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Lucius Passienus Rufus

Lucius Passienus Rufus was a Roman senator and a novus homo of some oratorical talent. He was consul in 4 BC as the colleague of Gaius Calvisius Sabinus.[1]

He inherited the name, the wealth, and the influence of Sallustius who was his uncle. Rufus is also the father of Gaius Sallustius Crispus Passienus, who was adopted by Sallustius, and married Augustus' granddaughter Agrippina the Younger.[2]

The sortition awarded Passienus Rufus the proconsular governorship of Africa (circa 4/3 BC). While governor he led a successful campaign in the frontier zone, for which he earned the ornamenta.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Quintus Haterius,
and Gaius Sulpicius Galba

as Suffect consuls
Consul of the Roman Empire
4 BC
with Gaius Calvisius Sabinus
Succeeded by
Gaius Caelius (Rufus?), and
Galus Sulpicius

as suffect consuls