Lodd Govindoss Chathurbhujadoss

Diwan Bahadur "Lodd" Govindoss Chathurbhujadoss was a Gujarati businessman from Madras. He was the owner of C. Kushaldoss and Sons and served as Sheriff of Madras.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Chathurbhujadoss was the son of Chathurbhujadoss Kushaldoss, the founder of the C. Kushaldoss and Sons, a textile firm based in the city of Madras.[1] The Kushaldoss family had migrated from North India and had settled in the city.[2] Apart from the textile business, the Kushaldoss family traded in silk, musk and spices and were the agents of Burmah Shell in the Madras Presidency.[1] The family also ran a successful banking business.[1]

Public activitiesEdit

Chathurbhujadoss was involved in various philanthropic activities throughout his life. In 1906, he contributed Rs. 10,000 towards a statue of Edward VII in front of Government Estate[1] and commissioned another of George V during his silver jubilee celebrations in 1935. He donated land for the Madras Pinjrapole, a home for old and sick animals at Ayanavaram in 1906[1] and gifted a property called Umda Bagh in Binny Road to the government on which the Quaid-e-Milleth Government Arts College for Women was later built.[3]


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