOME-MC HotDog&MJ116(姚中仁 & 顽童MJ116)

6. When we mix together(当我们混在一起)

SKRU UP[31] April 21, 2017 Rock Records
  1. Shake off(摇落)
  2. Tin House(铁皮屋)
  3. motorcycle(摩托车)
  4. Give you the sweetest(把最甜的都给你)
  5. Another day(又过一天)
  6. Messed up(搞砸)


Single name issue date Record company Repertoire
Secret base(秘密基地)[32] March 20, 2016 Rock Records
  1. Secret base(秘密基地)-Wu Nien-jen&G.U.T.S.
We Will Rule(背水一战)[33] May 25, 2016 Rock Records
  1. We Will Rule背水一战
Got Your back[34] July 27, 2017 Rock Records
  1. Got Your back

Host worksEdit

Music Television Taiwan Channel('What can you expect from a dog but a bark'(狗嘴不吐象牙)Hot Dog Show,Cooperate with Dwagie. -During the show: September 11, 2007[35]

IQIYI 'The Rap of China' One of the instructors, commented with Chang Chen-yue.[20]

IQIYI 'The Rap of China2' One of the instructors, Partner with Z Chang Chen-yue again.[21]

YouTube, ETtoday News Cloud,[18] Chung T'ien Television(CTi TV), Taiwan Television Enterprise(TTV), IQIYI 'Dancing Diamond 52'Special tutor[36]

bilibili 'Rap for Youth' one of the mentors.[37]

Other workEdit

Individual single
date Author source works
Year 1999 MC HotDog Network upload '钓虾场'[38]
September 2010 MC HotDog The theme song of the movie "Cool Horse"(酷马) "Cool Horse"(酷马)[39]
Co-op single
date Cooperation Album works
April 2002 Dwagie The theme song of the movie "Better Than Sex" '命运青红灯'[40]
2007 Nien-Hsien Ma Impossible Mix (2) (不可能的Mix2) '断背山'[41]
July 2007 Chang Chen-yue, Patty Hou OK Just let this song(就让这首歌)[42]
July 2007 Nan Quan Mama Treasure Map(藏宝图) Here we go[43]
April 2008 Jeff Chang Escape(逃生) Bicycles and sport cars(单车与跑车)[44]
July 2008 Shen Pi(参劈) The beginning of the rhyme(押韵的开始) Python(巨蟒)[45]
July 2008 Ding Dang Decisively Loved(我爱上的) I'm not afraid(我不怕)[46]
May 2009 Nien-Hsien Ma Women's health cooperation(女性保健合作) I love Yes Girl(我爱 Yes Girl)[47]
June 2009 Gary Chaw Super 4th field(超级4th场) Curry hot dog(咖喱热狗)[48]
July 2009 FanFan F ONE 1 to 10 = me and you(1到10=我和你)[49]
December 2009 JJ Lin Hundred Days(100天) Go!(加油!)[50]
June 2010 Sammi Cheng Believers get love(信者得爱) Believers get love-Mandarin(信者得爱)
August 2011 Amber An Evil Girl(恶女) Love Soon(快快爱)[51]
December 2011 Dwagie people(人) Ba La(芭乐)[52]
December 2011 Edison ChenSam Lee,MC仁,Chef What time?(几点?) What time?(几点?)[53]
June 2013 Xiao Ren, Dwagie Lilliputian(小人国) Changed a lot(变了好多)[54]
August 2013 Du zhenxi,Miss Ko Co-op single walk this way[55]
September 2013 Tanya Chua Angel & Devil (天使与魔鬼) Easy Come Easy GO[56]
February 2014 Witness, J Wu Co-op single Welcome back[57]
April 2014 Urchin MJ116(顽童 MJ116) Fresh Game MJ FRESH GANG[58]
July 2015 Yue Yunpeng Interlude from the movie "Jian Bing Man" Song of the Fifth Ring Road(五环之歌)[59]
July 2016 Edison ChenSammi Cheng Co-op single MR SANDMAN[60]
June 2018 Xiongzai(熊仔),BR,Hansen(韩森),Xiao Ren, Dwagie Peace?Zero Fur Concert(Peace?零皮草演唱会) Peace?[61]
July 2018 ILL MO Co-op single Nightclub love[62]
September 2018 Chang Chen-yue,Paikete(派克特),Gongfupang(功夫胖) Co-op single Goodbye hip hop(再见 hip hop)[63]
September 2018 Tizzy T, Vava,Young Jack Co-op single Poverty Million boy(贫民百万男孩)[64]
Limited combination
date Cooperation Combination name Album/EP
September 2013 Edison Chen Super brothers Super brothers[65]
January 2016 Chang Chen-yue,Urchin MJ116(顽童 MJ116) G.U.T.S. FLY OUT[66]
April 2017 Chang Chen-yue,Urchin MJ116(顽童 MJ116) G.U.T.S. SKRU UP[67]
'me as a singer-songwriter'(我是唱作人) Create a single
years Songwriting works
2019 year MC HotDog Hip-hop no party(Hip-hop没有派对)[68]
Insomnia is a disease(失眠是一种病)[69]
Do You Remember[71]
Must win?(非赢不可?)[72]

Film and television worksEdit

movie:A Strong Insect Crossing The River(猛虫过江)as Zaihu(在虎)[73]

Web drama:SOHU 'Need for Lady 4'(极品女士4)[74]

Ad:Galactic online(银河线上)'I have money Online'[75],Xiaoyaohuyu(逍遥互娱) 'Inuyasha Jade Hunting Journey'(犬夜叉 寻玉之旅)[76]


"废欲清"Concert tour
date country / region city Venue
June 23, 2019   Republic of China Taipei Legacy Taipei
June 29, 2019 Taichung Legacy Taichung
July 6, 2019 Kaohsiung LIVE WAREHOUSE
August 23, 2019   People's Republic of China[77] Xian Mao Livehouse
August 24, 2019 Tianjin 66Livehouse
August 29, 2019 Hangzhou Mao Livehouse
August 31, 2019 Wuhan Chinese cultural expo center(Wuhan)
September 4, 2019 Changsha Mao Livehouse
September 6, 2019 Chengdu Bloomage LIVE·528Mspace
September 7, 2019 Kunming Mao Livehouse
September 8, 2019 Shenzhen Hey Town(嘿吼小镇)
December 14, 2019 Changchun Y-LIVE Eagle Entertainment Music Scene(Y-LIVE鹰之娱乐现场)
December 15, 2019 Qingdao Downtown Bar
December 18, 2019 Zhengzhou 7LIVEHOUSE
December 19, 2019 Chongqing Yinpai Power Space Live House(寅派动力空间)
December 21, 2019 Ningbo Ningbo Star Nest Theater(宁波星巢剧场)
March 11, 2020   France[78] Paris Le Trabendo
March 14, 2020   United Kingdom[79] London The Lighthouse Theatre
March 20, 2020   United States[78] Los Angeles The Fonda Theatre
March 21, 2020 San Francisco August Hall
March 24, 2020 Portland Hawthorne Theater
March 25, 2020 Seattle Neptune
March 27, 2020   Canada[78] Vancouver Vogue Theatre
March 27, 2020 Toronto Phoenix Concert Theatre
March 31, 2020   United States Boston Paradise Rock Club
April 2, 2020 Philadelphia Underground Arts
April 3, 2020 new York Webster Hall
April 6, 2020 Chicago Lincoln Hall
April 8, 2020 Dallas Trees
April 9, 2020 Houston White Oak Music Hall

Award recordEdit

years Session Album Awards Shortlisted result
2007 The 10th Chinese musicians exchange association 'Wake Up' Top Ten Albums of the Year Wake Up Won
2007 18th Golden Melody Awards 'Wake Up' Best Mandarin Album Wake Up Won
2009 The 12th Chinese musicians exchange association 'Mr. Almost'(差不多先生) Top Ten Albums of the Year 'Mr. Almost'(差不多先生) Won
Top Ten Singles of the Year 'Mr. Almost'(差不多先生) Won
Top Ten Singles of the Year ocean(海洋) Won
2013 24th Golden Melody Awards 'Poverty Million Star'(贫民百万歌星) Best Mandarin Album 'Poverty Million Star'(贫民百万歌星) Nominated
Best Lyricist Award 'Poverty Million Star'(贫民百万歌星) Nominated
2013 The 4th Golden Indie Music Awards 'Poverty Million Star'(贫民百万歌星) Best Hip Hop Album Award 'Poverty Million Star'(贫民百万歌星) Won
Best Hip Hop Single Award 'Poverty Million Star'(贫民百万歌星) Nominated
2019 The 10th Golden Indie Music Awards 'waste'(废物) Best Hip Hop Album Award 'waste'(废物) Nominated
Best Hip Hop Single Award 'Hip hop no party'(嘻哈没有派对) Nominated


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