Louis, Count of Évreux

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Louis of Évreux (3 May 1276 – 19 May 1319, Paris) was a prince, the only son of King Philip III of France and his second wife Maria of Brabant,[1] and thus a half-brother of King Philip IV of France.

Count of Évreux
Louis de France 1276-1319.JPG
Tomb effigy of Louis d'Evreux now in the Basilica of St Denis (he was buried in the now-demolished church of the Couvent des Jacobins in Paris)
Born(1276-05-03)3 May 1276
Died19 May 1319(1319-05-19) (aged 43)
SpouseMargaret of Artois
HouseHouse of Évreux (founder)
FatherPhilip III of France
MotherMarie of Brabant
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Louis had a quiet and reflective personality and was politically opposed to the scheming of his half-brother Charles of Valois. He was, however, close with his nephew Philip V of France.

He married Margaret of Artois,[2] daughter of Philip of Artois and sister of Robert III of Artois, and had:

  1. Marie (1303 – 31 October 1335), married John III, Duke of Brabant in 1311[3]
  2. Charles (d. 1336), Count of Étampes[3] married Maria de la Cerda, Lady of Lunel, daughter of Fernando de la Cerda.
  3. Philip III of Navarre (1306–1343), married Joan II of Navarre.[4]
  4. Margaret (1307–1350), married in 1325 William XII of Auvergne[3]
  5. Joan (1310–1370), married Charles IV of France[4]


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Louis, Count of Évreux
Born: 3 May 1276 Died: 19 May 1319
Title last held by
Amaury IV
Count of Évreux
Succeeded by