Los Leones Dam

The Los Leones Dam is a tailings dam on Los Leones River, a tributary of Blanco River, about 56 km (35 mi) northeast of Santiago, in Los Andes Province, Chile. The dam was constructed in segments between 1980 and 1999 and is now used only for emergencies.[1] The dam is 135 m (443 ft) tall on its upstream face and 200 m (656 ft) tall on its downstream face. The height at its axis though is 160 m (525 ft). It is one of the tallest tailings dams in the world.[2]

Los Leones Dam
Los Leones Dam is located in Chile
Los Leones Dam
Location of Los Leones Dam in Chile
Coordinates32°58′22″S 70°15′18″W / 32.97278°S 70.25500°W / -32.97278; -70.25500Coordinates: 32°58′22″S 70°15′18″W / 32.97278°S 70.25500°W / -32.97278; -70.25500
Construction began1980
Opening date1999
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, tailings
ImpoundsLos Leones River
Height160 m (525 ft) (axis)


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