Llef (in English "A Cry") is a popular Welsh hymn, written by David Charles (1803-1880)[1] (son of David Charles (1762–1834)). The tune was composed in 1890 by Griffith Hugh Jones (Welsh language name Gutyn Arfon) (1849–1919) and was written in memory of his brother Dewi.[2]

Meter8.8.8.8 (L.M.)
MelodyGriffith Hugh Jones

The meter is 8-8-8-8 and it is played in the keys of D minor and E minor. English texts also commonly sung to the tune include "Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord, and Hear", "Glorying in the Cross of Christ" and "The Day of Wrath".[2]

The hymn was included in the soundtrack for the 1941 John Ford drama film How Green Was My Valley.[3]

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