Livoberezhna line (Kyiv Metro)

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Livoberezhna line (Ukrainian: Лівобережна лінія; literally left bank line) was a proposed fifth metro line of the Kyiv Metro system, which was planned to serve the left bank neighborhoods of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The line is typically colored sky blue on the maps.

Cyan line 5 Livoberezhna line
Kiev ll metro map.svg
LocaleKyiv, Ukraine
TypeRapid transit
SystemKyiv Metro
OpenedUnder planning
Track gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11+2732 in)
Route map

Depot Troyeshchyna
Vulytsia Myloslavska
Vulytsia Tsvietaievoi
Vulytsia Saburova
Vulytsia T. Draizera
Vulytsia Kashtanova
Prospekt Vatutina
(Troyeshchyna station)
(Kyiv-Dniprovsky station)
Brovarskyi Prospekt
(Line 1, Line 3)
Prospekt Vozziednannia
Vulytsia Zdolbunivska
Depot Pozniaky
Vulytsia A. Ahmatovoi
Prospekt Bazhana
(Line 3 at Pozniaky)
Vulytsia Kolektorna

The line was proposed to have a transfer station with metro lines which would connect them to the city's right bank, including the Livoberezhna station of the Sviatoshynsko–Brovarska line and a future undecided station of the Podilsko–Vyhurivska line which is currently under construction.[1] The line was also to have featured connections with existing intercity railway stations.

In April 2014, Volodymyr Bondarenko, then Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, stated that the proposition to extend a metro line to the city's Troieschyna neighborhood has been abandoned in favor of modernizing the Livoberezhna line of the city's light rail system.[2]

The plan was rejected due to the high cost of building a new metro line. The most recent plan of the future metro lines no longer features the Livoberezhna line, and rather includes the Vyshhorodsko–Darnytska line, another proposed addition to the Kyiv Metro system.[3]

On 2 September 2021, the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine allocated 50 million UAH for the development of the fifth line and to adjust the forth line, which is currently under construction.[citation needed]


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