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Lucius Valerius Poplicola Balbinus Maximus

Lucius Valerius Poplicola[1] Balbinus Maximus (fl. 3rd century) was a Roman senator who was appointed consul in AD 253.



Valerius Balbinus Maximus was a member of the third century gens Valeria which by now had reached Patrician status.[2] He was probably the son of Lucius Valerius Claudius Acilius Priscillianus Maximus, and like his father, he began his career by serving as one of the sevir equitum Romanorum at the annual review of the equites. He was then appointed the Triumvir capitalis (or manager of the prisons), probably for a year. Next, he was an imperial candidate for the office of Quaestor, and this was followed by his candidature for the office of Praetor tutelaris (the official responsible for matters of guardianship), which he probably was nominated for prior to AD 240.[3]

Valerius Balbinus Maximus was then appointed as Legatus proconsulis in the province of Asia. He reached the office of consul in AD 253, serving as consul posterior alongside the emperor Volusianus, until Volusianus was murdered in the first few months of that year.[3] His imperial successor Aemilianus may have replaced Valerius Balbinus Maximus with a suffect consul, although Aemilianus himself did not assume the position of consul during his brief reign.[4]

Sometime between AD 254 and 260, Valerius Balbinus Maximus served as the Curator rei publicae Laurentium Lavinatium item cognoscens ad sacras appellationes (curator of two Italian towns and deputy judge).[5] His post consular career saw him remain in Italy. He served as Curator aquarum et Miniciae (official in charge of the distribution of water and grain in Rome), followed by his acting as Praefectus alimentorum viae Flaminiae (or officer responsible for maintaining the Via Flaminia and ensuring the provision of food to Rome).[3] However, Valerius Balbinus Maximus did not achieve a proconsular governorship, nor a second consulship.[6]

Valerius Balbinus Maximus was probably the father of Lucius Valerius Messalla, who was consul in AD 280.[7]


  1. ^ Lucius Vipstanus Poplicola Messalla was a descendant of Octavia the Younger, through her granddaughter Valeria Messalla (daughter of Claudia Marcella Minor).


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