Little Pacha Mosque

The Little Pacha Mosque is one on the mosques of the medina of Tunis, located in the west of the city. It is also known as the Mosque of the Husainid Hammuda Pacha (Arabic: مسجد حمودة باشا الحسيني‎) in opposition to the Mosque of the Muradid Hammuda Pacha.

Little Pacha Mosque
مسجد حمودة باشا الحسيني
Plaque indiquant la mosquée de Hamouda Pacha husseinite.jpg
AffiliationSunni Islam
LocationTunis, Tunisia
Little Pacha Mosque is located in Tunisia
Little Pacha Mosque
Shown within Tunisia
Geographic coordinates36°47′52″N 10°10′10″E / 36.797897°N 10.169368°E / 36.797897; 10.169368Coordinates: 36°47′52″N 10°10′10″E / 36.797897°N 10.169368°E / 36.797897; 10.169368


The mosque is situated at number 214, Kasbah Street.[1]


It was constructed in 1805 (1220 Hijri) by Hammuda Pacha, the Husainid bey of Tunis, from 1782 until his death,[2] as indicated by the commemorative plaque.


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