Lost Island Theme Park

Lost Island Theme Park is a theme park in Waterloo, Iowa. The 90-acre (36 ha) park includes five themed lands, which feature numerous attractions; including three roller coasters.[1] Lost Island Theme Park is owned by the Bertch family, who operate the Lost Island Waterpark, which is located next to the site of the theme park. Construction on Lost Island Theme Park began in August 2019, it opened on June 18, 2022, and it cost an estimated $100 million.[2]

Lost Island Theme Park
Lost Island Theme Park logo.png
LocationWaterloo, Iowa, United States
Coordinates42°26′26″N 92°18′27″W / 42.440575°N 92.307470°W / 42.440575; -92.307470Coordinates: 42°26′26″N 92°18′27″W / 42.440575°N 92.307470°W / 42.440575; -92.307470
OpenedJune 18, 2022
OwnerThe Bertch Family
Operated byLost Island Waterpark
ThemeEnchanted tropical island
Area90 acres (0.36 km2)
Roller coasters3
WebsiteOfficial website


Planning and constructionEdit

Matugani, which formerly operated at Liseberg as Kanonen, is being relocated to Lost Island Theme Park

In 2001, Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing, owned by the Bertch family, opened Lost Island Waterpark. Over time, the water park expanded, and it became ranked among the best water parks in the United States.[3] Planning for the theme park began in 2016, with a Lost continents theme featuring Atlantis and Zealandia as themed lands being initially considered before they decided to create an original storyline.[4] On July 15, 2019, the Bertch family announced plans to construct Lost Island Theme Park next to Lost Island Waterpark.[5] The planned 90-acre (36 ha) park would be located next to a 30-acre (12 ha) lake, and it would feature multiple attractions in five themed lands.[6] The park will feature three roller coasters: the Nopuko Air Coaster, a Suspended Looping Coaster which operated at Ratanga Junction in South Africa as Cobra; Matugani, an Accelerator Coaster, which operated at Liseberg in Sweden; and an SBF/Visa junior Wacky Worm coaster named Lokolo.[7] Construction on Lost Island Theme Park began on August 23, 2019, and was completed in 2022.[8]

Lost Island Theme Park gradually began to unveil ride names and details on their website throughout the summer and fall of 2021. The park's Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol dark ride was formally announced during a press conference at the annual IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida.[9][10] The park purchased a variety of new and used rides alike from a handful of manufacturers, including Zamperla, SBF Visa Group, Moser's Rides, Gerstlauer, and Interlink.

On March 10, 2022, a fire destroyed the queue building, loading station and control system for Yuta Falls, an Interlink log flume ride.[11]

First seasonEdit

The park ended its first season earlier than originally scheduled due to lack of attendance and staffing issues. The delays with Matugani and Yuta Falls have been cited as a likely leading factor in the underwhelming attendance figures.[12] Additionally, manufacturer delays kept the Nika's Gift carousel from even being delivered to the park during its first year.


Tamariki Spirit RealmEdit

Home to the park's attractions for kids, this realm is the domain of the Tamariki, small mischievous spirits that maintain the balance of the four elements on the Lost Island.[13]

  • Kapulele Gliders - Zamperla Magic Bikes
  • Mama Pezaki - Zamperla Crazy Bus
  • Mura Dancer - Zamperla Pounce N' Bounce
  • Ohu Hoppers - Zamperla Jump Around
  • Golapa Sprouts - Zamperla Samba Tower
  • Lokolo - SBF Visa Wacky Worm
  • Tuka Tumbler - Zamperla Mini Ferris Wheel

Udara Air RealmEdit

Home of the Udara Air Kingdom, a colony of steampunk-styled inventors who build things that harness the power of air with the goal of rebuilding a floating city that once hovered over the rest of the island.

  • Amara Aviators - Gerstlauer Sky Fly
  • Skyborne - S&S Turbo Drop
  • Dream Spinner - Zamperla Midi Family Swinger
  • Nopuko Air Coaster - Vekoma SLC with Extended Helix

Awa Water RealmEdit

Home of the Awa Water Nomads, who enjoy simple pleasures and adventure. Spread across the eastern shore of the park's lake and the park's central island.

  • Alzanu's Eye - Ferris Wheel
  • Eeki Eeki Escape - Flying Carousel
  • Sea Swell - Swinging Pirate Ship
  • Awaati Water Battle - Interlink Splash Battle
  • Nika's Gift - Carousel
  • Wakani Whirl - Zamperla Mini Tea Cups
  • Zulawa Wave - Bertazzon Music Express

Yuta Earth RealmEdit

Home of the Yuta Earth Tribe, who learned to live in balance with the forest and protect nature after their mining and logging efforts nearly collapsed their society. A giant ancient tree named Namua that rooted itself into a stone building serves as the entrance to one of the park's restaurants, the Totara Market.

Mura Fire RealmEdit

A village built on the foothills of a volcano, this realm is home to the Mura Fire Clan, a spiritual sect of warriors and acrobats that protect the island from the malevolent fire demon Volkanu.

Play AreasEdit

Lost Island has a number of play areas for children, and two interactive installations.

  • Akua Maze - water play area in the Awa realm.
  • Avarium - kinetic wind exhibit in the Udara realm.
  • Makuta Shrine - an interactive display at the bottom of the volcano in the Mura realm.
  • Playground - a small playground near the Thirsty Voyager in the Awa realm.
  • Sand Castle - a small play area behind the Thirsty Voyage in the Awa realm.
  • Tamikoa Grotto - the largest play area in the park, in the Tamariki realm.


Each realm of Lost Island has either a snack stand or a counter-service restaurant.

  • Kotaki Treats - snack stand in the Mura realm.
  • Thirsty Voyage - drink and snack stand in the Awa realm. In 2022, this was the only location in the park service adult beverages which included beer, seltzers and frozen cocktails.
  • Totara Market - counter service indoor restaurant in the Yuta realm.
  • Whalebone Grill - counter service indoor restaurant in the Awa realm.
  • Ummi Ummis - snack stand in the Tamariki realm.


There are only three gift shops in the park:

  • Island Emporium - the largest shop, near the entrance.
  • Tamariki Trinkets - in the Tamariki realm.
  • Treasure Cache - at the exit of Volkanu in the Mura realm.


The park features mascot characters known as Tamariki. In 2022, a walkaround Tamariki character named Aoka would greet guests near the entrance. Small statues of the Tamariki are found in various sections of the park.


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