Mónica Galán

Mónica Galán (October 16, 1950 – January 15, 2019) was an Argentine actress. She was a character actor seen on TV, Film and in the theatre.

Mónica Galán
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BornOctober 16, 1950
DiedJanuary 15, 2019


Galán was born in 1950 in Buenos Aires. Galán graduated from the National School of Dramatic Arts and her first film appearance was in Daniel Tinayre's La Mary,[1] starring Susana Giménez and Carlos Monzón in 1974. She went on to appear in other films such as Atrapadas Blue Eyes, Murder in the Senate of the Nation, The side Dark of the Heart, Waiting for the Messiah and The Mural . Her last film was The Other Skin in 2018.[2]

She had said in 1997 that she preferred to be a character actor rather than the star of films or TV dramas.[1] Two years later she directed her first play which was No Be You , by Susana Torres Molina.

She appeared in the 2010 telenovela Malparida [3]

She appeared as Vienna in the 1982 film Last Days of the Victim. That film was proposed but not nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the List of submissions to the 55th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Her role of Vienna was one of 17 where she was cast as a prostitute.[1]

Galán died in Buenos Aires in 2019[3] having made 70 appearances in film or television.[1]

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