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Loloru is a pyroclastic shield volcano located in the southern region of Bougainville Island, within the Autonomous Region of Bougainville of northeastern Papua New Guinea.

Highest point
Elevation1,887 m (6,191 ft)
Coordinates6°31′S 155°37′E / 6.517°S 155.617°E / -6.517; 155.617
LocationBougainville, Papua New Guinea
Mountain typePyroclastic shield
Last eruption1050 BCE (?)

The volcano's summit consists of two nested calderas, with an andesitic lava dome.

Lake LoloruEdit

Traditionally sacred Lake Loloru, a crater lake.
Boys from Buin and Siwai visiting Lake Loloru (1978).

Lake Loloru, a crescent-shaped crater lake, is within the volcano. It is a sacred place of South Bougainvillians, who traditionally believe the souls of their dead go here upon death.

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