List of submissions to the 55th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

This is a list of submissions to the 55th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was created in 1956 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honour non-English-speaking films produced outside the United States.[1] The award is handed out annually, and is accepted by the winning film's director, although it is considered an award for the submitting country as a whole.[2] Countries are invited by the Academy to submit their best films for competition according to strict rules, with only one film being accepted from each country.[2]

For the 55th Academy Awards, twenty-five films were submitted in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Nicaragua submitted a film for the first time. The bolded titles were the five nominated films, which came from France, Nicaragua, Sweden, the USSR and the eventual winner, Begin the Beguine, from Spain.[3]


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Original title Language(s) Director(s) Result
  Algeria Sandstorm Vent de sable, رياح رملية French, Arabic Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina Not nominated
  Argentina Last Days of the Victim Últimos días de la víctima Spanish Adolfo Aristarain Not nominated
  Belgium Minuet Menuet Dutch Lili Rademakers Not nominated
  Bulgaria Khan Asparoukh Хан Аспарух (Khan Asparuh) Bulgarian Ludmil Staikov Not nominated
  Canada Wild Flowers Les fleurs sauvages French Jean Pierre Lefebvre Not nominated
  Czechoslovakia The Assistant Pomocnik Slovak Zoro Zahon Not nominated
  Denmark Tree of Knowledge Kundskabens træ Danish Nils Malmros Not nominated
  France Clean Slate Coup de Torchon French Bertrand Tavernier Nominated
  West Germany Fitzcarraldo Fitzcarraldo German, Spanish, Asháninka, English Werner Herzog Not nominated
  Greece Angel Άγγελος (Angelos) Greek Giorgos Katakouzinos Not nominated
  Hungary Time Stands Still Megáll az idö Hungarian Péter Gothár Not nominated
  Iceland Inter Nos Okkar á milli: Í hita og þunga dagsins Icelandic Hrafn Gunnlaugsson Not nominated
  Israel Hamsin חמסין (Hamsin) Hebrew, Arabic Daniel Wachsmann Not nominated
  Italy The Night of the Shooting Stars La Notte di San Lorenzo Italian Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani Not nominated
  Japan Onimasa 鬼龍院花子の生涯 (Kiryūin hanako no shōgai) Japanese Hideo Gosha Not nominated
  Netherlands The Cool Lakes of Death Van de koele meren des doods Dutch, French Nouchka van Brakel Not nominated
  Nicaragua Alsino and the Condor Alsino y el cóndor Spanish, English Miguel Littín Nominated
  Norway Victoria L Leve sitt liv Norwegian Petter Vennerød and Svend Wam Not nominated
  Portugal Francisca Francisca Portuguese Manoel de Oliveira Not nominated
  Soviet Union Private Life Частная жизнь (Chastnaya zhizn) Russian Yuli Raizman Nominated
  Spain Begin the Beguine Volver a empezar Spanish José Luis Garci Won Academy Award
  Sweden The Flight of the Eagle Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd Swedish, French Jan Troell Nominated
  Switzerland Yol Yol Turkish, Kurdish Şerif Gören and Yılmaz Güney Not nominated
  Taiwan The Battle for the Republic of China 辛亥双十 Mandarin Ding Shan Xi Not nominated
  Yugoslavia The Smell of Quinces Miris dunja Serbo-Croatian Mirza Idrizović Not nominated


  •   Switzerland was allowed to submit their Palm d'Or-winning entry Yol,[4] a film in Turkish by a pair of Turkish directors. The film had been banned for political content at home, and was smuggled into Switzerland and edited in Paris. [5]


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