This article contains a list of glands of the human body

# Name(s) Location Product Structure
1 Apocrine sweat glands skin coiled tubular
2 Bauhin's glands, anterior lingual glands tongue, near tip nonserous or mixed
3 Brunner's glands, duodenum mucous compound tubular
4 Bronchopulmonary glands lungs mucous
5 Bulbourethral glands, Cowper's glands, Mery's glands penis, base Pre-ejaculate tubulo-alveolar
6 Ceruminous gland ear Cerumen
7 Ciaccio's glands, accessory lacrimal glands eye tears
8 Cobelli's glands esophagus, just above the cardia, in the mucosa mucous
9 Ebner's glands tongue serous
10 Eccrine sweat glands skin coiled tubular
11 Esophageal glands esophagus mucous racemose
12 Exocrine pancreas pancreas serous tubulo-acinar
13 Gastric chief cell, Wasmann's glands stomach serous
14 Glomus coccygeum, coccygeal gland, Luschka's gland or gangliona coccyx, near the tip
15 Goblet cells digestive tract, respiratory tract mucous simple unicellular
16 Henle's glands eyelids, in the conjunctiva tubular
17 Krause's glands conjunctiva, middle portion mucous
18 Lieberkuhn's glands intestines, surface of mucous membrane digestive enzymes simple tubular
19 Littré's glands, Morgagni's glands spongy portion of the urethra mucus racemose
20 Lumbar glands abdomen, near the back
21 Mammary gland breast milk compound tubulo-acinar
22 Meibomian gland eyelids sebaceous
23 Moll's glands eyelids sebum
24 Montgomery's glands mammary areola sebaceous
25 Naboth's glands cervix and os uteri mucous
26 Olfactory glands, Bowman's glands nose, olfactory region mucus
27 Paneth cells small intestine serous
28 Gley's glands, Sandstroem's glands, parathyroid gland in the neck parathyroid hormone
29 Parietal cell stomach hydrochloric acid, intrinsic factor dynamic canaliculi
30 Parotid gland mouth saliva tubulo-alveolar
31 Peyer's patches (or glands) ileum, lymphatic glands
Pineal gland brain melatonin
32 Prostate surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder tubulo-alveolar
33 Pyloric glands antrum of the pylorus, stomach mucous, gastrin simple branched tubular
34 Sebaceous gland skin sebum acinar - branched
35 Sublingual gland, Rivini's gland mouth mucus (primarily) tubulo-alveolar
36 Submandibular gland mouth mixed (M+S) tubulo-alveolar
37 Sudoriparous glands, Boerhaave's glands skin
38 Sigmund's glands epitrochlear lymph nodes of axilla
39 Suzanne's gland mouth, beneath the alveolo-lingual groove[1] mucous
40 Tiedmann's glands, Bartholin's glands, vulvovaginal glands vulva, vagina
41 Tubarial glands posterior nasopharynx, over the torus tubarius[2] saliva
42 Uterine glands uterus histotroph (uterine milk) tubular
43 Weber's glands tongue mucous tubular
44 Glands of Zeis eyelids, free edges sebaceous



There are several specialized glands within the human integumentary system that are derived from apocrine or sebaceous gland precursors. There are no specialized variants of eccrine glands.

Specialized glands within the human integumentary system
# Name Precursor gland derived from[3] Anatomic location
1 Ceruminous gland Apocrine Ear canal
2 Mammary gland Apocrine Breast
3 Moll's gland Apocrine Eyelid margin
4 Tyson's gland Sebaceous Genital skin
5 Meibomian gland Sebaceous Tarsal plate
6 Gland of Zeis Sebaceous Associated with eyelashes on eyelid margin
7 Montgomery gland Sebaceous Areola
8 Fordyce spot Sebaceous Vermillion border

Endocrine glands


See List of human endocrine organs and actions


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