Lyakhavichy District

Lyakhavichy District (Belarusian: Ляхавіцкі раён, Russian: Ляховичский район) is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Region, in Belarus. Its administrative center is Lyakhavichy.

Lyakhavichy District

Ляхавіцкі раён
Coat of arms of Lyakhavichy District
Coat of arms


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Lyakhavichy Raion had a population of 30,498. Of these, 88.4% were of Belarusian, 6.5% Polish, 3.5% Russian and 0.9% Ukrainian ethnicity. 90.5% spoke Belarusian and 8.1% Russian as their native language.

Coordinates: 53°02′20″N 26°15′59″E / 53.03889°N 26.26639°E / 53.03889; 26.26639