Ludmyla Padalko

Ludmyla Padalko (Ukrainian: Падалко Людмила Іванівна; * March 8, 1949) is a Ukrainian doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist, and chief doctor at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Perinatal Center (from 1990), Honored Doctor of Ukraine (2001), Candidate of Medicine (2002).[1]

Ludmyla Padalko
Падалко Л.І. - портрет.jpg
Kyi Lyudmila

(1949-03-08) March 8, 1949 (age 73)
Years active1973—present


Father, mather and sister (1956)

Lyudmila was born March 8, 1949, in the village of Tersyanka Novomykolaivka Raion Zaporizhia Oblast. Her father, Kyi Ivan, worked as a mathematics teacher at a local school. Mother, Galina, – head of a grocery store. In 1964–1965, Lyudmila moved to district center along with her parents and sister, Nina. She met Vadim, her future husband, at the new school. Thanks to the attitudes and perseverance of her father as a teacher, Lyudmila graduated from Novonikolayevsk Secondary School with a gold medal in 1966. She loved biology and chemistry, and dreamed of becoming a doctor. After her graduation, she worked in the central regional library, which gave her the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for the entrance exams to the university.

In 1967, after having passed an excellent exam in chemistry, she entered Voroshilovgrad Medical Institute in the school of medicine. She kept correspondence and telephone conversations with Vadim. She came home each summer and spent time with her future husband, who studied at Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute. In 1970, they decided to marry, and a year later Lyudmila transferred to Dnipropetrovsk. In 1971, her son, Gennady, was born, and she combined his upbringing with education. In 1972, Vadim graduated from the university and went to work in the direction of Sinelnik. In 1973, Lyudmila also graduated from the medical institute, receiving the specialty of "general medicine" and the qualification obstetrician-gynecologist.

Husband and son (1978)

After high school, she underwent an internship in Dnipropetrovsk City Hospital No.9, at the end of which she immediately started working at Synelnykove Central Regional Hospital as an obstetrician-gynecologist, where her husband already worked for a year as a therapist. Later, she received the position of deputy chief physician for the medical part. It was difficult to work, but it was precisely these years that Lyudmila Ivanovna considered the time of her becoming a professional doctor. During the years of work at the post of deputy in the villages of the district, maternity hospitals at the former collective farms were liquidated, a regional female consultation was opened, and blood donation was actively developed. But most of all she paid attention to the professional growth of her employees, took care of their professional development.

After moving to Dnipropetrovsk, Vadim began working at the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute as an assistant at the Department of Internal Diseases. In 1985, Lyudmila got a job in Dnipropetrovsk Regional Oncologic Dispensary as an obstetrician-gynecologist. April 10, 1990, she was transferred to the position of Chief Physician of Dnipropetrovsk City Maternity Hospital No.2, which June 26, 2012, of the year was reorganized into Dnipropetrovsk Regional Perinatal Center, where does she work today.[2]

She likes to play chess and backgammon.

Political activityEdit

With Yulia Tymoshenko (2007)

In 1982, Lyudmila was first elected as a deputy in Synelnykove City Council. In 2002, she was elected a deputy already in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council and was a candidate for people's deputies from the political party "Women for the Future".[3]

In 2005, she joined All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland",[4] and in 2006 she was the second elected a deputy to the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council. She worked in the standing committee of the regional council on the issues of entrepreneurship, processing industry, trade and consumer services. In 2010, Lyudmila Ivanovna became a deputy to the regional council for the third time. In 2014, in the parliamentary elections, Lyudmila Padalko was on the № 158.[5] election list of the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland".


Family (2009)

In 1971, Lyudmila had a son Gennady. In 1994, her father Vadim died of a serious illness. A year later, her son graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute and had to follow in the footsteps of his parents. However, in 2000, he graduated from Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, and in 2002, – Institute State Administration of National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, having obtained the qualification of a lawyer and a state manager.

In addition to the son of Gennady, Lyudmila Ivanovna has a daughter-in-law, Natalya, and two grandchildren – Vadim and Lyudmila, who were named after their grandfather and grandmother.

In the position of Chief DoctorEdit

First day in 1990
After 23 years (2013)
In work (2004)

During Lyudmila's tenure as a chief doctor, first at the maternity hospital, and later at the Dnepropetrovsk regional perinatal center, she accepted 5843 children (3006 boys and 2837 girls). The doctor owns the full scope of obstetric and gynecological and oncologic and gynecological surgical interventions, performed more than 4,000 gynecological operations, took over 30,000 women for personal examination.

Lyudmila Ivanovna – a leader who is constantly introducing new forms of the institution, carries out activities aimed at improving the material and technical base. With her assistance, a hyperbaric oxygen department was opened in 1991, the laundry was restored, an anesthesiology and intensive care department was opened in 1993, in 1998 – the center for women with disabilities was opened, in 2000 – the center for pediatric and adolescent gynecology and the center for juvenile obstetrics was opened. In 2005, the hospital was certified and received the highest category. In 2006, the breastfeeding support center was opened, and in 2015 – organizational and methodological department with a telemedicine cabinet was opened.

In 1989, at the maternity hospital, the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy was opened on the initiative of the professor Dubossarska Zinaida. Lyudmila continued setting up the work of the department, opened with the support of the rector Novitska-Usenko Lyudmila,[6] where employees conduct medical advisory work for women and newborns in the form of clinical rounds, consultations, surgeries and consultations.[7]

Scientific activitiesEdit

During her career, Lyudmila became the author of many scientific papers:

  • Беременность, роды и состояние фетоплацентарной системы у женщин, перенесших кесарево сечение // Збірник наукових праць Асоціації акушерів-гінекологів України. — Сімферополь, 1998. — С. 106—108.
  • Досвід реабілітації генеративної функції хворих із запаленням додатків матки // Актуальні проблеми післядипломної освіти. — Кривий Ріг, 1998. — С.41.
  • Анализ акушерских кровотечений и опыт лечебной тактики по материалам клинического родильного дома № 2 г. Днепропетровска // Збірник наукових праць Асоціації акушерів-гінекологів України. — Київ: «ТНК». — 1999. — С. 56–57.
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Differences and awardsEdit

With Leonid Kuchma (2001)

Lyudmila was awarded many awards at different levels:

  • 1999 — a commemorative medal "For the Faithful Service to the Hometown";
  • 2004 — the medal "For Merits to the City";
  • 2009 — a medal Order of Princess Olga III degree;[8]
  • 2019 — a commemorative medal "For Services to the City"
charts, thanks, awards
  • In April 2004, the Honorary Diploma Verkhovna Rada – for a significant contribution to the development of state policy in the field of health, long-term conscientious work, high professionalism and individuality in work;
  • In October 2005 the Certificate of Honor Ministry of Healthcare;
  • In June 2007 thanks to the October District Council of Dnipropetrovsk;
  • In the 2008 the Ministry of Health Care Certificate of Ukraine – for many years of fruitful work, high professionalism, a significant personal contribution to the organization of the provision of medical care to women and newborns;
  • In November 2008, the sign "Honor" of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine;
  • In 2009, the honorary title of the chairman of the Dnipropetrovs'k Regional Council and the distinguished name of the chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration "For the development of the region";
  • In September 2010 – an honorary diploma of the Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of the trade union of health workers of Ukraine;
  • In August 2015 – Diploma and badge of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

August 21, 2001 Lyudmila Ivanovna was awarded the honorary title "Honored Doctor of Ukraine," and on [May 15], 2002 she received a PhD in medical sciences in specialty obstetrics and gynecology.


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