Los Apson

Los Apson is a former Mexican rock-n-roll band, best known for their Spanish language cover versions of famous songs.


The band was formed in 1957 by Arturo Durazo, a guitarist and a rock-n-roll enthusiast, with his brother Francisco. Both of them had a relatively easy access to popular English hits of the time as they lived in the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora. Originally named Los Apson Boys, they quickly shortened it to Los Apson, the band's name came from the first letters of the town, and the first three from the state. They were quickly joined by José Luis García and Tránsito Gámez along with Raúl Hernández Cota. Despite the town's preference for ranchera music, they gained a following which expanded beyond the borders of their small town.[1]

The band was criticised for being malinchistas, by virtue of performing American rather than Mexican music.[2]


The band gained national success, with several commercially successful singles, including covers of the Beatles' hit "And I Love Her" and the bluegrass classic "Cotton Fields".[3]


  • 1963: Llegaron Los Apson
  • 1963: Bailando y Cantando Con Los Apson
  • 1964: Atrás De La Raya
  • 1964: El Barba Azul
  • 1964: Aleluya
  • 1965: Satisfacción
  • 1965: Por Eso Estamos como Estamos!
  • 1965: ¡Nuevos Éxitos!
  • 1966: No Hay Amor
  • 1967: En Ritmo!
  • 1967: El Arado
  • 1969: El Compadre Vacilador


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