Love, Honor and Behave

Love, Honor and Behave is a 1938 American drama film directed by Stanley Logan and starring Wayne Morris and Priscilla Lane. The supporting cast includes John Litel, Thomas Mitchell, Dick Foran and Dickie Moore. "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" serves as the motion picture's the theme song. Initially set in Meadowfield, Long Island in 1922, the picture's plot revolves around a timid husband who finally stands up for himself in the wake of being cuckolded by his ravishing wife.

Priscilla Lane, Wayne Morris and director Stanley Logan


Dan and Sally Painter meddle in son Ted's life, quarrel and ultimately divorce after Dan's affair with Lisa Blake, whose husband Jim promptly divorces her.

Ted's belief that sportsmanship comes before winning is tested during a college tennis match, which he loses on purpose after being awarded a point that should have gone to his opponent. His dad Dan doesn't approve of this attitude and predicts Ted will be a failure in his future business life.

Barbara Blake, daughter of Lisa and Jim, becomes attracted to Ted and persuades him to elope. She soon becomes bored, though, and when ex-suitor Pete Martin begins making passes at her, Ted mistakenly believes they've had a fling. Ted's business fails but Dan rejects his son's request for a job. Ted stands up to him and to Barbara, pleasing her, even though they end up having a knockdown fight.


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