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Los Angeles Assembly was a former american Ford Motor Company assembly plant located at 8820 Washington Boulevard and Rosemead Boulevard, in Pico Rivera, southwestern Los Angeles County, California.

Ford plantEdit

Ford closed its Los Angeles Assembly plant at Pico Rivera on January 31, 1980, as part of a corporate-wide elimination of regional assembly plants, in an ongoing effort to streamline production by shifting assembly to factories situated closer to suppliers, transport links, and customers.[1]

The Pico Rivera plant opened in 1958 as a replacement Mercury plant when the Maywood Assembly facility had outgrown its capacity. The Long Beach Assembly plant on Henry Ford Avenue, which assembled Ford passenger cars and trucks, was closed in 1959 due to subsidence caused by over-pumping of oil in the area, and production migrated to Pico Rivera alongside Mercury. The new Edsel was also assembled at the larger, more modern Pico Rivera plant. Ford's regional headquarters were also housed at this facility.

Northrop CorporationEdit

After closure, the plant was then purchased by Northrop Corporation in 1982 where they established their "Advanced Systems Division," which was a cover for the development of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. Many of the Los Angeles Assembly workers were rehired by Northrop.

Shopping centerEdit

The Northrop site was demolished in 2001, and is now the Pico Rivera Town Center.

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