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Lord and Lady Algy (film)

Lord and Lady Algy is a lost[1] 1919 American silent comedy film directed by Harry Beaumont and starring Tom Moore, Naomi Childers, and Frank Leigh.[2] It is based on a play of the same name by R.C. Carton.

Lord and Lady Algy
Lord and Lady Algy (1919) - 1.jpg
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Directed by Harry Beaumont
Produced by Samuel Goldwyn
Written by Edfrid A. Bingham
Based on Lord and Lady Algy
by R.C. Carton
Starring Tom Moore
Naomi Childers
Frank Leigh
Cinematography George Webber
Distributed by Goldwyn Distributing Company
Release date
September 1, 1919
Running time
60 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The film's sets were designed by the art director Hugo Ballin.



As described in a film magazine,[3] Lord Algy (Moore) is addicted to betting, which causes an estrangement with his wife, Lady Algy (Childers). They part under an informal arrangement, although each continues to admire the other. Lord Algy determines to retrench his fortune by backing a certain horse in a race. Lady Algy, knowing the horse cannot win, makes friends with Jethroe (Stuart) to get a tip on the race, hoping to win enough to recoup her husband's losses. Mrs. Tudway (Ballin), wife of a friend of Lord Algy, plans to runaway with another man. Algy learns of the plan and cooperates, allowing the elopers the use of his chambers as a rendezvous, hoping to persuade Mrs. Tudway to stay with her husband. Scandal then connects the names of Lady Algy with Jethroe and of Lord Algy with Mrs. Tudway. Algy's horse loses the race while Lady Algy's wins. Brabazon Tudway (Burress) discovers his wife in Lord Algy's chambers and suspects him of stealing her affections. Lady Algy arrives, grasps the situation at a glance, and diplomatically smooths things over. She tells Lord Algy of her success with the race and they are reunited.



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