Møre Arbeiderblad

Møre Arbeiderblad was a Norwegian newspaper, published in Ålesund in Møre og Romsdal county.

Møre Arbeiderblad was started on 13 September 1923 as a newspaper with an unofficial affiliation with the Labour Party. Before the affiliation was made formal, the Communist Party broke away from Labour and took Møre Arbeiderblad with them.[1] It was their organ for Sunnmøre.

Well-known editors include Ålesund native Reinert Torgeirson from 1924 to 1925[2] and Jens Galaaen from 1925 to 1929.[3] The newspaper came once a week, except a period from early 1924 to mid-1929 when it came twice a week. It went defunct after its last issue on 28 March 1931. Møre Arbeiderblad did resurface later, but the details around that are shadowy.[4]


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