Look Up and Laugh

Look Up and Laugh is a 1935 British comedy film directed by Basil Dean and starring Gracie Fields, Alfred Drayton and Douglas Wakefield.[1] The film is notable for featuring an appearance by Vivien Leigh in an early supporting role.[2]

Look Up and Laugh
Look Up and Laugh (1935 film).jpg
Directed byBasil Dean
Written byJ. B. Priestley
Gordon Wellesley
Produced byBasil Dean
StarringGracie Fields
Alfred Drayton
Douglas Wakefield
Vivien Leigh
CinematographyRobert Martin
Edited byJack Kitchin
Music byErnest Irving
Distributed byABFD (UK)
Release date
  • June 1935 (1935-06)
Running time
80 minutes


Gracie Pearson (Fields) is a singer/comedian who returns home to enjoy a little holiday, but there is trouble brewing. First, she has to use all of her hard-earned money to pay for part of what her brother owes to a money lender. Then when they go to see their father, they find he has collapsed due to the Plumborough Market (where he has a stall) is threatened with demolition to make way for a department store. She receives a telegram offering a West End singing job, but decides to try to save the market instead.

As time runs out, Gracie rallies the stall keepers together through a series of ever more hilarious schemes in their attempts to save their livelihoods.




Writing for The Spectator, Graham Greene described the film as "light [with] a pleasant local flavour" the plot of which is "genuinely provincial". Greene praised Priestley's writing and opined that the film distinguishes itself "by the sense that a man's observation and experience, as well as his invention, has gone into its making".[3]

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This film was released as part of the Gracie Fields collector's edition which also includes the films Sally in Our Alley (1931), Looking on the Bright Side (1932), Love, Life and Laughter (1934), Sing As We Go (1934), Queen of Hearts and The Show Goes On (1937), these are on 4 discs. Two films each on three of the discs with the other film on disc four.[4]


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