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The Lumières Award (French: Lumières de la presse internationale) is a French film award presented by the Académie des Lumières to honor the best in the French-speaking cinema of the previous year. The awards ceremony is organized by the Académie des Lumières which consists of over 200 representatives of the international press based in Paris. Today it is regarded as one of the most prestigious French film industry awards, equivalent to the Golden Globe Award presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Lumières Award
Current: 28th Lumières Awards
Lumières Award (trophy).png
Trophy Lumières Awards
Awarded forExcellence in Francophone cinema
Presented byAcadémie des Lumières
First awarded1996
Last awarded2023


The Lumières Award was initiated in 1995 by French producer Daniel Toscan du Plantier and American journalist and ex-Newsweek's Paris correspondent Edward Behr. Their idea was to replicate the Golden Globes given by the foreign press in Hollywood.[1] The Lumières Award is usually presented a month before the César Award, the French national film award.[2][citation needed]

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The president of the Academy is Lisa Nesselson, the vice-presidents are Pamela Bienzobas and José Maria Riba, the treasurer is Min Liu, the general secretary is Jacques Kermabon and the general delegate is Anne Guimet.

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Edition Date President(s) Best Film
1st Lumières Awards 29 January 1996 Isabella Rossellini La Haine
2nd Lumières Awards 13 February 1997 Philippe Noiret Ridicule
3rd Lumières Awards 15 December 1998 Fanny Ardant Marius and Jeannette
4th Lumières Awards 16 January 1999 Jean Reno The Dreamlife of Angels
5th Lumières Awards 2 February 2000 Claudia Cardinale The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
6th Lumières Awards 24 January 2001 Frédéric Lopez The Taste of Others
7th Lumières Awards 25 February 2002 Amélie
8th Lumières Awards 14 February 2003 Carole Laure Amen.
9th Lumières Awards 17 February 2004 Patrice Chéreau The Triplets of Belleville
10th Lumières Awards 16 February 2005 Alain Corneau The Chorus
11th Lumières Awards 21 February 2006 Claudia Cardinale The Beat That My Heart Skipped
12th Lumières Awards 5 February 2007 Isabelle Mergault Tell No One
13th Lumières Awards 13 January 2008 Claude Lelouch The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
14th Lumières Awards 19 January 2009 Jeanne Balibar The Class
15th Lumières Awards 15 January 2010 Régis Wargnier Welcome
16th Lumières Awards 14 January 2011 François Berléand Of Gods and Men
17th Lumières Awards 13 January 2012 Catherine Jacob The Artist
18th Lumières Awards 18 January 2013 Victoria Abril Amour
19th Lumières Awards 20 January 2014 Carole Bouquet Blue Is the Warmest Colour
20th Lumières Awards 2 February 2015 Claudia Cardinale, Victoria Abril
Carole Laure, Catherine Jacob and Isabelle Mergault
21st Lumières Awards 8 February 2016 Mustang
22nd Lumières Awards 30 January 2017 Elle
23rd Lumières Awards 5 February 2018 Jean-Paul Belmondo and Monica Bellucci BPM (Beats per Minute)
24th Lumières Awards 4 February 2019 Claude Lelouch and Anouk Aimée for the film A Man and a Woman (1966); Jane Birkin The Sisters Brothers
25th Lumières Awards 27 January 2020 Les Misérables
26th Lumières Awards 19 January 2021 Love Affair(s)
27th Lumières Awards 17 January 2022 Happening
28th Lumières Awards[3] 16 January 2023 The Night of the 12th

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