Longsang Zhuang language

Longsang Zhuang (Chinese: 隆桑壮语) is an underdescribed Northern Tai language spoken in Longsang Township 隆桑镇, Debao County, Guangxi, China.

Longsang Zhuang
Native toChina
RegionDebao County, Guangxi
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Although its autonym and exonym are both jaːŋA1-G,[1] it is completely distinct from Yang Zhuang, a Central Tai language (Liao 2016:377).


Within Longsang Township 隆桑镇, Debao County, Guangxi, China, Longsang Zhuang is spoken in the following villages (Liao 2016:377-382).

  • Sanhe (三合屯; faːk˧kaw˧˩ in Zhuang), Qiaotou Village (桥头村)
  • Qiaonan (桥南屯 tɕawC1 kɔːŋC1 in Zhuang) village, Qiaotou Village (桥头村)
  • Daji Village (大吉村)
  • Longtan (龙坛屯; luŋ˧˩taːn˥ in Zhuang), Longtan Village (龙坛村)
  • Longyuan (龙苑屯), Longtan Village (龙坛村)


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