Los Tres Picachos

Tres Picachos (Spanish for Three Little Peaks) is one of the highest peaks in Puerto Rico at 968 meters (3,176 ft). It is located on the border between the municipalities of Ciales and Jayuya[1] in the central part of the island, and is part of the Cordillera Central.[2][3]

Tres Picachos
Picachos Jayuya.jpg
Tres Picachos from the southwest.
Highest point
Elevation968 m (3,176 ft)
Coordinates18°12′53″N 66°32′29″W / 18.21472°N 66.54139°W / 18.21472; -66.54139Coordinates: 18°12′53″N 66°32′29″W / 18.21472°N 66.54139°W / 18.21472; -66.54139
English translationThree Peaks
Language of nameSpanish
Tres Picachos is located in Puerto Rico
Tres Picachos
Tres Picachos
Parent rangeCordillera Central
Easiest routeHike

The mountain has three joint peaks from which the name is derived. It is believed that Taíno Indians thought the mountain to be sacred.


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