Lolazor, Jabbor Rasulov District

Lolazor (Tajik: Лолазор, Persian: لاله‌زار, formerly Қайрағоч Kayraghoch or Kayragach;[1] also known as "Western Qal'acha"[2]) is a small exclave of Tajikistan, which is just across the international border inside Kyrgyzstan.[3] Situated 7 km south of Mehrobod (formerly Proletarsk, Tajikistan) and 14 km north of Sulukta (Kyrgyzstan), it is completely surrounded by the Leilek District of Batken Region, Kyrgyzstan. It is near the railway station of Stantsiya Kayragach, on the line from Proletarsk to Sulukta. It is part of the jamoat Gulkhona in Jabbor Rasulov District.[1]

Lolazor is located in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 40°04′09″N 69°32′46″E / 40.06917°N 69.54611°E / 40.06917; 69.54611Coordinates: 40°04′09″N 69°32′46″E / 40.06917°N 69.54611°E / 40.06917; 69.54611
Country Tajikistan
RegionSughd Region
DistrictJabbor Rasulov District
727 m (2,385 ft)
Time zoneUTC +5

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