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The film award is a cinematic award which can be awarded in several categories. Unlike the film festival, the film award is not accompanied by a public screening of competitive films. Film awards are usually awarded based on the results of a secret voting of experts and less often on the results of the jury discussion.

81st Academy Awards Ceremony

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"Oscar" awardsEdit

"Oscar" — the award of the American Academy of cinema — is the most famous and popular in the world of cinema award. The first award ceremony "Oscar" was held in 1929. Now the Oscars ceremony is broadcast live in dozens of countries around the world. Unlike most film festivals, "Oscars" are awarded by the results of a General vote of the Academy members, and not by the choice of the jury. And such a democracy has brought this film a well-deserved popularity, though deprived of elitism.

Golden Globe AwardsEdit

The American Golden Globe Awards seeks to offer an independent view of Hollywood cinema. The award ceremony takes place in Los Angeles (USA).

American film award Academy of science fiction, fantasy and horror films, also known as the award "Saturn" (eng. "Saturn Award"), enjoys well-deserved popularity among fans of science fiction in the movies. Has been awarded since 1972 by the voting members of the Academy. The founder of the award is Dr. Donald A. Reed (1935-2001). Initially, the award was called "Golden scroll" (eng. "Golden Scroll").

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BAFTA AwardsEdit

The award ceremony of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is held in London annually in mid-February. For the first time the awarding of the best British filmmakers of this prize was held in 1947.[1][2] And if then there were only three nominations, now there are nineteen, and four special nominal awards are awarded. The BAFTA award, which has become international, and the Golden globe award, the winners of which are chosen by members of the Hollywood foreign press Association, are a kind of dress rehearsal for Oscar, because in most cases they anticipate the voting results of members of the American Academy of cinema. In addition to cinematography, BAFTA also presents awards in the field of television and art for children.

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