List of solved missing person cases

This is a list of solved missing person cases of people who went missing in unknown locations or unknown circumstances that were eventually explained by their reappearance or the recovery of their bodies, or the conviction of the perpetrator(s) responsible for their disappearances.

Before 1900Edit

Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
1249 Elisabeth of Wrocław 17 Daughter of Henry II the Pious who was kidnapped by her brother Bolesław II the Horned from the Sanctuary of St. Jadwiga to be forcefully married to Przemysł I of Greater Poland. The couple went on to have five children, but little is known about her activities as a consort. She died at the family estate in 1265. Yes Unknown
1509 India Catalina 14 Indigenous Colombian girl who was kidnapped by Spanish conquistador Diego de Nicuesa and sent to Santo Domingo to learn the Spanish language. There, she was ordered to serve as a interpreter and intermediary for Pedro de Heredia, working for him until her death in 1538.[1] Yes Unknown
1553 Sir Hugh Willoughby unknown Sir Hugh Willoughby, an English explorer, left London on 10 May 1553 with three ships to search for a sea route around the north of Europe and Asia to China. His second-in-command was Richard Chancellor of Bristol in the ship Edward Bonaventure. Off the coast of Norway the two men were separated by a storm. Willoughby's ship, the Bona Esperanza, became stuck in ice off Lapland and he and all of his crew died.[2] Their bodies were found the following year. No/Froze to death 1 year
1578 Andronikos Kantakouzenos 45 Andronikos Kantakouzenos was an Ottoman Greek entrepreneur and political figure who was persecuted by the Ottoman Empire for anti-Ottoman rhetoric. He fled to Istanbul, where he was briefly detained as a galley slave before he was released. He then went on to rebuild his business and involve himself in Wallachian and Moldavian politics before his disappearance and likely execution in 1601.[3] Yes unknown
1630s Turhan Sultan unknown Russian slave kidnapped and later sold by the Tatars to the Ottoman Imperial Harem, later becoming a wife of Sultan Ibrahim. As a result, she became a prominent figure during the Sultanate of Women. Yes unknown
1658 Udriște Năsturel 59–63 Wallachian scholar, poet and statesman known for bringing on a cultural revival in the nation. He and several other consorts were later kidnapped and murdered, allegedly because they disagreed with a fellow boyar's plans for an anti-Ottoman uprising. No / Murdered unknown
1660 William Harrison 70 William Harrison disappeared on 16 August 1660 from the town of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, and was thought to have been murdered. He resurfaced two years later and said that he had been kidnapped.[4] Yes 2 years
1700s Adriaan de Bruin unknown African slave and servant to Dutch politician Adriaan van Bredehoff, best known for posing together with his master for a portrait by Nikolaas Verkolje, which today is on exhibit in the Westfries Museum. Yes 30 years
1703 Abram Petrovich Gannibal 7–8 Ethiopian slave who was captured by Ottomans and later sold as a slave to the Russian Empire. However, Tsar Peter the Great took a liking to him for his intelligence and military potential, and thus, Abram was made his godson. Gannibal went on to have an illustrious career as a nobleman and military engineer until his death in 1785.[5] Yes 1 year
1704 Alexander Selkirk 28 Scottish privateer and Royal Navy officer who was presumed lost at sea, but was later found alive living on an an uninhabited island, where he was stranded as a castaway after being marooned by his captain. His story later served as an inspiration for the novel Robinson Crusoe. Yes More than 4 years
1723 Philip Ashton 21 American castaway who lived on the uninhabited Roatán island for 16 months, where he went into hiding to avoid trouble with pirates. Yes More than 1 year
1725 Jacobus Capitein 8 Ghanaian slave who was later brought to the Netherlands, where he ostensibly was to live as a servant to a Jacobus van Goch, a trader with the Dutch West India Company. Instead, Van Goch allowed Capitein to study theology and became a Christian minister and the first African to be ordained by the Dutch Reformed Church, who later spread the written word to his native Ghana.[6] Yes 3 years
1732 Rachel Chiesley, Lady Grange 53 The wife of Jacobite lawyer James Erskine, Lord Grange, Chiesley was kidnapped by her husband for allegedly writing anti-Hanoverian letters. She was detained in multiple locations across Scotland, and despite a rescue attempt by her lawyer Thomas Hope, she died in captivity. No / Died in captivity 13 years
1767 Little Ephraim Robin John unknown Nigerian Efiks from Calabar who were sold as slaves to British traders, who were sold to various buyers around the world as their intelligence, literacy and knowledge of the slave trade were considered valuable assets. In the 1790s, they successfully petitioned the British courts to release and returned to Calabar, where they spread Christianity.[7] Yes More than 30 years
Ancona Robin John
1823 Quamina 45 Guianese slave whom, together with his son Jack Gladstone, were main participants in the Demerara rebellion of 1823, one of the largest slave revolts in the British colonies' history. He was apprehended by colonial authorities on 16 September 1823 and subsequently executed.[8] No / Executed 1 month
1831 Collet Barker 46 An officer serving in the British military, Collet Barker was also noted as an early explorer of the Australian territories, recording his encounters with the natives in the process. On 29 April 1831, he and his party were sent out to explore whether the Murray River had other channels connecting to the sea, and that day Barker swam across the channel, but never returned. His party members later learned that he had been killed by a local indigenous tribe who had mistaken him for a whaler.[9] No / Murdered Never found
1836 Cynthia Ann Parker 10 Parker was abducted at age 10 by a Comanche war band which had attacked her family's settlement in the Fort Parker massacre. She remained with this tribe with 24 years, becoming integrated and later marrying a tribe member. She was recovered by Texas Rangers in December 1860.[10] Yes 24 years
1851 Olive Oatman 14 Oatman and her younger sister, Mary Ann, were both taken as slaves in 1851 by a Native American tribe following the massacre of their family close to Yuma, Arizona. Held captive for a year by this tribe, they were later traded to Mohaves, where they were treated less harshly, although in approximately 1855 Mary Ann died of starvation at the approximate age of 11. With a measure of threats, Olive was released by this tribe after five years of captivity in 1856, at the age of 19.[11] Yes 5 years
1851 Francis Jackson 36–41 African-American freedman who was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Virginia. During his repeated attempts to escape from slaveholders in Virginia and North Carolina, Jackson was eventually legally declared free and released in August 1858, later moving to Pennsylvania.[12] Yes 7 years
1856 George Cox 7 The two young brothers disappeared from their Pavia Township home on 24 April 1856 after straying off the beaten path. Their bodies were found several days later with the help of a local farmer, who claimed to have seen the location in his dreams.[13] No / Unknown 8 days
Joseph Cox 5 8 days
1860 Redoshi 12 West African woman who was illegally brought as a slave to the Alabama, sold to the Washington Smith family. She is supposed to be the last known living victim of the Transatlantic slave trade.[14] Yes unknown
1869 Onesimos Nesib 13–14 Ethiopian slave who was kidnapped by slavers to be sold in the Arabian Peninsula, but later rescued by Werner Munzinger, who brought him to the Johannelunds Teologiska Högskola to study theology. He later converted to Christianity and went on to translate the Bible into Oromo, in addition to public numerous works in the language.[15] Yes 3 years
1871 Mary Winchester 6 Scottish girl who was kidnapped and held hostage by Mizo tribesman in Mizoram, India on 23 January 1871. She was held for over a year, before being rescued by the British army during the Lushai Expedition.[16] Yes 1 year
1877 Josephine Bakhita 7–8 Sudanese slave who was repeatedly sold to Arab traders until slavery was outlawed by the British (who then controlled the country). Later on, she converted to Catholicism and served as a Canossian religious sister for 45 years.[17] Yes 12 years
1886 Aster Ganno 14 Ganno was an Ethiopian slave who was rescued by Italian missionaries while en route to be sold in the Arabian Peninsula. She was later taken to a Swedish Evangelical Mission, and later assigned to translate the Bible in Oromo.[18] Yes unknown
1892 Gottlieb Fluhmann c. 55 The Colorado rancher known as Gottlieb Fluhmann was last seen in 1892 before he disappeared under strange and largely unknown circumstances. His body was found in 1944 in a Park County cave, but the cause of death could not be determined.[19] No / Unknown 52 years
1896 Pearl Bryan 22 Pregnant woman who went missing on January 28, 1896, ostensibly to visit a friend in Indianapolis, but her decapitated corpse was later found in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Her lover, dental student Scott Jackson, and his roommate, Alonzo Walling, were later arrested, convicted and executed for the murder.[20] No / Murdered 4 days


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
1910 José María Grimaldos López 28 José María Grimaldos López, a shepherd from Tresjuncos, Spain, went missing on 20 August 1910. Two men were convicted of his killing after confessing under torture. Grimaldos resurfaced in 1926.[21] Yes 16 years
1911 Elsie Paroubek 5 Elsie Paroubek was a Czech American girl who disappeared in Chicago, Illinois, on 8 April 1911. On 9 May 1911, employees of the Lockport power plant near Joliet, thirty-five miles outside of Chicago, saw a body floating in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal that was identified as hers.[22] No/Suffocation 31 days
1913 Captain Robert Falcon Scott & his group 43 (Scott) Captain Scott and his party of explorers were found 13 months after their disappearance on their South Pole expedition.[23] No / Hypothermia & starvation 13 months
1916 Willie Wiseman 20 Member of the Gordon Highlanders who was wounded during service on the Western Front, remaining missing for a week. He later returned and continued his service, and after leaving the army, became an amateur footballer playing for Queen's Park F.C..[24] Yes 1 week
1915–1918 Jack Cock 22–25 English footballer who was reported as "missing, presumed dead" at an uncertain point during WWI, but later turned up alive. After his service, he went on to have an illustrous career as a professional footballer, small-time actor and a pub owner until his death in 1966.[25] Yes unknown
1920 Severin Dobrovolsky 39 Dobrovolsky was a White Russian political refugee who fled to Vyborg, which was then part of Finland. While living there, he became a prominent figure in anti-Bolshevik, pro-Fascist movements, publishing and writing anti-Soviet propaganda for various magazines in his native Russian. In 1945, he was turned over to the Soviet Union, and subsequently executed the following year.[26][27] Yes 25 years
1921 James Bernard, 4th Earl of Bandon 71 The British representative peer for Ireland during the Irish War of Independence, Lord Bandon was kidnapped by the IRA in retaliation against the British government's policy of torching homes of suspected Irish republicans. During his captivity, Lord Bandon was reportedly treated well, and later released without incident. Yes 3 weeks
1924 George Mallory 37 George Mallory was an English mountaineer who after taking part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest disappeared on either 8 or 9 June 1924.[28] On 1 May 1999 Mallory's mummified body was found,[29] 75 years after he had disappeared. No / Death cause unknown 75 years
1925 Madge Oberholtzer 28 Oberholtzer was lured by D. C. Stephenson, the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan's Indiana branch, in March 1925, after she had agreed to go on a date with him. She was held captive in his private car, where he repeatedly raped and tortured her. After she attempted suicide, Stephenson's men returned her to her house, but she survived long enough to give a written statement on what had transpired, before passing away from her injuries the next month. This case led to the prosecution of Stephenson and the decline of the Klan's popularity in the state.[30] No / Died from injuries sustained during a rape Same day
1926 Aimee Semple McPherson 36 McPherson was a Canadian Pentecostal evangelist known for pioneering the use of media during church services. In May 1926, she disappeared from Santa Monica, California, causing a media frenzy surrounding her vanishing. Five weeks later, she resurfaced in Mexico, claiming that she had been abducted, but her claim hasn't been substantiated to this day.[31] Yes 5 weeks
1926 Agatha Christie 36 Agatha Christie, the British detective-story author, famously disappeared in December 1926, after her husband asked for a divorce. She was located alive 10 days later in a Yorkshire health spa, and always refused to give an explanation.[32] Yes 10 days
1928 Walter Collins 9 Collins disappeared from his home in Los Angeles, California, in 1928. He was later determined to have been murdered by Gordon Stewart Northcott in what was known as the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. His disappearance and the attempt by the Los Angeles police department to convince his mother that a different boy was her son formed the basis of the 2008 film Changeling.[33][34][35] No / Murdered 2 years
1930 Lauri Koskela 23 Greco-Roman wrestler kidnapped by the fascist Lapua Movement due to his political leanings, but was later released.[36] Yes unknown
1930 Onni Happonen 32 Happonen was a Finnish politician who was kidnapped and murdered by the fascist Lapua Movement on 1 September 1930.[37] Happonen was later found dead when he was found buried in an anthill on side of the Varkaus in July 1932. No / Murdered Less than 2 years
1930 Adolphus Busch Orthwein 13 Orthwein, the son of American business executive Percy Orthwein and heir to the family business, was kidnapped on New Year's Eve in 1930 by realtor Charles Abernathy, who planned to demand a ransom from his family. The next day, on New Year's Day, Abernathy's father, Pearl, managed to return Adolphus back to his family.[38] Yes 1 day
1932 Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. 1 On 1 March 1932, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., 20-month-old son of aviator Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was abducted from the crib in the upper floor of his home in Highfields in East Amwell, New Jersey, United States.[39] On 12 May, the child's corpse was discovered by a truck driver by the side of a nearby road.[40][41] No / Murdered 72 days
1933 Charles F. Urschel 43 Urschel, a business tycoon, was kidnapped along with fellow oilman Walter R. Jarrett on July 22, 1933, from Oklahoma City by gangsters George "Machine Gun" Kelly and Albert L. Bates. While Jarrett was quickly released, Urschel was held for over a week while his kidnappers demanded a ransom. After his release, the information Urschel managed to provide about his kidnappers' hideout eventually led to their arrests and convictions, despite his having been blindfolded the entire time.[42] Yes 1 week
1934 Linda Agostini 28 Linda Agostini, a woman who emigrated from South East London to Australia, disappeared from Melbourne on 27 August 1934. A body, not identified as hers until 1944, was found in a culvert beside a rural road in Albury, New South Wales, Australia, in September 1934.[43] No / Manslaughter 10 years
1938 Clive Barry 16 At the time of his disappearance, Clive Barry was an underage youth who had falsified his date of birth so he could enlist in the Australian army.[44] While serving in the European front, he went missing, but it was later revealed that he had been held as a POW in Italy. Two years after his capture, he managed to escape into Switzerland, and then returned to Australia, where he became a famous novelist.[45] Yes 2 years
1938 James Bailey Cash Jr. 5 Five-year-old James Bailey Cash was kidnapped from his Princeton, Florida home by Franklin Pierce McCall, a former tenant at his family home. He was killed early on McCall, who over the next week sent ransom letters to the family, demanding money in exchange for the boy's life. On 5 June McCall was brought in for questioning over the case, and two days later confessed, indicating where he had buried the boy's body. He would later be convicted, sentenced to death and subsequently executed for the crime.[46] No / Murdered One week
1938 Margaret Martin 19 Margaret Martin was a woman from Kingston, Pennsylvania, who went missing on 17 December 1938, and was found dead in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, several days later.[47] No / Murdered Several days
1940 Nicolae Iorga 69 Romanian politician kidnapped and later murdered by a squadron of the Iron Guard, a radical fascist organization operating in the country. No / Murdered 1 day
1942 Peter Chitty 30 Chitty was an Australian rules footballer who, while serving in the army during World War II, was captured and held as a POW during the Fall of Singapore. While in custody, he played for the prison football team, for which he won the "Changi Brownlow" award. After the war ended, he was repatriated to Australia.[48] Yes More than 3 years
1943 Louis Zamperini 26 American Olympic distance runner and army lieutenant whose plane crashed while on a rescue mission. After being adrift for 47 days, he was captured by Japanese forces and held in prisoner-of-war camps until August 1945. After his release, he became an evangelical preacher.[49] Yes 2 years
1944 Shoichi Yokoi 29 Shoichi Yokoi was a Japanese sergeant in the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) during the Second World War, who disappeared in July 1944 during the Second Battle of Guam,[50] and on the evening of 24 January 1972, Yokoi was discovered alive in the jungle.[51] Yes 28 years
1944 Hiroo Onoda 51 or 52 Hiroo Onoda was an Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer who fought in World War II. Entered a jungle on Lubang Island to continue fighting after the US invaded the island. Surrendered after 29 years of guerrilla warfare.[52][53] Yes 29 years
1944 Miklós Horthy Jr. 37 Politician and son of Miklós Horthy, who was abducted by German agents on the orders of Otto Skorzeny. He was held under house arrest and then in concentration camps until he was rescued by the United States Army North on May 5, 1945.[54] Yes 7 months
1944 Lawrence Dickson 24 American pilot and member of the Tuskegee Airmen who flew in 68 missions during World War II. Dickson went missing while flying over Austria, and his remains were identified by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency in 2018.[55] No / Killed in action 74 years
1945 Teruo Nakamura 26 Nakamura was a Taiwanese-Japanese soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army. He was stationed in Morotai Island in Indonesia shortly before the island was overrun by the Allies in September 1944. Declared legally dead in September 1945,[56] he was discovered alive in 1974, and formally surrendered that year. Nakamura was the last known Japanese holdout to surrender after the end of hostilities. Nakamura died of natural causes at age 59 on 15 June 1979.[57] Yes 29 years
1945 Thora Chamberlain 14 Chamberlain was a teenage female high school student from California who had disappeared and was later reported missing on 2 November 1945 and it later revealed that she had been murdered.[58] Chamberlain's body was never recovered though.[59] No / Murdered Body never found
1948 Placido Rizzotto 34 Rizzotto was a partisan,[60] socialist peasant and trade union leader from Corleone, who was assassinated by Sicilian Mafia boss Luciano Leggio on 10 March 1948. Over 60 years after his death, remains were found on 7 July 2009, on a cliff in Rocca Busambra near Corleone, and on 9 March 2012, a DNA test, compared with one extracted from his father Carmelo Rizzotto, long dead and exhumed for this purpose, confirmed the identity of remains as being that of Placido Rizzotto following a long and difficult investigation conducted by the State Police at the service of the PS Commissariat of Corleone.[61][62] No / Murdered 61 years
1949 Eva Neander 28 Neander was a female Swedish journalist as well and a very notable author from the 1940s,[63] who disappeared on 22 February 1949 and was found dead, frozen in ice in Lake Unden in Tiveden, Vaasa, Gothenburg[64] exactly one year later. No / Drowned and froze to death 1 year


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
1951 Bill Barilko 24 Bill Barilko, a player for the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, disappeared in August 1951 while returning from a fishing trip at Seal River, Ontario. He was with his dentist, Henry Hudson, flying aboard Hudson's Fairchild 24 floatplane at the time of their disappearance. Barilko and Hudson remained missing for 11 years until the plane's wreckage was found 56 miles (90 km) off course north of Cochrane, Ontario, partially burned and submerged in a swamp with the men found still strapped in their seats.[65][66] No / Plane crash 11 years
Henry Hudson unknown 11 years
1951 Philip Mangano 53 A mafia underboss of the future Gambino crime family, Philip Mangano disappeared on 19 April 1951. His body was found the same day. Also that same day, his brother Vincent Mangano disappeared; his body was never found. Both are believed to have been murdered on the orders of family underboss Albert Anastasia in Brooklyn in 1951 as part of a coup.[67][68][69][70] No / Murdered Less than a day
1953 Kyllikki Saari 17 Kyllikki Saari, a girl from Finland, was last seen alive on 17 May 1953 cycling home from a prayer meeting. Kyllikki's bicycle was recovered in a marsh that summer and her remains were found on 11 October 1953 in a bog.[71] No / Murdered 147 days
1954 Eugene Lindsey 45 Father and son Eugene and Richard Lindsey, and their friend Frederick Claar, were last seen on 12 June 1954 in the Gaspé region of Quebec, where they had driven to from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania on a hunting trip. Eugene Lindsey's body was discovered in deep bush a month later (15 July) and those of the other two men on 23 July, some 4 kilometres away. Their clothes had bullet holes in them. The discoveries led to the arrest of a prospector named Wilbert Coffin and his conviction based on circumstantial evidence. He was eventually hanged. The case is well known in Canada as the Coffin affair.[72] No / Murdered 33 days
Richard Lindsey 17 41 days
Frederick Claar 19 41 days
1955 Curtis Chillingworth 58 Curtis Chillingworth was a Florida attorney and state judge who disappeared from his Manalapan, Florida home in 1955. He was later discovered to have been murdered though his body was never recovered.[73] No / Murdered never found
1956 Barbara Grimes 15 Barbara and Patricia Grimes were teenage sisters who disappeared from the Brighton Park, Chicago, Illinois area on 28 December 1956 while returning home from a movie. Their bodies were found on 22 January 1957 down an embankment off a roadway.[74] No / Murdered 25 days
Patricia Grimes 13 25 days
1957 Mary Jane Barker 4 Mary Jane Barker, a girl from Bellmawr, New Jersey, went missing on 25 February 1957 along with her playmate's dog.[75] Barker was found dead in the closet of a vacant house near her home on 3 March 1957 after becoming trapped with the dog who survived, but was euthanized the following day.[76] No / Starvation 6 days
1957 Lawrence Joseph Bader 30 Lawrence Joseph Bader was a cookware salesman from Akron, Ohio who disappeared on a fishing trip on 15 March 1957 in Lake Erie. Eight years later he was found alive in Omaha, Nebraska working as a local TV personality named "Fritz" Johnson. He died from a brain tumor a year later leaving six children from two wives. It has been debated, but never determined whether he was an amnesiac, had multiple personalities, or was simply a hoaxer.[77][78] Yes 8 years
1957 Maria Ridulph 7 Maria Ridulph was an American girl who disappeared on 3 December 1957 from a street corner in her neighborhood in Sycamore, Illinois.[79] Her body was found in Woodbine, 100 miles from her home, on 26 April 1958.[80] No / Murdered 144 days
1958 Ishinosuke Uwano 35 to 36 Ishinosuke Uwano is a former soldier in the Japanese Imperial Army who disappeared in 1958 and was found living in Ukraine in April 2006.[81] Yes 48 years
1960s António Alva Rosa Coutinho 30s Portuguese naval officer who was kidnapped by FNLA guerillas while patrolling the Zaire River in Angola. He was eventually released, and went on to participate in the Carnation Revolution.[82] Yes Several months
1960 Tang Choon Keng 59 Singaporean entrepreneur who founded the Tangs department store and later the Orchard Road, two of the country's principal retail stores. He was abducted by four armed gunmen in 1960, but released without incident three days later after the ransom demanded was paid. Yes 3 days
1961 Jacques Stephen Alexis 38 Alexis was a Haitian communist novelist, poet, and activist who was captured by a Tonton Macoute paramilitary force in April 1961 shortly after arriving at Môle-Saint-Nicolas. He was last seen alive being placed onto a boat at Port-au-Prince, and is believed to have died on or about 22 April that year, as his death was later confirmed.[83] No / Murdered c. two weeks
1961 Lucy Ann Johnson 25 Lucy Ann Johnson disappeared in 1961 from British Columbia, Canada, but was not reported missing by her family until 1965. In 2013 she was found alive in Yukon, Canada, having started a new family after her disappearance.[84] Yes 52 years
1965 Ajjamada B. Devaiah 32 or 33 Ajjamada B. Devaiah, an Indian Air Force pilot, was shot down in an aerial dogfight in 1965 over Pakistan. The Indian Air Force was unaware of what happened and declared him missing. It was revealed much later by Pakistan sources, based on a 1979 book by John Fricker, that Devayya's body was found almost intact by villagers not very far from Sargodha and buried. He was decorated posthumously in 1988.[85] No / Killed in action 14 years
1966 Brenda Sue Brown 11 Brown was an American girl from Shelby, North Carolina who was abducted on 27 July 1966 and found dead later on that day. It has been determined that Brown was murdered. No / Murdered Less than a day
1967 Alvar Larsson 13 Alvar Larsson was a Swedish boy who disappeared on 16 April 1967 while going for a walk.[86][87] In November 1982 a human skull was found on a small island 6 km away that was identified as belonging to Larsson.[86] No 15 years
1967 Barbara Ann Hackmann Taylor 24 Barbara Ann Hackmann Taylor disappeared on 6 December 1967 and was found dead near Georgetown, Kentucky on 17 May 1968.[88] Her unidentified body found wrapped in canvas, similar to that used for a tent, and she was dubbed "Tent Girl". The son-in-law of the man who discovered her body had an interest in the case and contacted her relatives after seeing a missing persons report. Barbara Taylor's remains were positively identified in 1998 following DNA testing. No / Murdered 163 days
1968 Roy Tutill 14 English schoolboy who was kidnapped while en route from the Kingston Grammar School to his home in Brockham. His body, showing signs of rape, was found three days later near Cherkley Court. The remained unsolved until 2001, when the perpetrator's DNA was matched to Brian Lunn Field, a long-time suspect with a history of abusing little boys. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime, which is currently the oldest solved cold case in the United Kingdom.[89] No / Murdered 3 days
1969 Reet Jurvetson 19 Reet Jurvetson, a Canadian-American woman disappeared on 14 November 1969 and was found murdered on 16 November 1969 in a dense bushland off Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, California. She had been stabbed over 150 times and her body was rolled down an embankment. Jurvetson remained unidentified for 46 years until an online mortuary photograph was recognised by her family and friends.[90] No / Murdered 46 years
1969 Reyna Marroquin 27 Reyna Marroquin, a pregnant Salvadoran woman, disappeared in 1969 from Nassau County, New York. Her remains were found on 2 September 1999 in the former Jericho, New York home of Howard B. Elkins, her former boss, sealed in a drum that was stored in a crawl space. Marroquin was having an affair with Elkins and DNA test showed that Elkins was the father of the fetus.[91][92][93] No / Murdered 30 years


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
1970 Jacques Vergès 44 Jacques Vergès, a French-Vietnamese lawyer, left his wife Djamila Bouhired and cut off all ties with friends and family. He was last seen on 24 February 1970 until he reappeared in 1978 and refused to explain his disappearance or whereabouts during that period.[94] It appeared in December 2017, in a Barbet Schroeder interview, that he was with extremist Palestinian militant Wadie Haddad in Palestine.[95] Yes 8 years
1970 Pedro Eugenio Aramburu 67 Argentine army general who served as the acting president from 1955 to 1958, Aramburu was kidnapped and later killed by Montoneros terrorist Mario Firmenich. His body was found a month after his disappearance at an abandoned farmhouse in Timote.[96] No / Murdered 1 month
1970 Harvey Crewe 28 Harvey and Jeannette Crewe, a New Zealand farming couple, were reported missing from their bloodstained farmhouse at Pukekawa, Lower Waikato on 22 June 1970 where their unharmed 18-month-old daughter was found in her cot. Jeannette Crewe's body was found, wrapped in a duvet and bound with copper wire, in the Waikato River on 16 August 1970 and her husband's body was retrieved upriver on 16 September 1970.[97] The initial indications from the crime scene pointed to foul play, occurring between 17 and 22 June, but it was not until the bodies were recovered that it was established that both had been shot to death.[98] No / Murdered 86 days
Jeannette Crewe 30 55 days
1970 Pierre Laporte 49 Laporte, a Canadian politician and deputy premier of Quebec, was kidnapped by members of the terrorist Front de libération du Québec group on 10 October 1970 and held for ransom. A week later, when the government refused the group's demands, they killed him, with Laporte's body later found in the trunk of Paul Rose's car.[99] No / Murdered 1 week
1970 Ronald Hughes 35 Ronald Hughes was an American attorney who represented Manson family member Leslie Van Houten and disappeared in November 1970 during a camping trip.[100][101] On 29 March 1971 his body was found by two fishermen in Ventura County wedged between two boulders in a gorge.[102] No 5 months
1971 Shelagh McDonald 24 Shelagh McDonald, a Scottish folk singer and songwriter, who vanished in 1971. Following the reissue of two of her albums on CD in the mid-2000s, articles were written about her work and disappearance.[103] In 2005, McDonald read one of these articles and she contacted the press to explain that following an LSD trip, which had left her with long-term severe flashbacks and disorientation, she had returned to her family who kept her isolated while she recovered.[104][105] Yes 34 years
1971 Rhonda Johnson and Sharon Shaw 13 and 14 Rhonda Renee Johnson and Sharon Lynn Shaw were two teenage girls who disappeared in Harris County, Texas, on the afternoon of 4 August 1971. In early 1972, skeletal remains of both girls were discovered in and around Clear Lake near Galveston Bay. A local man, Michael Lloyd Self, was charged with their murders in 1972 and convicted of Shaw's murder in 1975. Controversy arose in 1998 when serial killer Edward Harold Bell confessed to the murders. Bell's confession—and corroborating statements from both law enforcement and prosecutors that Self had been coerced into a false confession—led many to believe that Self had been wrongfully convicted.[106] Self died in prison of cancer in 2000. No / Murdered ~6 months
1972 Michael Blassie 24 Blassie was an American Air Force officer and pilot from the 8th Special Operations Squadron, who was dispatched to South Vietnam in 1972. During the Battle of An Lộc, his A-37B Dragonfly was shot down, killing him instantly. His remains were found, but could not be identified and were interred at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. He was finally identified via DNA testing in 1998.[107] No / Killed in action 26 years
1972 Dolores Della Penna 17 Dolores Della Penna was a school girl from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who went missing on 11 July 1972. Her limbs and torso were later found in different parts of New Jersey a week later, but her head was never found. She had allegedly been abducted by a gang of drug dealers who accused her of stealing from them.[108] No / Murdered 7 days
1972 Jeannette DePalma 16 Jeannette DePalma was a girl who disappeared on 7 August 1972 after telling her mother she was going to visit a friend. Her body was discovered on 19 September 1972 and it is believed she was killed some time around 7 August in Springfield Township, New Jersey.[109][110] No / Murdered 43 days
1972 Steven Stayner 7 Steven Stayner was abducted from the Central California city and county of Merced, California on 4 December 1972 by a man named Kenneth Parnell.[111] He escaped on 1 March 1980 with Timothy White who was also abducted by Parnell.[112] Yes 7 years
1973 Paul Martin Andrews 14 Andrews was kidnapped from his family home in Portsmouth, Virginia on January 11, 1973, by pedophile Richard Ausley, who stuffed him in a wooden box and only brought him out when he wanted to assault him. On the eight day, Ausley left Andrews unattended, giving him enough time to call for help, drawing the attention of two hunters who rescued him. Ausley later turned himself in and was sentenced to 48 years imprisonment, while Andrews later became an advocate for rape survivors.[113] Yes 8 days
1973 Dawn Magyar 20 Dawn Magyar was abducted while she was grocery shopping in Owosso, Michigan in Shiawassee County on 27 January 1973 and her body was discovered in a wooded area in Saginaw County, Michigan on 4 March 1973.[114] The case was resolved 28 years after her body was found when a DNA match was made of her killer.[115] No / Murdered 36 days
1973 John Paul Getty III 16 A grandson of American oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. Getty was kidnapped within the Piazza Farnese in July 1973 in Rome and held captive for five months. A $17 million ransom was demanded for his safe release. When Getty's grandfather refused to pay this sum (stating his fear that if he did so all 13 of his grandchildren may become kidnapping targets),[116] his captors severed one of his ears, which they posted to a local newspaper. Following a $2.2 million ransom payment, Getty was released by his captors in December. He later suffered from drug- and alcohol-related issues caused in part by the trauma of his ordeal; becoming a partially blind quadriplegic by 1981. He died in 2011. Yes Five months
1973 Peter Wilson 21 Peter Wilson was an Irish man who was abducted on 1 August 1973 and killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army. After receiving reliable information his remains were found on 2 November 2010 buried at a beach in Waterfoot, County Antrim.[117] No / Murdered 37 years
1973 Thomas Niedermayer 45 German industrialist and managing director of a Grundig factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland who was kidnapped and subsequently killed by the Provisional IRA on December 27, 1973. His body was located by the Royal Ulster Constabulary in March 1980.[118] No / Murdered 7 years
1973 Lucy Partington 21 21-year-old Exeter University student Lucy Partington, cousin of writer Martin Amis, disappeared on 27 December 1973.[119] On 6 May 1994, her remains were found buried in the garden of infamous serial killers Fred and Rose West.[119] It is believed she was tortured and then murdered around 2 January 1974, as Fred West checked himself into a hospital with a hand wound on 3 January that was probably received while he dismembered her body.[120] No / Murdered 21 years
1974 Hernán Valdés 40 Hernán Valdés was a Chilean writer kidnapped by civilian agents in a case of mistaken identity following Augusto Pinochet's coup d'état in February 1974. After spending more than a month in prison, where he was tortured by the guards, he was released and fled to Europe, where he would later write a book on the Chilean dictatorship.[121] Yes 1 month
1974 John Hely-Hutchinson, 7th Earl of Donoughmore 71 Lord Donoughmore was a former Member of Parliament (MP). He and his wife were kidnapped from Knocklofty House, Clonmel in the Republic of Ireland in June 1974 by the IRA. The objective behind their kidnapping was to add pressure on both the British and Irish Governments to address the demands of IRA prisoners on hunger strike in British prisons. Both were held captive for five days before being released unharmed by their captors.[122] Yes 5 days
1974 David Kraiselburd 62 Argentine journalist who condemned the actions of both right and left-wing paramilitary organizations during the Dirty War in 1974. On 25 June 1974, he was kidnapped the Montoneros, a left-wing paramilitary organization, and later killed by them when police raided their hideout.[123] No / Murdered Less than 1 month
1974 Martha Morrison 17 Martha Morrison disappeared some time in September 1974. On 12 October 1974 the remains of two women were found in Dole Valley near Vancouver, Washington. One victim was quickly identified as Carol Platt Valenzuela, who had been reported missing, but the other set remained unidentified. In 2015 Martha Morrison's remains were identified by means of DNA profiling after they were found to have been mislabeled by the police as Carol Platt Valenzuela.[124][125] No / Murdered 40 years
1975 Katherine Lyon 10 Katherine and Sheila Lyon disappeared on 25 March 1975[126] while walking home from a nearby mall in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.. In 2014 Lloyd Lee Welch, a criminal serving time in a Delaware prison for molesting a child in that state, became a person of interest after cold-case investigators in Montgomery County, Maryland followed up on an interview he gave to a detective at the time of the girls' disappearance. In 2015 Welch was formally indicted and in September 2017, he pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder "for the abduction and killing of Katherine and Shelia Lyon in 1975". Police said he had burned their bodies. No / Murdered 40 years
Sheila Lyon 12 40 years
1975 Pat Lowther 40 Pat Lowther was a Canadian poet from Vancouver, British Columbia who disappeared on 24 September 1975. Her body was found three weeks later in a creek near Squamish, British Columbia and her husband was convicted in 1977 of killing her.[127] No / Murdered 3 weeks
1975 Tiede Herrema 54 Dutch businessman who ran a factory in Limerick, Ireland, who was abducted by the Provisional IRA near his home in Castletroy on October 3, 1975. He was held in a house in Monasterevin during a two-week standoff between his kidnappers and the police, but was eventually released without incident.[128] Yes 2 weeks
1975 Anna Mae Aquash 30 The body of Native American civil rights activist Anna Mae Aquash was found at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota on 24 February 1976. She had been missing for two months.[129] No / Murdered 2 months
1976 Franz Jalics 49 Hungarian Jesuit priest kidnapped by a death squad in Argentina during the Dirty War. He and another hostage, Orlando Yorio, were held captive for five months before being released by their captors.[130] Yes 5 months
1976 John Roselli 71 A mobster in the Chicago Outfit, on 23 April 1976, Roselli was called before the committee to testify about a conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy.[131] Three months after his first round of testimony, the Committee wanted to recall Roselli, only to learn he had been missing since 28 July 1976. On 3 August, Senator Howard Baker, a member of the new SSCIA, requested that the FBI investigate Roselli's disappearance.[131] On 9 August 1976, Roselli's decomposing body was found by a fisherman in a 55-gallon steel fuel drum floating in Dumfoundling Bay near Miami, Florida. No / Murdered 12 days
1976 Francis E. Meloy Jr. 59 Meloy was an American diplomat who served as a vice consul, among other positions, in various countries in Europe and the Middle East since the 1940s. In 1976, he was to be appointed as Ambassador to Lebanon, where he travelled to in May. A month later, on June 16, he was kidnapped along with Robert O. Waring and their driver Zuhair Mohammed Moghrabi by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who executed all three on the same day.[132] No / Murdered 1 day
Robert O. Waring 57
1976 Evelyn Colon 15 The dismembered remains of Colon, a pregnant teenager from New Jersey, was found stuffed in several suitcases in White Haven, Pennsylvania in 1976. She remained unidentified for over four decades, known only as "Beth Doe". In 2021, she was officially identified, and in response, authorities arrested her then-boyfriend, Luis Sierra, and charged him with the murder. He is now awaiting trial for the murder.[133] No / Murdered One day to one week
1977 Guido De Martino 34 Italian politician and member of the Socialist Party who was kidnapped and held hostage by the Camorra, but was released after the ransom of one billion lire was paid.[134] Yes 6 weeks
1977 Robert Nairac 28 Nairac was a British Army officer in 14 Intelligence Company who was abducted from a pub in Dromintee, County Armagh, during an undercover operation on 15 May 1977 during his fourth tour of duty in Northern Ireland as a Military Intelligence Liaison Officer. It was later revealed that Nairac was killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army. Although several individuals were convicted of Nairac's murder, his body has never been found. He is one of three individuals murdered by the IRA whose graves have never been revealed.[135][136] No / Murdered 6 months
1978 Nicholas Scibetta 22 Scibetta was a New York mobster who was killed by his brother-in-law, Sammy Gravano and disappeared on New Years Day 1978. Part of the motive for the murder was that Scibetta was suspected of being gay. Scibetta was dismembered and except for an arm, his body was never found.[137] No / Murdered
1978 Roberto Herrera Ibarguen 57 Guatemalan politician and member of the National Liberation Movement who was kidnapped and held hostage by a leftist militant group who accused him of organizing the murders of guerilla leaders and repressing teachers' strikes. He was released without incident after a ransom and a commander of theirs was released.[138] Yes 27 days
1978 Édouard-Jean Empain 41 French-Belgian industrialist and the CEO of the Schneider-Empain industrial holding company, Empain was kidnapped and held captive by a group of men, who demanded ransom in exchange for his release. Empain would eventually be rescued and most of his abductors arrested, but would be left permanently traumatized by the event. Yes More than 2 months
1978 Giovanna Amati 19 Amati was kidnapped by a trio of French gangsters, led by Jean Daniel Nieto, and held for ransom, during which she was allegedly raped by the ringleader. She was released on April 27, 1978 after the ransom of 800 million lire was paid, but the kidnappers were all later caught, including Nieto, with whom Amati had fallen in love with. She later became a professional racing driver and the most recent female driver to enter the Formula One World Championship.[139] Yes More than 2 months
1978 Marilee Bruszer 33 Marilee Bruszer went missing on 22 August 1978 from Long Beach, California. In August 2015, a body that had been discovered in Utah in September 1978 was identified as hers.[140][141] No / Murdered 37 years
1978 John Dawson Dewhirst 26 John Dawson Dewhirst was a British teacher and amateur yachtsman and disappeared after being captured and detained as a suspected spy by the Khmer Rouge 13 August 1978. It is known that he was killed some time after 13 October 1978. No remains were found, and it was speculated that the body may have been burned.[142] No / Executed body never found
1978 Theresa Allore 19 Theresa Allore was a Canadian college student who disappeared on 3 November from Champlain College Lennoxville in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and was found dead five months later.[143] No / Murdered 5 months
1979 Tammy Alexander 15 Tammy Alexander disappeared some time in early 1979 after it is believed she ran away from her home in Hernando County, Florida. She was found dead, shot to death in a field, in the town of Caledonia, New York on 10 November 1979. She was not identified until 2015, over 35 years later, by a DNA match after an old school friend tried to locate her and a missing persons report was filed.[144] No / Murdered 35 years
1978 Kerry Graham 15 Friends Kerry Graham and Francine Trimble disappeared on 16 December 1978 after leaving their homes in Forestville, California to visit a shopping mall in Santa Rosa. Their remains were discovered on 8 July 1979 approximately 80 miles north of Forestville, but they were not identified. In November 2015 their identities were confirmed via the use of DNA profiling.[145] No / Murdered 37 years
Francine Trimble 14 37 years
1979 Marcia Moore 50 Marcia Moore was an American writer, astrologer and yoga teacher who disappeared on 14 January in the winter of 1979. Her remains were found two years later in the woods near her Washington home.[146] No / Murdered 2 years
1979 Kenneth Kraus 22 Kraus was an American marine stationed in Tehran, Iran. When the Iranian Revolution began in February 1979, he was kidnapped from the American embassy by militants, whom tortured, falsely accused him of war crimes and sentenced him to death. His release was eventually arranged, and he was returned to the USA a week later. After his release, he served in the military for two more decades, then as a police detective in Roswell, Georgia before retiring in 2016.[147] Yes 1 week
1979 Gerard Evans 24 Gerard Evans disappeared in County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland in March 1979 and his remains were found in October 2010 in the townland of Carrickrobin, near Hackballscross, County Louth.[148] No / Murdered 31 years
1979 Etan Patz 6 Etan Patz disappeared while on his way to school in lower Manhattan on 25 May 1979 and by 2001 he was considered legally dead. He was the first missing child featured on a milk carton.[149] In May 2012, authorities re-opened the case.[150] Pedro Hernandez, a former bodega stock clerk, was convicted in February 2017 of kidnapping and murdering the boy, based solely on his own confession. Neither Patz's body, which Hernandez said he put in the trash, nor any other relevant physical evidence was ever identified.[151] No / Murdered body never found
1979 Dori Ghezzi 33 Italian singer and the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest of 1975 who was kidnapped and held for ransom together with fellow singer Fabrizio De André. Both were held in the Supramonte mountains, but released after a ransom of 500 million lire was paid to the abductors. Yes 4 months
1979 Jean Seberg 40 Jean Seberg was an American actress who lived in France, and disappeared on 30 August 1979. Her body was found on 8 September 1979 wrapped in a blanket in the back seat of her Renault which was parked near her Paris apartment.[152] No / Suicide 9 days
1979 Kenneth Ockenden 23 Kenneth Ockenden, a Canadian student on a tour of the UK, was last seen in London on 3 December 1979.[153] In 1983 it was discovered that he had become a victim of the serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who had invited him to his house and strangled him with a headphone cord.[153] Ockenden was one of the few victims of Nilsen who was widely reported as a missing person.[154] No / Murdered 4 years
1979 Michelle Busha 18 Michelle Busha left her home in December 1979 after an argument with her father in Bay City, Texas. Busha was murdered in May 1980 while hitchhiking in Blue Earth, Minnesota and remained unidentified until 2015.[155] No / Murdered 35 years


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
1980 Marcia King 18 Marcia King left home in Little Rock, Arkansas, at an unknown date in 1980. She traveled across the United States and was murdered in Troy, Ohio, in April 1981 at the age of 21. King's body remained unidentified until 2018.[156] No / Murdered 37 years
1980 Timothy White 5 Timothy White disappeared in California on 13 February 1980 and it was later revealed that he was abducted by a man named Kenneth Parnell. He escaped on 1 March 1980 with the help of Steven Stayner who had been abducted by Parnell almost eight years earlier (see above).[157] Yes 15 days
1980 Michael Rosenblum 25 Michael Rosenblum was last seen alive on 14 February 1980 angrily driving his girlfriend's car away from a West Homestead, Pennsylvania, gas station; it was found an hour later abandoned and severely damaged along a road in nearby Baldwin, whose police department did not make public that it had the car for over three months. That, and other circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Baldwin police knew more about Rosenblum's disappearance than they claimed, accumulated over the next several years and led to the police chief being fired and reinstated in 1987. A skull fragment found in 1992 in woods near where the car was found was matched to Rosenblum; how he died is still unknown.[158] No / Unknown 12 years 2 months
1980 Cynthia Gastelle 18 Cynthia Gastelle disappeared on 3 April 1980 while going to a job interview in Takoma Park, Maryland.[159] Her skeletal remains were found on 12 February 1982 in a secluded wooded area on Bull Run Mountain in Haymarket, Virginia but remained unidentified for 30 years.[160][161] No / Murdered 30 years
1980 Jessie Earl 22 Earl disappeared from Eastbourne in May 1980, with her her body only discovered in 1989 near Beachy Head. As of November 2020, the investigation into her murder is ongoing.[162] No / Murdered 9 years
1980 Dorothy Jane Scott 32 Dorothy Jane Scott disappeared while getting her car on 28 May 1980 in Anaheim, California, after she had taken two co-workers to the hospital. On 6 August 1984 a construction worker discovered dog and human bones, side by side, about 30 feet (10 m) from Santa Ana Canyon Road.[163] The human bones were later identified as being Scott's. The identity and motive of her killer or killers remains unknown.[164] No / Murdered 4 years
1980 Brenda Gerow 20 Brenda Gerow was an American woman who disappeared on 20 July 1980 after leaving home with her boyfriend at the time. She was found dead in the desert at Pima County, Arizona, on 8 April 1981, but remained unidentified for 34 years. No / Murdered 34 years
1980 Azaria Chamberlain nine-weeks-old An Australian baby girl who disappeared on the night of 17 August 1980 during a family camping trip in Uluru. Although her remains have never been found her mother insisted that a dingo had taken her from her camping tent. In a trial sensationalized by the media her mother was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Her sentence was overturned six years later when Azaria's jacket was found in a dingo lair. Azaria's disappearance was the subject of four inquests, the last of which in 2012, concluded that a dingo had taken and killed her.[165] No / Animal attack never found
1980 Marlene Oakes 25 Marlene Oakes disappeared from her residence in Verona, Kentucky, after an argument with her husband. She had planned to divorce him after discovering he was sexually abusing the couple's son. Her skull was discovered in 1981, but remained unidentified until 2001. Her husband was sentenced to life in prison for her murder.[166] No / Murdered 20 years
1980 Carol Cole 17 Carol Cole disappeared from the San Antonio, Texas area in late December 1980. Her body was discovered on 28 January 1981 in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, but she remained unidentified until 2015 when DNA tests confirmed her identity.[167] No / Murdered 35 years
1981 Tina Louise Sharp (Keddie murders) 12 Sharp was one of four murder victims killed in the resort town of Keddie, California, in April 1981. The other three victims—her mother, 15-year-old brother and his 17-year-old friend—were discovered at the crime scene, whereas Sharp's body was discovered in Butte County three years later. All four murders remain unsolved.[168] No / Murdered 3 years
1981 Ciro Cirillo 60 Italian Christian Democratic politican who was kidnapped by members of the Red Brigades in Naples on April 27, 1981. He was held for ransom, but later released after a controversial deal was made with the Red Brigades, paying them one and a half million lire, which was provided with the help of Camorra crime boss Raffaele Cutolo.[169] Yes Almost 3 months
1981 Al Indelicato 50 On 5 May 1981, infighting within the Bonnano crime family, led to Dominic Trinchera, Philip Giaccone, and Al Indelicato, being murdered by a rival faction of the family in Brooklyn, New York. Their bodies were buried in a lot in Lindenwood, Queens. On 28 May, authorities discovered Indelicato's body and removed it. More than two decades later, in October 2004, after some children reported finding a body in the lot, FBI agents excavated the property and discovered the bodies of Trinchera and Giaccone.[170] In December 2004, the bodies were positively identified as Giaccone and Trinchera.[171] No / Murdered 23 days
Philip Giaccone 48 24 years
Dominick Trinchera 44 24 years
1981 Karen Price 15 Karen Price was a girl from Wales who was last seen on 2 July 1981. Police later concluded that Price had run away from home, then turned to prostitution. Her remains were found on 7 December 1989 when workmen unearthed a rolled carpet while installing a garden behind a house. She was identified by her DNA in what is cited as one of the first instances in which DNA technology was used in this way in the UK.[172] No / Murdered 8 years
1981 Suzanne Bombardier 14 Suzanne Bombardier was a teenager from who disappeared on 22 June 1980[173] after being kidnapped, A fisherman discovered Bombardier's body in the San Joaquin River on 27 June 1980, just five days later as her body was seen floating.[174] No / Murdered 5 days
1981 Adam Walsh 6 Adam Walsh was an American boy who was abducted from the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida, on 27 July 1981. His severed head was found two weeks later in a drainage canal alongside Florida's Turnpike in rural St. Lucie County, Florida. Drifter Otis Toole confessed to Adam's murder, but due to poor handling by the Hollywood Police he was never convicted of the crime.[175] No / Murdered 2 weeks
1981 Vishal Mehrotra 8 Mehrotra was an 8-year-old boy who disappeared on 29 July 1981 from Putney, London.[176] On 25 February 1982 some of Mehrotra's remains were found in Sussex on a farm that was isolated. No / Murdered 212 days
1981 Dominick Napolitano 51 Organized crime leaders ordered the murder of Dominick Napolitano. Responding to a summons, on 17 August 1981 he went to a meeting, knowing that he would be killed. On 12 August 1982 a body was found at South Avenue and Bridge Street in Arlington, Staten Island which proved to be Napolitano.[177] No / Murdered 11 years
1981 Ursula Herrmann 10 Ursula Herrmann was kidnapped in the Federal Republic of Germany on 15 September 1981 and held captive by an unidentified assailant who called her family to demand ransom. Despite the family gathering the sum, no further instructions were given, and Ursula's body was found two weeks later, buried in the woods. A neighbor of the Herrmanns, Werner Mazurek, was later found guilty of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment.[178] No / Murdered 2 weeks
1981 Tina Harmon 12 Tina Harmon was a girl who was abducted, raped, and murdered on 29 October 1981, by Robert Anthony Buell. After being dropped off at a convenience store in Lodi, Ohio, by her father's girlfriend. Her body was found in a nearby town five days after her abduction.[179] No / Murdered 5 days
1981 Julio Iglesias Sr. 66 Spanish gynecologist and father of singer–songwriter Julio Iglesias who was kidnapped and held hostage by ETA separatists in December 1981. He was held for two weeks before being rescued by a police anti-terrorism unit.[180] Yes 2 weeks
1981 Dana Bradley 14 Bradley disappeared while hitchhiking along the Topsaid Road in St. John's, Newfoundland, with her body found four days later. Her skull had been crushed with a blunt instrument and she had been sexually assaulted. Despite extensive news coverage and rigorous investigation, the case remains unsolved.[181] No / Murdered 4 days
1982 Tulasa Thapa 13 Nepali girl who was kidnapped and sold into prostitution in India, where she was systematically abused and raped by her abductors. She was eventually released, admitted to a hospital and saved, but suffered permanent psychological and health issues which led to her premature death in 1995.[182] Yes 10 months
1982 Michelle Garvey 14 Michelle Garvey was an American girl who ran away in Texas on 3 June 1982 and was found murdered in Connecticut almost one month later on 1 July.[183] No / Murdered 28 days
1982 Krista Harrison 11 Krista Harrison was murdered on 17 July 1982, in Marshallville, Ohio. Her body was found 6 days later. The case remained unsolved for two years, until Robert Anthony Buell was convicted of her murder.[184] No / Murdered 6 days
1982 Carole Pappas 42 Carole Pappas, the wife of former Major League Baseball pitcher Milt Pappas disappeared after leaving the couple's home in Wheaton, Illinois. In 1987, workers drained a pond four blocks from the Pappas' house and found the car with Carole's body inside. It is theorized that she mistook a driveway near the pond for one leading to her neighborhood, and that she may have been drinking.[185] No / Drowned 5 years
1982 Alisha Heinrich 1 Alisha Heinrich and her mother, Gwendolyn Clemons, were last seen around 24 November 1982, in Kansas City, Missouri. Heinrich's body was recovered in Moss Point, Mississippi after nearly two weeks; she was a victim of homicide. She remained an unidentified decedent until 2020. Clemons' remains have never been recovered.[186] No / Murdered 2 weeks
1983 William Howard Hughes 33 William Hughes, a United States Air Force officer with security clearance and expertise in rocket self-destruct technology, vanished after departing on a trip to Europe. Authorities feared he had defected to the Soviet Union or had been abducted by its agents. In June 2018, he was found living in California under an assumed name.[187] Yes 35 years
1983 Freddy Heineken 60 The Dutch businessman and chairman of Heineken N.V. was kidnapped together with his driver and held for ransom by a group men. After paying the ransom of 35 million Dutch guilders, Heineken and his driver were released, and all of the kidnappers were eventually captured and served prison sentences for the crime.[188] Yes 21 days
1984 Katsuhisa Ezaki unknown The president of the Ezaki Glico company was kidnapped by two masked men and then held for a ransom of 1 billion yen and 100 kg of gold bullion. However, Ezaki managed to escape three days later from the warehouse in Ibaraki.[189] Yes 3 days
1984 Mark Tildesley 7 Mark Tildesley disappeared while visiting a funfair in Wokingham, Berkshire, England, on the evening of 1 June 1984. He was lured away from the fair and his bicycle was found chained to railings nearby.[190] In 1990 it emerged that Tildesley had been abducted, drugged, tortured, raped and murdered by a London-based paedophile gang on the night he disappeared.[190][191] No / Murdered never found
1984 Jonathan Wright unknown British journalist for Reuters who was kidnapped by a Palestinian splinter group in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon. His kidnappers planned to trade him in exchange for three members who attempted to assassinate Israeli diplomat Shlomo Argov, but Wright managed to escape on 16 September through a ventilation hole. He was later picked up by a militia patrol and returned to Beirut.[192] Yes More than 2 weeks
1984 Vicki Lynne Hoskinson 8 Vicki Lynne Hoskinson was a girl from Flowing Wells, Arizona, who disappeared on 17 September 1984, while riding her bike to mail a birthday card to her aunt. Her remains were found on 12 April 1985.[193] No / Murdered 7 months
1984 Jonelle Matthews 12 Jonelle Matthews disappeared from Greeley, Colorado on 20 December 1984. Her remains were discovered on 23 July 2019, located about 15 mi (24 km) southeast of Jonelle's home.[194][195] No / gunshot wound to the head 33 years
1984 Elizabeth Lamotte 17 Elizabeth Lamotte disappeared from Manchester, New Hampshire on 6 April 1984. Her body was discovered in Tennessee a year later, but was not identified until 2018. Lamotte was possibly a victim of an unidentified serial killer.[196] No / Murdered 34 years
ca. 1985 Espy Pilgrim 33 Espy Pilgrim of North Carolina lost contact with her family sometime in the early to mid 1980s. Her body was discovered on 1 April 1985 in Kentucky, but her body remained unidentified until 2018.[197] No / Murdered 33 years
1985 Michele Avila 17 On 2 October 1985, Avila left her Los Angeles home to meet with a friend from high school, Laura Doyle. She never returned, and three days later, her body was found along a stream in Angeles National Forest. The case went unsolved until July 1988, when her two friends, Karen Severson and Laura Doyle, were arrested and convicted for her murder. According to the prosecutors, the two girls suspected that Avila had slept with their boyfriends, and so, they lured her to the creek and drowned her there.[198] No / Murdered 3 days
1986 Anita Cobby 26 Cobby, a registered nurse and beauty pageant, was kidnapped from Blacktown railway station after dinner at Sydney Hospital in Surry Hills, Australia. Her body was found two days later on a rural farm in Prospect, showing signs of being sexually assaulted before prior to her death. Five men would later be convicted of her murder, each sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.[199] No / Murdered 2 days
1986 Jennifer Guinness 49 Irish socialite and member of the Guinness family who was kidnapped and held for ransom in Dublin by career criminal John Cunningham, aided by his brother and two associates. She was later rescued, and her kidnappers were sentenced to various sentences.[200] Yes 8 days
1986 Wanda Jean Mays 26 Wanda Jean Mays disappeared after midnight on 12 May 1986, while staying with her aunt and uncle's home near Guntersville Lake, Alabama. In the morning, her aunt and uncle discovered her room empty and the window broken from the inside. In 2008, the FBI confirmed that remains found at the foot of a cliff 2 miles (3.2 km) from her relatives' home were Mays', and her death was ruled an accident.[201] No / Accident fall 32 years
1986 Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro and Michael Spilotro Anthony (48), Michael (41) American mobsters and brothers Anthony "Tony the Ant" Spilotro and Michael Spilotro had disappeared on 14 June 1986 from their Oak Park home.[202] On 22 June 1986 both their bodies were found[203] only with their undershorts on after being buried in a cornfield in the Willow Slough preserve near Enos, Indiana. No / Murdered 8 days
1986 Tanya Moore and Tina Rodriguez Moore (31), Rodriguez (27) Moore and Rodriguez were two transgender friends working as prostitutes on Philadelphia's thirteenth street in 1986.[204] The pair disappeared on 30 June 1986, after getting into the car of a couple of clients. On 3 July 1986, their mutilated and dismembered bodies were found burning at a baseball diamond in Middletown.[205][206] Their murder remains unsolved. No/ Murdered by unknown persons 4 days
1987 Cam Lyman 54–55 Lyman was a multimillionaire Dog breeder from Westwood, Massachusetts who disappeared in the summer of 1987. His body was found in a septic tank on his estate in Hopkinton, Rhode Island by the new owners of the house in December 1997.[207] No 11 years
1987 Gerrit Jan Heijn 56 Businessman and top manager of Ahold, Heijn was kidnapped from his villa in Bloemendaal and murdered only hours later. His killer, Ferdi Elsas, was later caught after spending several bank notes of the ransom he acquired, served a prison sentence and later released. He died in an accident in 2009.[208] No / Murdered Same day
1987 Deanna Criswell 16 Deanna Criswell disappeared on 23 November 1987 from Spokane, Washington. A body was found on 25 November two days later in Pima County, Arizona, but it was not identified as hers until 11 February 2015.[209] No / Murdered 27 years
1987 Sian Kingi 12 Sian Kingi, a New Zealand Australian born schoolgirl, was abducted on 27 November 1987 from Noosa, Australia by married couple Barrie John Watts and Valmae Faye Beck, who subsequently raped and killed her. Kingi's body would later be discovered on 3 December near the Tinbeerweh Mountain State Forest. Both Watts and Beck were later convicted in a much-publicized trial - Watts was sentenced to life imprisonment, and Beck to 14.5 years imprisonment.[210] No / Murdered A week
1987 Isabelle Laville 17 Isabelle Laville did not return home from college on 11 December 1987. In 2004, Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier of Saint-Cyr-les-Colons, France confessed that they had kidnapped Laville as she walked in the direction of her Saint-Georges-sur-Baulche home and brought her to their house where she was raped and killed before her body was dumped in a well in Bussy-en-Othe. Her remains were recovered from the well in July 2006.[211] No / Murdered 18½ years
1988 Lisa Marie Kimmell 18 Kimmell disappeared while travelling to her parents home in Billings, Montana, with her body later found near the North Platte River in Casper, Wyoming. She had been bludgeoned and stabbed to death there. The case remained unsolved until 2002, when the perpetrator's DNA was matched to Dale Wayne Eaton. He was subsequently convicted of the murder and sentenced to death, but following a new trial is now awaiting resentencing.[212] No / Murdered 8 days
1988 Farida Hammiche 30 The wife of a bank robber, Farida Hammiche went missing from her home in Vitry-sur-Seine in April 1988. Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier confessed to having kidnapped and killed Hammiche in order to steal loot that Fourniret had hidden in Hammiche's home. Hammiche's body has not been found. In 2018, Fourniret was convicted of the murder of Hammiche, while Olivier was convicted of complicity.[213] No / Murdered never found
1988 Janine Balding 21 Balding was abducted near Sutherland railway station in Sydney, Australia on 8 September 1988, by a gang of five homeless people who hijacked her car and drove to the M4 Motorway near Michinbury, where three of them raped her at knifepoint. She was then bound, gagged and carried off to a nearby paddock, where the three main culprits drowned her. Her body was found the same day, and the culprits arrested and sentenced to long imprisonment terms.[214] No / Murdered Same day
1988 Jaclyn Dowaliby 7 Jaclyn Dowaliby was taken from her home in Midlothian, Illinois, on 10 September 1988, and found dead five days later. No / Murdered 5 days
1988 Venus Xtravaganza 23 The body of transgender performer Venus Xtravaganza was found under a bed in a New York hotel on 25 December 1988 after going missing four days earlier. Xtravaganza had been strangled.[215] No / Murdered 4 days
1989 Paul Vanden Boeynants 70 Belgian politician who served two separate terms as the country's prime minister. On January 14, 1989, he was kidnapped by members of Patrick Haemers's gang, who demanded a ransom in exchange for the safe return of Boeynants. The ransom was paid, but all the members were later captured.[216] Yes 1 month
1989 Aundria Bowman 14 Bowman disappeared under mysterious circumstances from her adoptive family's home in Hamilton, Michigan on March 11, 1989. Her adoptive father, Dennis Bowman, claimed that she had stolen money and then fled, and was thus classified as a runaway. More than three decades later, after Dennis was arrested for an unrelated murder in Virginia, he confessed that he had killed Aundria because she tried to escape being molested by him. He revealed the burial site in Monterey Township, near the family home, and Aundria's remains were subsequently recovered. The elder Bowman is due to stand trial for both murders he's accused of.[217] No / Murdered 31 years
1989 Jeanne-Marie Desramault 21 Jeanne-Marie Desramault was dropped off at the gare de Charleville-Mézières on the morning of 18 March 1989 by a nun whose convent she was staying at, with plans to travel to Béthune to visit her parents. She never boarded the train and was not seen alive again. In 2004, Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier confessed to kidnapping and killing Desramault, whose remains were found on 3 July that year, buried in the garden of a Donchery chateau formerly owned by the Fourniret couple.[218] No / Murdered 15 years
1989 Urban Höglin 23 Urban Höglin and Heidi Paakkonen disappeared while tramping on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand in April 1989. Fugitive offender David Wayne Tamihere was convicted of their murders in December 1990. Höglin's body was discovered in October 1991, while Paakkonen's body has not been found.[219] No / Murdered 2½ years
Heidi Paakkonen 21 not found
1989 Jacob Wetterling 11 Jacob Wetterling was abducted on 22 October 1989 by a masked gunman while cycling home in the dark with his brother and a friend after going to rent a video from a convenience store in St. Joseph, Minnesota. His remains were finally found on 1 September 2016, when Danny Heinrich, already serving time on child pornography charges, led police to them.[220] No / Murdered ~29 years
1989 Amy Mihaljevic 10 Amy Mihaljevic, an American elementary school student, was kidnapped and murdered in Bay Village, Ohio, on 27 October 1989. Her body was found on 8 February 1990 in a field off a rural road in Ashland County.[221] No / Murdered 3 months
1989 Elisabeth Brichet 12 Elisabeth Brichet left her friend's house in Namur, Belgium, on the evening of 20 December 1989 and did not arrive home. In 1996, her mother helped organise the White March in honour of Belgium's missing and murdered children following the arrest of Marc Dutroux. On 3 July 2004, the girl's remains were found buried in the garden of a Donchery chateau which formerly belonged to Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier.[222] No / Murdered 14½ years


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
1990 Susan Poupart 29 Susan Poupart, a Native-American woman from Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin, disappeared on 20 May 1990. Her body was found six months later in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.[223] No / Murdered 6 months
1991 Vicky Hamilton 15 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton was last seen waiting for a bus in Bathgate, West Lothian, in February 1991 as she travelled home after a night out.[224] The case became Scotland's biggest missing persons enquiry.[224] On 14 November 2007, the body of Hamilton was discovered buried at the Margate home of Peter Tobin, who was already being investigated for the murder of Angelika Kluk in Glasgow in 2006.[224] Tobin was convicted of Hamilton's murder, as well as the murder of Kluk and Dinah McNicol, and given a whole-life order.[225] No / Murdered 16 years
1991 Karmein Chan 13 Karmein Chan, an Australian girl who was abducted from her home at night on 13 April 1991 in the Melbourne suburb of Templestowe; her body was found on 9 April 1992 in Edgars Creek, Thomastown.[226] No / Murdered 1 year
1991 Jaycee Dugard 11 Dugard was abducted on 10 June 1991, and was found alive on 26 August 2009 when her abductor brought her to a Concord, California parole office.[227] Yes 18 years
1991 Timothy Wiltsey 5 Wiltsey went missing from South Amboy, New Jersey; his mother told the police that he went missing from a local carnival on 25 May 1991. Almost a year later, his remains were discovered miles away.[228] On 18 May 2016, his mother was convicted of killing him.[229] No / Murdered 1 year
1991 Leslie Mahaffy 14 Leslie Mahaffy was a female Canadian teenager who disappeared on 16 June 1991 from Burlington, Ontario. Mahaffy's body was discovered in Lake Gibson on 29 June 1991. No / Murdered Less than two weeks
1991 Margaret Perry 26 Margaret Perry was from Portadown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland; she disappeared on 21 June 1991. After a tip from the IRA, her body was found buried across the border in a field in Mullaghmore, County Sligo, Ireland, on 30 June 1992. She had been beaten to death. Her murder has never been solved.[230] No / Murdered 1 year
1991 Sheree Beasley 6 Beasley, an Australian schoolgirl from Rosebud was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by a man named Robert Lowe on 29 June 1991,[231] and her body was found weeks later on 24 September in a stormwater drain.[232] No / Murdered 3 months
1991 Anjelica Castillo 4 Castillo, an American girl from New York City who disappeared on 18 July 1991, and was found dead on 23 July 1991. Her body was not identified until 2013. After her identification, Castillo's paternal cousin, Conrado Juarez, confessed to murdering the girl.[233][234] No / Murdered 22 years
1991 Dinah McNicol 18 Dinah McNicol disappeared after she and a male friend accepted a lift from a man while hitchhiking after a music festival in Hampshire in August 1991.[235] Her friend was dropped off by the M25 motorway near Reigate, while she continued her journey alone with the man, but was never seen again.[235] A large amount of money was then suspiciously withdrawn from her bank account in Hampshire and Sussex.[235] In 2007, McNicol's body was found alongside Vicky Hamilton's, a girl who also vanished in 1991, in the Margate home of Peter Tobin, who was already being investigated for a murder.[236] Tobin was given a whole-life tariff in 2009.[236] No / Murdered 16 years
1992 John D'Amato unknown D'Amato was a New Jersey mobster who was suspected of homosexual activity. He disappeared in January 1992 after Anthony Capo and the other two hitmen entered D'Amato's car to drive to lunch. Sitting in the back seat, Capo shot D'Amato four times, killing him. Capo and Rotundo left the body at a safe house, where other mobsters disposed of it. D'Amato's body was never recovered.[237] In 2006, Abramo, Schifilliti and Vitabile were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder. No / Murdered Never found
1992 Kristen French 15 French, a Canadian school girl from Ontario who disappeared on 16 April 1992, was held captive for three days and then was killed and was found dead on 30 April 1992. She was murdered by Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. No / Murdered 2 weeks
1992 Ebony Simpson 9 Ebony Simpson was an Australian girl who disappeared on 19 August 1992 in New South Wales. Simpson was later found dead just two days later on 21 August, when Simpson's body was discovered by the police near her home at a wildlife sanctuary in a dam.[238] No / Murdered 2 days
1992 Miriam Iborra 14 The Alcasser Girls were three teenage girls from Alcasser, Spain, who disappeared on 13 November 1992,[239] and were found dead on 27 January 1993, and it was revealed that they had been kidnapped, raped, beaten, and tortured after they were abducted.[240][241] No / Murdered 24 days
Antonia Rodríguez 15
Desirée Folch 14
1992 Katie Beers 10 Beers disappeared on 28 December 1992, during a shopping trip with neighbor John Esposito and was found in a secret room underneath Esposito's home on 13 January 1993. Esposito had been considered a family friend. Prior to the kidnapping she had been the subject of a lengthy custody battle between her mother and godmother and had suffered material deprivation, sexual abuse and hardship.[242][243] Yes 16 days
1992 Eugenio Berríos 45 Berríos, a Chilean biochemist who worked for the DINA intelligence agency, was captured in 1992 while in hiding in Uruguay and disappeared. His corpse was found in 1995 near Montevideo and identified by dental records and DNA.[244] No / Murdered 3 years
1993 James Bulger 2 2-year-old James Bulger disappeared on 12 February 1993 while shopping with his mother at the Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, Liverpool.[245] Security camera footage showed that he had been led out of the shopping centre by two young boys.[245] His mutilated body was found on a railway track 2 miles away two days later.[245] The boys, later found to be Jon Venebales and Robert Thompson and who were only 10 years old, had abducted, tortured and murdered Bulger.[246] No / Murdered 2 days
1993 Jayne Furlong 17 Furlong, a sex worker, was a New Zealander, who disappeared from a street in Auckland on 26 May 1993. Her remains were found at a beach in 2012 after being exposed by erosion of a sandbank. She had been abducted and murdered.[247] No / Murdered 19 years
1993 Holly Piirainen 10 Piirainen, an American girl from Grafton, Massachusetts, who disappeared on 5 August 1993. She and her brother had been visiting their grandparents in Sturbridge, Massachusetts when Holly was murdered.[248] Piirainen's remains were found by hunters in Brimfield on 23 October 1993.[249] No / Murdered 79 days
1993 Mansour Rashid El-Kikhia 62 Libyan politician and human rights activist known for his opposition to Muammar Gaddafi's regime. On December 10, 1993, he was kidnapped while on a diplomatic visit to Cairo, Egypt, allegedly by Mukhabarat operatives. His fate remained unclear until October 2012, when his body was found in a refrigerator in Tripoli, indicating that he had likely died while in custody.[250] No / Murdered 19 years
1993 Kori Lamaster 17 Lamaster, an American female murder victim who went missing in 1993,[251] was found on 29 January 1994, and was not identified until 2013.[252] No / Murdered 19 years
1994 Tina Susman unknown Susman was an American journalist who travelled around the world, covering the various current events with a primary focus on Africa. In 1994, while she was another visit to Somalia, she was kidnapped in Mogadishu and held captive for 20 days. She later released without harm, and continued to cover stories for the Associated Press.[253] Yes 20 days
1994 Mohamed Hassaïne 49 Journalist for Alger républicain who was kidnapped and the murdered by armed militants after being abducted from his house in Larbatache on February 28, 1994. His beheaded body was later found in a neighboring area.[254] No / Murdered Several days
1994 Monyane Moleleki 43 Lesotho politician and then-Minister of Natural Resources, who was kidnapped together with three other ministers by soldiers on April 14, 1994. During this incident, Deputy Prime Minister Selometsi Baholo was killed. Moleleki was eventually released and returned to politics.[255] Yes More than 1 year
1994 Mehdi Dibaj 58–59 Mehdi Dibaj was an Iranian former Muslim who later became a Christian pastor who was kidnapped on 24 June 1994.[256] On 5 July 1994 Dibaj's was body was discovered west Tehran in a park.[257] after he had been murdered by unknown members of Iran's regime. No / Murdered Less than two weeks
1994 Michael Anthony Hughes 6 Michael Hughes was abducted at gunpoint from school on 12 September 1994 by his step father, Franklin Delano Floyd. No trace of the boy has ever been found.[258] Floyd is considered a suspect in the hit-and-run death of his wife, whom he had abducted as a child and raised as his daughter. In a 2015 interview with the FBI, Floyd admitted to killing Hughes the same day of the kidnapping,[259] and is currently on death row for the murder of another woman and the abduction of Michael Hughes.[citation needed] No / Murdered 21 years
1994 Lounès Matoub 38 Algerian Kabylian singer, poet and intellectual who was abducted by the Islamist militant group Armed Islamic Group of Algeria on September 25, 1994. He was held in a stronghold and threatened with execution, but eventually released after a large gathering of protestors warned that they would attack if Matoub was killed.[260] Yes 2 weeks
1994 Randi Boothe-Wilson 33 Randi Boothe-Wilson disappeared from New York when planning to meet family members. Her remains were discovered in December 1995 in North Carolina and were not identified until January 2019.[261][262] No / Murdered 23 years
1995 Henning Wehn 21 Henning Wehn was listed by Interpol as a missing person after disappearing while on holiday in Spain in 1995, while sending mysterious postcards to a friend in Germany. He reappeared in Spain after having traveled to Morocco for three weeks with a man he met on a train.[263] Yes 3 weeks
1995 Philip Taylor Kramer 42 Kramer, a computer engineer and former bass guitarist for the rock band Iron Butterfly, disappeared on 12 February 1995 before he was to meet a business partner at the airport; he changed his plans and asked his guest to meet him at a nearby hotel instead, but failed to appear.[264] During his travel to and from the airport, Kramer made a flurry of cell phone calls, including to his wife, his Iron Butterfly bandmate Ron Bushy and finally to the police. In the latter call, Kramer said, "I'm going to kill myself."[264] He was never heard from again, which led to an extensive search for his vehicle.[264] On 29 May 1999, Kramer's body was discovered by hikers inside his wrecked minivan at the bottom of a canyon in Malibu, California.[265] No / Suicide 4 years
1995 Tracie McBride 19 McBride was a woman who was United States Army soldier from Centerville, Minnesota[266] who disappeared on 18 February 1995[267] after being kidnapped, raped and murdered and was found dead on 1 March 1995. No / Murdered 2 weeks
1995 Kiplyn Davis 15 Davis, a high school student, was reported missing on 2 May 1995 in Spanish Fork, Utah. She is a featured child of the Polly Klaas Foundation. Several people have been arrested in connection with her murder, although her death has not been confirmed by the discovery of a body.[268] On 11 February 2011, Timmy Brent Olson pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He claimed he saw another individual hit Davis in the head with a rock and helped him move her body, but declined to name the other individual.[269] No / Murdered Not found
1995 Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo 8 Eight-year-old friends Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo were reported missing by their families on 24 June 1995 after they left the Russo family home in Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium, and did not return. Their bodies were found buried in the garden of a house in Sars-la-Buissière on 17 August 1996. After being kidnapped, they had been held in Marc Dutroux's house in Marcinelle for between five and nine months. Locked in the basement, the girls starved to death, Dutroux's wife having neglected them while her husband was in police custody between December 1995 and March 1996.[270] No / Homicide caused by neglect 2 years
1995 Jason Callahan 19 Callahan made no contact with friends or family after June 1995. The body of a passenger that was found in the wreck of a car on 26 June 1995 was identified as his on 9 December 2015 after his mother formally reported him missing.[271][272][273][274] No / Accident 20 years
1995 Eefje Lambrecks and An Marchal 19 (Lambrecks)
17 (Marchal)
Eefje Lambrecks and An Marchal, from Hasselt, Belgium, were on holiday on the Flemish coast with a group of friends when they disappeared on the night of 22–23 August 1995. The pair took a tram to Blankenberge where they attended a hypnosis show, and did not return to their holiday home in Westende. On 3 September 1996, their bodies were found buried in the garden of a house in Jumet. Marc Dutroux and his accomplice Michel Lelièvre had kidnapped the teenagers and brought them to Dutroux's house in Marcinelle. After being kidnapped, Lambrecks and Marchal had been buried alive.[275] No / Murdered 1 year
1995 Madalyn Murray O'Hair 76 Madalyn Murray O'Hair, an American activist, founder of American Atheists, and the organization's president from 1963 to 1986, disappeared on 27 August 1995,[276] and was found dead in 2001.[277] No / Murdered 6 years
1995 Jaswant Singh Khalra 43 Khalra was an Indian Sikh human rights activist who received global acclaim for his research into approximately 27,000 illegal killings perpetrated by the Punjabi police during the 1990s. In response to his investigation, he was kidnapped by seven officials on 6 September 1995 and detained at the police station in Jhabal, where he was presumably killed.[278] No / Murdered Body never found
1995 Jimmy Ryce 9 Ryce, a child who was abducted on 11 September 1995, and was raped and killed by Juan Carlos Chavez in Redland, Florida, and his body was found three months later near Chavez's trailer.[279] No / Murdered 3 months
1995 Nicole van den Hurk 15 Nicole van den Hurk disappeared on her way to work in Eindhoven, in the Dutch province of North Brabant on 6 October 1995, and was found dead on 22 November 1995, in the woods between the towns of Mierlo and Lierop.[280] No / Manslaughter 7 weeks
1995 Bernard Weinstein 43 Weinstein, a Frenchman living in Belgium, was last seen alive in mid-November 1995. His body was found buried in the garden of a house in Sars-la-Buissière on 17 August 1996. Weinstein had been sought by police since he and Marc Dutroux kidnapped three people, one of whom had escaped and alerted the police. To stop Weinstein from informing on him, Dutroux kidnapped Weinstein and killed him by burying him alive.[281] No / Murdered 2 years
1995 Barbara Barnes 13 Barnes, an American schoolgirl who was kidnapped on 7 December 1995, while walking to school, and her body was found on 22 February 1996 in Pennsylvania.[282] People have speculated that her uncle may have been responsible for her death, but others believe that the crime was committed by someone local.[283] No / Murdered 3 months
1995 Céline Figard 19 Figard, a French woman who while visiting the United Kingdom disappeared on 19 December 1995, and was found dead on 29 December 1995.[284] No / Murdered 10 days
1995 Justina Morales 8 Morales, an American girl from the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, who was killed by her mother's boyfriend, Luis Santiago, on 31 December 1995. Her disappearance went unnoticed for 15 months. In 1997, Santiago was convicted for the murder.[285] Morales' body has not been found. No / Murdered Body never recovered
1996 Sabine Dardenne 12 Dardenne was kidnapped in Tournai, Belgium, by Marc Dutroux and Michel Lelièvre as she cycled to school on 28 May 1996. When Dutroux and Lelièvre were arrested in August after kidnapping 14-year-old Laetitia Delhez, police raided Dutroux's home on 15 August and found both girls alive in the basement.[286] Yes 3 months
1996 Tanya Nicole Kach 14 Tanya Nicole Kach, a student at the Cornell Middle School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, was kidnapped by school security guard Thomas Hose on 10 February 1996. In the time leading up to this event, Hose befriended Kach to earn her trust. Kach escaped on 21 March 2006, with the help of Joe Sparico, the owner of a grocery store in the neighborhood where Kach had been held captive. Yes 10 years
1996 Nadezhda Chaikova 33 Correspondent for the Russian weekly newspaper Obshchaya Gazeta who frequently travelled to Chechnya to record events in the region. On March 20, 1996, she was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Sernovodskoye, and her body found later in the Urus-Martanovsky District. She had been shot to death.[287] No / Murdered 3 weeks
1996 Melanie Hall 25 Melanie Hall, a British hospital clerical officer from Bradford on Avon, who disappeared on 9 June 1996.[288][289] On 5 October 2009 her partial remains were discovered, after a plastic bin bag containing human bones was located by a workman on the M5 motorway near Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. The bones, which included a pelvis, thigh bone, and human skull, were analyzed and identified as belonging to Hall.[290] No / Murdered 13 years
1996 Ulrike Everts 13 German Ulrike Everts was last seen in a pony-drawn carriage on 11 June 1996. In July 1998, Ronny Rieken, arrested for the murder of 11-year-old Christina Nytsch, confessed to killing Everts and directed police to the location where he had hidden her body.[291] No / Murdered 2 years
1996 Kalpana Chakma unknown Bangladeshi feminist and human rights activist who was kidnapped together with her two brothers on June 12, 1996, allegedly by members of the Bangladesh Army. She was presumably murdered, but her body has never been located.[292] No / Murdered Never found
1996 Death Valley Germans 4–34 A family of 4 German tourists (two adults and two children) disappeared 23 July 1996 in a remote area of Death Valley in California after their rental van broke down. Their remains were discovered in November 2009 by two off-duty search-and-rescue hikers who had been looking for them as a cold case hobby. No / Death by misadventure 13 years
1996 Laetitia Delhez 14 Delhez was kidnapped by Marc Dutroux and Michel Lelièvre as she walked home from a swimming pool in Bertrix, Belgium, on 9 August 1996. An eyewitness who was present at the scene of the kidnapping was able to tell the police part of Dutroux's van's numberplate. After Dutroux and Lelièvre confessed to kidnapping Delhez, police raided Dutroux's home on 15 August and found Delhez and Sabine Dardenne alive in the basement.[286] Yes 6 days
1996 Karyn Hearn Slover 23 Slover disappeared on 27 September 1996 in Decatur, Illinois, shortly after leaving her job at the Decatur Herald & Review, and her dismembered body was discovered wrapped in plastic bags sealed with duct tape in Lake Shelbyville on 1 October 1996.[293] No / Murdered 4 days
1996 Jakub Fiszman 39 Fiszman, a millionaire German businessman from Frankfurt am Main, who disappeared in Eschborn, Germany, on 1 October 1996, and his body was found on 19 October 1996 in the Taunus mountains, after a massive search operation involving some 500 police officers.[294] No / Murdered 18 days
1996 April Lacy 14 Lacy, a girl from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who disappeared on 3 October 1996, and was found dead on 8 October 1996 in Decatur, Texas.[295] Her body was not identified until 1998. No / Murdered 2 years
1997 Amber Creek 14 Creek, a girl from Palatine, Illinois ran away from a youth shelter in January 1997, and was found dead on 9 February 1997, and was not identified until a year later.[296] No / Murdered 1 year
1997 Ebrahim Zalzadeh 47–48 Ebrahim Zalzadeh was an Iranian editor and author who mysteriously disappeared on 22 February 1997 and was found dead on 29 March 1997 in Tehran.[297] No / Murdered 35 days
1997 Judy Smith 50 Nurse who was last seen by her husband at a hotel in Philadelphia around April 10, 1997, but her bones were found nearly six months later in Pisgah National Forest. It's unclear how Smith reached North Carolina, and her killing remains unsolved.[298] No / Murdered Almost 6 months
1997 Zephany Nurse < 1 Nurse, a female South African, was abducted on 30 April 1997 from a hospital two days after she was born and raised by her abductor. At age 17 she was, by coincidence, attending the same school as her younger sister, and their physical resemblance was noticed. DNA testing confirmed her identity.[299] Yes 17 years
1997 Gary DeVore 55 DeVore, a Hollywood screenwriter best known for the movie Raw Deal, who disappeared on 28 June 1997, and a year later he and his car was discovered submerged in the California Aqueduct in Palmdale, California with his hands removed.[300] No / Murdered 1 year
1997 William Earl Moldt 40 William Moldt somehow drove his car unnoticed into the canal in the Grand Isles neighbourhood of Lake Worth, Florida on 7 November 1997. His car was spotted by a man looking at a Google Earth image in late August, 2019 and his remains were recovered from the canal on 28 August of that year.[301] No / Presumably drowned 22 years
1997 Reena Virk 14 Virk went missing on 14 November 1997 and was found dead on 22 November 1997, Warren Glowatski and Kelly Ellard were charged with murdering Virk and were found guilty. No / Murdered 8 days
1998 Natascha Kampusch 10 Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian girl, who was kidnapped on her way to school in March 1998, was locked in a cellar, and escaped on 23 August 2006.[302] Yes 8 years
1998 Patricia Lee Partin unknown Partin was among four women who left Los Angeles, California and disappeared alongside Florinda Donner in 1998; her remains were found in the desert sands of Death Valley in 2003.[303] No / Found dead from reasons unknown 5 years
1998 Lois Roberts 39 Roberts, a woman from Australia disappeared outside the Nimbin Police Station on 31 July 1998, and her dismembered remains were found in the Whian Whian Forest on the mid-NSW north coast in January 1999.[304][305] No / Murdered 5 months
1998 Natasha Ryan 14 Ryan, an Australian teenage girl who went missing in 1998, was found hiding in a wardrobe at her boyfriend's home in 2003.[306] Yes 5 years
1998 Ben Smart 21 Ben Smart and Olivia Hope, New Zealand party goers last seen in the early hours of 1 January 1998, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the Marlborough Sounds. Scott Watson was arrested for and convicted of their murder, but the verdict remains controversial and no trace of Smart or Hope has ever been discovered.[307] No / Murdered
Olivia Hope 17
1998 Dimitris Liantinis 55 Liantinis, a Greek philosopher and professor at the University of Athens who disappeared on 1 June 1998. In July 2005 human bones were found in the area of the mountain Taygetos; forensic examinations verified that it was the body of Liantinis.[308] No lethal substances were found to determine the cause of death. No / Suicide 7 years
1998 Kamiyah Mobley < 1 Mobley was abducted on 10 July 1998 from a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida shortly after her birth and was recovered 18 years later after having been raised by her alleged abductor.[309] Yes 18 years
1998 Nicky Verstappen 11 On the morning of 10 August 1998, 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen disappeared from a summer camp he was attending in Brunssum, Limburg. His body was found on the evening of 11 August, 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) away in Landgraaf, and a murder investigation was subsequently launched. Despite extensive investigation, the case remained unsolved for over twenty years. No / Murdered 1 day
1998 Mohammad-Ja'far Pouyandeh 44 Mohammad-Ja'far Pouyandeh (44), was an Iranian was an activist, writer, and also did translating.[310] Pouyandeh disappeared in Shahriar County, which is located in Tehran after leaving his house on 8 December 1998 and was found dead just three days later on 11 December.[311] No / Murdered 3 days
1998 Kirsty Bentley 15 Bentley, a teenage girl in Ashburton, New Zealand, disappeared on 31 December 1998 while walking her family dog in the afternoon. After an extensive search lasting two weeks, her body was found in dense scrub approximately 40 km away.[312] Police consider the case to be a homicide, and it remains one of the highest-profile cold cases in New Zealand. Her killer has never been identified. No / Murdered 2 weeks
1999 Hae Min Lee 18 Min Lee, a female Korean-American high school student who disappeared from Baltimore County, Maryland on 13 January 1999, and was found dead a month later in Leakin Park. It was revealed that she was strangled to death.[313] No / Murdered 1 month
1999 Ingrid Washinawatok 41 American Menominee human rights activist who was kidnapped together with two colleagues on February 25, 1999, while en route to help set up a school for the U'wa people in Arauca Department, Colombia. The trio's abductors, FARC guerillas, killed them and later dumped their bodies across the border in Venezuela.[314] No / Murdered 1 week
1999 Marianne Vaatstra 16 Vaatstra was kidnapped while cycling to her parents' house in Kollum, Netherlands on 30 April 1999. The next day, her body was found in a field close to Veenklooster, with signs of sexual aggression and her throat slit. For a long time, the killing was pinned on asylum seekers, but with the help of DNA profiling, police identified the killer as local farmer Jasper Steringa, who was charged and subsequently convicted for the killing.[315] No / Murdered 1 day
1999 Girly Chew Hossencofft 36 Girly Chew Hossencofft, a Malaysian-born woman who disappeared on 9 September 1999 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The investigation into the murder of Girly Chew revealed a conspiracy theory involving reptilian queens, UFOs and reports of cannibalism.[316][317] Girly Chew's husband Diazien Hossencofft and his girlfriend Linda Henning were convicted of her murder.[318] Girly's body has never been found.[317][319] No / Murdered Never found
1999 Jorge Matute Johns (es) 23 Jorge Matute, a Chilean forestry student who disappeared on 20 November 1999 in a discotheque near Concepción. In February 2004 human bones were found in the road to Santa Juana; forensic examinations verified that it was the remains of Matute.[320] No / Murdered 4 years
1999 Lauria Jaylene Bible 16 Lauria Jaylene Bible (born 18 April 1983) and Ashley Renae Freeman (born 29 December 1983) were American teenagers who disappeared between the evening of 29 December and the early morning hours of 30 December 1999, from Freeman's home in Welch, Oklahoma The Freeman home was burned and Freeman's parents were found murdered; however, law enforcement was unable to find any trace of Bible or Freeman in the rubble of the home. On 26 April 2018, it was reported that Ronnie Dean Busick was being charged with four counts of first-degree murder in the killings of Bible and of the Freeman family. No / Murdered Never found
Ashley Renae Freeman 16 No / Murdered


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
2000 Céline Saison 18 18-year-old student Céline Saison failed to return home from school in Charleville-Mézières on 16 May 2000. On 22 July that year, her remains were found in a forest in Vresse-sur-Semois. In 2004, Michel Fourniret admitted to kidnapping and killing her.[321] No / Murdered 2 months
2000 Keith Allan 53–54 Allan, an Australian solicitor, was murdered on 28 May 2000 in a contract killing.[322] The whereabouts of his body is unknown.[323] Three men were charged with killing him and three trials took place. The second trial in 2006 resulted in a hung jury. In 2007, all three were again found guilty and were sentenced to terms ranging from 23 and a half years to 19 years.[324] No / Murdered Not found
2000 Molly Bish 16 Bish disappeared while working as a lifeguard in her hometown of Warren, Massachusetts, on 27 June 2000. Her remains were found around five miles from her home in neighboring Hampden County on 9 June 2003. No / Murdered 3 Years
2000 Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu 24 Sidhu, a Canadian-Indian beautician. In Punjab, India hitmen violently beat her husband and kidnapped her, driving her to a nearby farmhouse and killing her there. Her body was found dumped in an irrigation canal on the next day. Years later, it was revealed that the men had been hired by her mother and uncle, who were angered by the fact that she married secretly and against their wishes.[325] No / Murdered One day
2000 Sarah Payne 8 Payne disappeared while playing with her two brothers in a cornfield just yards from her grandparents home in Ferring, Littlehampton, England.[326] Her brother had spotted a white van driving down the lane next to the field seconds after she was last seen.[326] On 17 July, Payne's body was discovered near Pulborough, and local paedophile Roy Whiting, who owned a white van, was convicted of the murder in 2001 and told he must serve a minimum of 40 years imprisonment.[327] No / Murdered 16 days
2000 Georgiy Gongadze 31 A Georgian politician and Ukrainian journalist and film director who disappeared on 16 September 2000, and was found dead on 3 November 2000 in a forest in the Taraschanskyi Raion.[328] No / Murdered 2 months
2000 Salvador "Bubby" Dacer and Emmanuel Corbito 65 and unknown On 24 November 2000, publicist Salvador "Bubby" Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito were stopped and abducted by armed assailants while driving on the corner of Osmeña Highway and Zobel Roxas Street on the Manila-Makati boundary. Their charred remains were found on 26 November 2000 in a deep ravine in Barangay Buna Lejos, Indang, Cavite. They were allegedly kidnapped and murdered by police intelligence officers headed by Michael Ray Aquino, Cesar Mancao and Glenn Dumlao, upon orders from then Philippine National Police chief Panfilo Lacson and then Philippine President Joseph Estrada, who was facing impeachment for his role in the BW Resources scandal as well as other corrupt practices, of which Dacer had some knowledge of and was preparing to reveal to the public at the time of his abduction and murder.[329][330] No / Murdered 2 days
2000 Leanne Tiernan 16 A 16-year-old schoolgirl who was last seen by her friend on 26 November 2000 walking home along an unlit path in Bramley, Leeds, less than a mile away from her home.[331] When she failed to return home her mother rang her phone, only for it to be repeatedly cut off.[332] Tiernan's body was found in woodland at Lindley Woods, North Yorkshire on 20 August 2001.[333] Local man John Taylor was found to have abducted and subsequently murdered Tiernan.[334] The missing person enquiry was one of the largest in the history of the West Yorkshire Police.[335] No / Murdered 9 months
2000 Jerry Michael Williams 31 Williams, a successful property appraiser from Tallahassee, Florida, was last seen leaving his house to go duck hunting early in the morning of 16 December 2000. It was assumed he had drowned accidentally after his car and abandoned boat were found at nearby Lake Seminole later in the weekend; however, a lengthy search failed to find his body, the only time a drowning victim's body has never been found in the lake. Investigators initially concluded his remains had been eaten by alligators in the lake; Williams was declared legally dead six months later. In 2004, a reopening of the case prompted by pressure from Williams' mother discredited the alligator theory and found other suspicious aspects of the case suggesting the accident at the lake might have been staged and evidence planted; it was later investigated as a possible insurance fraud.[336] In 2017 police announced his remains had been found, and that he was the victim of a homicide, but gave no details.[337] On 8 May 2018, police arrested Williams' former wife, who had remarried. After a four-day trial in December 2018, she was convicted of murder, conspiracy, and accessory after the fact.[338] No / Murdered 17 Years
2001 Miroslav Mišković 56 Serbian business magnate who was kidnapped and held for ransom by a criminal group whose members would later be held responsible for the murder of Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić in 2003. The ransom was paid after 18 hours, and he was released without incident. Yes 1 day
2001 Erica Green 3 Murder victim whose decapitated body was discovered on 28 April 2001, in Kansas City, Missouri, 12 to 48 hours after death. Her head was found in a trash bag nearby on 1 May 2001.[339] The victim remained unidentified until 5 May 2005. No / Murdered 1 – 2 days
2001 Chandra Levy 24 An American intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., who disappeared in May 2001. Her skeletal remains were found in Rock Creek Park on 22 May 2002.[340] No / Murdered 1 Year
2001 Mananya Thumpong 13 Mananya Thumpong failed to return home from her local library in Sedan on 5 May 2001. On 1 March 2002, her skeletal remains were found in a forest in Paliseul. In 2004, Michel Fourniret confessed to kidnapping and killing her.[341] No / Murdered 10 Months
2001 Peter Falconio 28 A British tourist from Hepworth, West Yorkshire, who disappeared in the Australian outback in July 2001, while traveling with girlfriend Joanne Lees. Bradley Murdoch was charged with his disappearance, pleaded not guilty, but was convicted of the crime. He has appealed his conviction numerous times.[342] No / Murdered Not Found
2001 Andrea Zabini 32 An Italian national living in the United States disappeared in Aventura, Florida, on 11 October, after he left his girlfriend's house. His body had been found deceased in Miami the next day but remained unidentified until 2004 when a volunteer matched his "John Doe" record to the "missing person record".[343][344][345] No / unknown 1 day, but not identified for 3 years
2001 Don Craig Wiley 57 An American structural biologist, who disappeared on 15 November 2001. His body was found in the Mississippi River a month later and his death was ruled to be an accident.[346][347][348] No / Accident 1 Month
2001 Stuart Adamson 43 Scottish musician best known as the frontman for the rock group Big Country, disappeared on 26 November 2001, and was found dead on 16 December 2001 in a hotel room through an act of suicide.[349] No / Suicide 20 days
2002 Alicia Kozakiewicz 13 Abducted from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 1 January 2002 by 38-year-old Scott Tyree, with whom she had chatted online, believing he was a boy of her own age. Kozakiewicz was rescued four days later.[350] She went on to become a television personality and internet safety and missing persons advocate, and the founder of the Alicia Project.[351] Yes 4 days
2002 Danielle van Dam 7 A seven-year-old child from Sabre Springs, San Diego, California, who was abducted from her bedroom during the night of 1–2 February 2002. Her body was found on 27 February in a remote area. Her murderer, David Alan Westerfield, was arrested on 22 February—five days before van Dam's body was discovered. He was later convicted of the child's kidnap and first-degree murder.[352] No / Murdered 25 days
2002 Daniel Pearl 38 An American journalist who was kidnapped and murdered[353][354] on 1 February 2002 in Karachi, Sindh and was found dead on 16 May 2002. Pearl's murder remains unsolved. No / Murdered Less than three months
2002 Amanda Dowler 13 Dowler, known as Milly, disappeared in Walton-on-Thames while on her way home from school on 21 March 2002. On 18 September that year, mushroom pickers found her remains in a Hampshire forest.[355] No / Murdered 6 Months
2002 John Darwin 51 John Darwin was a former British teacher and prison officer who faked his own death in March 2002 in order that this wife could collect a £250,000 life insurance sum. For five years, Darwin lived secretly in the family home and a home immediately adjacent, living under an alias. He was arrested in London on 1 December 2007.[356] His wife, Anne, was also arrested and charged with helping Darwin to collect this policy sum and concealing the truth about his disappearance.[357] Yes 5 years
2012 Gavin Smith 57 Smith who disappeared in Oak Park, California on 1 May 2012 was a successful American man who led multiple careers.[358] More than two years later a group of hikers in Palmdale, California discovered Smith's body on October 26, 2014.[359] No / Murdered More than 2 years
2002 Elizabeth Smart 14 Smart was kidnapped from her bedroom on 5 June 2002, and was found to be alive when police officers rescued her nine months later on 12 March 2003 in Sandy, Utah, about 18 miles from her home.[360] Yes 9 Months
2002 Logan Tucker 6 Tucker was a 6-year-old American boy[361] who disappeared on 23 June 2002 and became the victim of a murder where no body was found.[362] His mother, Katherine Rutan, was convicted of first-degree murder in September 2007, and the jury recommended a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.[363] Rutan was formally sentenced to life without parole in October 2007.[364] No / Murdered Not Found
2002 Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells 10 On 4 August 2002, two 10-year-old girls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, disappeared after they left Wells' home to buy sweets. Both of the girls' bodies were found in a ditch by RAF Lakenheath airbase on 17 August.[365] Local man Ian Huntley was found to have lured the girls into his house and murdered the girls — likely via asphyxiation — and was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years imprisonment on 17 December 2003, while his girlfriend Maxine Carr was given a three-and-a-half year prison sentence for perverting the course of justice (she had provided Huntley a false alibi).[365][366] The 13-day search for the two girls has been described as one of the most intense and extensive in British criminal history.[367][368] No / Murdered 13 days
2002 Jon-Niece Jones 9 An American girl who disappeared on 15 August 2002 and whose unidentified skeletal remains were found on 18 March 2005 near the gated forest of New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure theme park, by a deer hunter.[369][370] No / Murdered 2 1/2 Years
2002 Jakob von Metzler 11 Metzler was abducted for ransom in Frankfurt, Germany by law student Magnus Gäfgen on September 27, 2002. Gäfgen demanded one million euro in ransom to release the boy, but was later arrested while trying to escape, with authorities uncovering Metzler had already been killed. Gäfgen was later sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime.[371] No / Murdered Same day
2002 Amanda Zhao 21 An international student in Vancouver, British Columbia, who disappeared on 9 October 2002, and her body was found in a suitcase by hikers near Stave Lake on 20 October 2002.[372] No / Murdered 11 Days
2002 Laci Peterson 27 Laci Peterson disappeared while 8 months pregnant with her first child on 24 December 2002. On 13 April 2003, a couple walking their dog discovered her body. Peterson's husband was found guilty of murdering her. No / Murdered 5 Months
2003 Becky Godden-Edwards 20 20-year-old Becky Godden-Edwards was last seen alive on 1 January 2003 getting into a taxi outside a nightclub in Swindon, England, after a night out with friends.[373] She was only formally reported missing in 2007.[374] Her body was discovered in March 2011 after a suspect who was arrested for the murder of Sian O'Callaghan in Swindon led police to both O'Callaghan's and Godden-Edwards's bodies.[375] Although the suspect, local taxi driver Christopher Haliwell, confessed to the murder, he was not charged and convicted for it until 2016.[375] No / Murdered 8 years
2003 Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr 40 Egyptian Islamic cleric who was kidnapped in Italy by CIA agents, then brought back to Egypt, where he kept in detention and tortured for four years. His abduction caused the spark of the Abu Omar case.[376] Yes 4 years
2003 Ahmed Siddiqui 5 Siddiqui was kidnapped along with his two younger siblings by their mother, Aafia Siddiqui, in March 2003, when they were on vacation in Karachi, Pakistan. Since Ahmed was an American citizen, his case was investigated by the FBI, which had also suspected his mother of being related to extremist groups like Al-Qaeda. In the summer of 2008, both Aafia and Ahmed were detained by police in Afghanistan, with Ahmed later returned safely to New York, but the whereabouts of his other siblings remain unknown.[377] Yes 5 years
2003 Hannah Foster 17 Foster disappeared while walking home from a night out in Southampton on 14 March 2003.[378] Two days later her body was found in Allington Lane in the city.[378] Foster had made a 999 call but could not be heard on the call.[378] She had been abducted and murdered by Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, who was arrested after 16 months on the run in India and finally extradited and convicted in 2008.[378] No / Murdered 2 days
2003 Amanda Berry 16 Berry disappeared on 21 April 2003, the day before her 17th birthday.[379] She was walking home from her job at Burger King. During captivity, Berry gave birth to a daughter. Just over 10 years later, on 6 May 2013, Berry escaped along with Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Berry's daughter.[380] They were in reasonable health and within 3 miles of the site of their disappearances. They were kidnapped, and held in captivity by Ariel Castro, who was convicted to life imprisonment, and committed suicide in prison. Yes 10 Years
2003 Romona Moore 21 Guyanese immigrant who was kidnapped from her apartment in Brooklyn on April 24, 2003. Her abductors, Troy Hendrix and Kayson Pearson, later tortured, raped and murdered her at an abandoned house, with her body found only two months later. Both men were arrested and convicted on all charges in 2006, both receiving life imprisonment without parole for the crime.[381] No / Murdered 2 months
2003 Holly Jones 10 Holly Maria Jones, 10, was abducted while returning from her friend's house in Toronto, Canada on May 12, 2003. Her kidnapper, Michael Briere, sexually assaulted and strangled her the very next day, dismembering her remains and placing them in two garbage bags, which he then dumped into the Toronto Harbour. The bags were found the following day. Briere was arrested a month later after refusing to provide a DNA sample, and subsequently convicted to life imprisonment with a chance of parole.[382] No / Murdered 1 day
2003 Canny Ong 28 A Malaysian and IT analyst who was married and employed in the United States. She returned to Malaysia on 1 June 2003 due to worry over her ailing father's cancer. After he slowly recover, Ong was set to return to USA on 14 June 2003. However, the night before the date of her flight, at the shopping centre, she went missing and was abducted by 27-year-old MAS airplane cleaner Ahmad Najib bin Aris. Ahmad Najib later raped and murdered Ong, whose body was found four days after her reported disappearance. The killer was eventually caught on 20 June 2003, and he was found guilty of murder and rape in a highly reported trial in February 2005. Ahmad Najib was sentenced to death for murder, and was also sentenced to 20 years' jail and 10 strokes of the cane for rape. More than 11 years after his trial, and after the loss of his appeals and after the Sultan of Selangor's rejection of his plea for pardon, 40-year-old Ahmad Najib bin Aris was hanged at Kajang Prison on the morning of 23 September 2016. No / Murdered 4 days
2003 Dru Sjodin 22 American woman who was abducted from the Columbia Mall on 22 November 2003 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Her body was recovered on 17 April 2004 near Crookston, Minnesota.[383] No / Murdered 5 Months
2003 Daniel Morcombe 13 Morcombe disappeared from the roadside near his Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, home on 7 December 2003. His remains were found in 2011 as forensic testing confirmed that the bones were Morcombe's.[384] Brett Peter Cowan was convicted of murder in the case. No / Murdered 8 Years
2004 Meredith Emerson 24 Hiker who went missing in Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest while walking her dog. Her body was found days later in Cumming, Georgia, and investigations later determined that she had been killed Gary Hilton, a serial killer with at least three previous murders. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for Emerson's murder.[385] No / Murdered 3 days
2004 Spalding Gray 62 Gray, an actor, writer and monologist, was declared missing on 11 January 2004. On 7 March 2004, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York reported that Gray's body had been discovered by two men and pulled from the East River.[386] He is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself. No / Suicide 2 Months
2004 Perry Saturn 37 American professional wrestler who was involved in an April 2004 altercation with two men when he came to the aid of a woman that they were in the process of raping. He fought the men and was shot with a .25 caliber handgun in the back of the neck and in the right shoulder, to which he originally thought he had received a punch, as a result of the scuffle.[387] After being shot, Saturn became addicted to methamphetamine and was homeless for two and a half years.[388][389] Saturn disappeared from public view and was not seen for several years, with his family and friends unaware of his whereabouts.[390] He reemerged in 2010, having resolved his addiction.[389] Yes Unclear
2004 Nick Berg 26 Berg was an American freelance radiotower repairman who owned a company based in Mosul, Iraq. In April 2004, during one of his frequent visits to Baghdad, he disappeared mysteriously. About a month later, his decapitated body was found by an overpass, and three days after a discovery, a video surfaced showing an Islamist jihadist group, Muntada al-Ansar, had kidnapped Berg. After forcing him to read a lengthy statement, one of his captors proceeded to decapitate him with a knife.[391] No / Murdered One month
2004 Brooke Wilberger 19 Wilberger was abducted from Corvallis, Oregon, on the morning of 24 May 2004.[392] Her remains were found on 21 September 2009. No / Murdered 5 Years 4 Months
2004 Kim Sun-il 33 Kim Sun-il was a South Korean Christian missionary and interpreter working for a company contracted by the American government to work in Iraq. On 30 May 2004, he was kidnapped near Fallujah by the Islamist militant group Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad and held as a hostage. About a month after his abduction, the group sent a tape to Al Jazeera, which depicted Sun-il being decapitated by one of his captors.[393] No / Murdered One month
2004 Zhang Hongjie 25 Chinese University of Canberra communications student said to have disappeared in June 2004, she was found murdered in her flat in Belconnen in January 2005.[394] No / Murdered 7 Months
2004 Paul Marshall Johnson Jr. 49 Johnson, an American helicopter engineer stationed at a Lockheed Martin factory in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was kidnapped by members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on June 12, 2004, at a fake checkpoint near Riyadh. Despite calls from both the Saudi and American governments for his release, his kidnappers beheaded him in a recorded video, with his head later recovered from a refrigerator in a villa near Riyadh.[395] No / Murdered 6 days
2004 William Burgess Powell 56 Discovered naked and beaten and with severe amnesia on 31 August 2004, at a Burger King in Richmond Hill, Georgia;[396] after efforts from genetic genealogists, his true identity was finally discovered on 16 September 2015.[397] Powell had forgotten his identity and had been living under the name "Benjaman Kyle". Yes Unclear
2004 Cecilia Cubas 30 Daughter of former Paraguayan president Raúl Cubas Grau who was kidnapped by armed gunmen from her home in Asunción on September 21, 2004. Her naked body was later found in an underground chamber, having been buried alive by her captors, who were trained by [[Colombia]n terrorist group FARC.[398] No / Murdered 5 months
2004 Kenneth Bigley 62 Bigley was a British civil engineer, who together with his American colleagues Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong, was kidnapped by Islamist militants from Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in Baghdad, Iraq. Two days after his kidnapping, a video surfaced showcasing the masked militants threatening to execute their captives unless their demands for Iraqi women prisoners were not met. Despite intervention from the British government and the Muslim Council of Britain, Bigley was killed two weeks later, with his decapitation being recorded and posted on the internet.[399] No / Murdered 2 days
2004 Huang Na 8 On 10 October 2004, 8-year-old Huang Na, who came from China to Singapore to study as an international student, went missing from Pasir Panjang. There was a three-week long search for the girl, which extends from Singapore to Malaysia, with many news reports covering the search and flyers distributed. There were also some monetary rewards offered for any information on the girl's whereabouts. On 30 October 2004, 23-year-old Malaysian Chinese Took Leng How confessed that he killed Huang Na in a storeroom during a game of hide-and-seek. The body was found stuffed in an abandoned box at Telok Blangah the next day, and Took, who was a close acquaintance of Huang Na and her family, was charged with murder. An autopsy result showed that there was possibly some form of sexual assault on the girl, but it was not conclusively proven due to the corpse's high state of decomposition. There were some suggestions that Took was mentally ill, and that the girl could have died of other causes instead of murder, but nevertheless, Took was found guilty and sentenced to death. Took's appeal was later dismissed by the three-judge Court of Appeal on a rare split decision of 2 to 1 (two judges upheld the murder conviction and one disagreed with the verdict). Took's clemency appeal was also turned down, and subsequently, he was executed on 3 November 2006 by hanging in Changi Prison.[400] No / Murdered 21 days
2004 Margaret Hassan 59 Hassan was an Irish-Iraqi aid worker associated with Care International, providing many locals with medicine and food. On 19 October 2004, she was kidnapped by an unidentified Islamist militant group in Baghdad, who recorded her execution in a hostage video two weeks after her kidnapping. Her remains have never been recovered, and her killer, architect Ali Lutfi Jassar al-Rawi, escaped from prison in 2010, with his whereabouts still unclear.[401] No / Murdered 2 weeks
2005 Benedict Cumberbatch 29 Cumberbatch, an award-winning English actor, was kidnapped together with Denise Black and a mutual friend near Lake St. Lucia in South Africa by a gang of six men. By nightfall, he managed to persuade his abductors that they could get in trouble if they harmed him or his friends, the trio was let go.[402] Yes Same day
2005 Margie Profet 46 An evolutionary biologist who had ceased contact with her family in 2002 and had last been seen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2005. In May 2012 she was told by a friend about her "disappearance" and contacted her family. She had been living in an isolated location, suffering from a physical ailment that caused her severe pain, and had not realized she was considered "missing".[403][404] Yes 7 Years out of contact
2005 Jessica Lunsford 9 An American girl who was abducted from her home in Homosassa, Florida, in the early morning of 24 February 2005 by John Couey; her body was found three weeks later, buried at the home of Couey's half-sister, who lived within sight of the Lunsford home.[405] No / Murdered 3 Weeks
2005 Jetseta Gage 10 Gage was abducted from her home in Johnson County, Iowa by family friend and convicted sex offender Roger Bentley, who raped and then killed at his trailer. He was arrested the following day and later convicted of the crime, receiving two life sentences. The case prompted major changes in Iowa's sentencing laws regarding child sex crimes in the state.[406] No / Murdered 1 day
2005 Patrick McDermott 48 American cameraman and former boyfriend of singer Olivia Newton-John; disappeared from a fishing charter boat off San Pedro, Los Angeles, on 30 June 2005, and was suspected of faking his own death in order to cash in on a $100,000 life insurance policy for his son. However, a United States Coast Guard investigation released in November 2008 concluded that McDermott most likely drowned.[407] In April 2010, investigators claimed that he had been found and was living in Mexico.[408] Yes 5 Years
2005 Jenny Nicholl 19 Nicholl disappeared from North Yorkshire at the end of June 2005. David Hodgson, a 45-year-old married father of two, who had been having an affair with her for five years, was convicted of her murder. She was also seeing Hodgson's older brother, which police say, was the reason for her murder as David Hodgson became obsessively jealous about her relationship with his brother. He was convicted in February 2008 and sentenced to life with a minimum of 18 years, yet Nicholl's body has never been found.[409] No / Murdered Not Found
2005 Jacques Roche 44 Haitian journalist and Group of 184 affiliate who was kidnapped and murdered in Port-au-Prince, allegedly by members of the Fanmi Lavalas party, which he opposed.[410] No / Murdered 4 days
2005 Scout Taylor-Compton 16 American actress who went missing on 12 August 2005 in southern California and was found two weeks later. She had run away from home.[411] Yes 2 Weeks
2005 Barry Cowsill 50 Musician and member of the 1960s pop group The Cowsills, disappeared on 29 August 2005, while trying to contact his sister during a storm. After an extensive search, Cowsill's body was found under a wharf on the Mississippi River on 28 December 2005.[412] Cowsill's death was attributed to drowning as a result of the flooding following Hurricane Katrina.[413] No / Drowning 4 Months
2005 Peter Tobin 59 Peter Tobin, a man who had previously been jailed in 1994 for a sex attack on two girls in Portsmouth, was declared to have breached the terms of his licensed release in November 2005 when police found they could not trace his location.[414] A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was on the run for almost a year.[414] He was not discovered until he murdered Angelika Kluk in Glasgow in September 2006.[414] Yes 10 Months
2005 Naomi Miller 34 A woman from Texas, who was reported missing in December 2005, and was found buried underneath the old San Angelo speedway[415] on 8 March 2017.[416] Her ex-husband Robert had faced charges in her death,[417] and both he and his current wife pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 38 years in prison.[418] No / Murdered 12 Years
2005 Adre-Anna Jackson 10 Jackson disappeared while walking to her school in Lakewood, Washington, in an area reportedly populated by registered sex offenders. Her skeletonized body was later found in a thicket. While the exact cause of death hasn't been determined, it was deemed suspicious, and the unsolved killing is currently under investigation by the FBI.[419] No / Murdered 4 months
2006 Bobby Äikiä 10 Äikiä, a Swedish boy with Fragile X syndrome from Nässjö, Jönköping County, who on 14 January 2006 was tortured and killed by his mother and stepfather.[420] and his body was then hidden by them. In February 2006 Äikiä's body was found and mother and stepfather were charged with the crime.[421] No / Murdered Over 2 weeks
2006 Banaz Mahmod 20 Mahmod, an Iraqi Kurdish immigrant living in London, was killed by her family members when she refused to engage with a man in a forced marriage. After being raped and tortured for hours, she was strangled and her body stuffed in a suitcase, which the perpetrators buried in a garden in Handsworth, West Midlands. The killers were arrested a month after her murder, and police used phone and vehicle tracking to locate Mahmod's remains.[422] No / Murdered Over 3 months
2006 Ilan Halimi 23 Halimi, a French mobile phone salesman working in Paris, was kidnapped by a gang of criminals who believed that, since he was Jewish and thus wealthy. The "Gang of Barbarians", led by Youssouf Fofana, sent threatening messages and ransom letters to the family members, demanding that they be paid in exchange for his release. Halimi, who had been tortured during the process, died as a result of his injuries. His captors would later be arrested and sentenced to varying terms of imprisonment.[423] No / Murdered Over 2 weeks
2006 Nurasyura binte Mohamed Fauzi 2 Nurasyra binte Mohamed Fauzi, affectionately known by her nickname "Nonoi" went missing in Singapore on 1 March 2006. She was said to be last seen in her step-grandparents' ground floor flat in Circuit Road, Singapore. Over the next three days, there was a highly publicised search for the girl, with all her family members, friends, and strangers (including the police) participated in the search and distributing flyers. Then, on the third day after her disappearance, Nonoi's stepfather Mohammed Ali bin Johari, aged 29, confessed to his wife and mother-in-law that he had accidentally drowned her in water, and led the police to where he disposed the little girl's body. Mohammed Ali was then charged with murder. Autopsy results showed that the girl was sexually assaulted before her death, to which Mohammed Ali repeatedly denied raping the girl. In August 2007, in a widely reported trial, the High Court of Singapore found 31-year-old Mohammed Ali guilty of murder and sentenced him to death. Mohammed Ali later lost his appeal, and he was eventually hanged on 19 December 2008.[424] No / Murdered 3 days
2006 Dana Lowrey 23 Dana Lowrey last contacted her estranged husband in Minden, Louisiana, in May 2006. She had traveled the United States selling magazines and at the time she last spoke to him, she was in Ohio. Lowrey is believed to be the first victim of serial killer Shawn Grate, who confessed to murdering the victim in 2016. Her remains were found in March 2007 but not identified. Lowrey was identified by the DNA Doe Project in June 2019.[425] No / Murdered 10 Months
2006 Nathalie Mahy and Stacy Lemmens 11 and 7 Nathalie Mahy and Stacy Lemmens were two Belgian stepsisters, who disappeared in the city of Liège on 10 June 2006 and were found murdered on 28 June 2006.[426] On 10 June 2008, Abdallah Ait Oud was found guilty by a jury of kidnapping, rape and murder of the children, and sentenced to life imprisonment (which, under the Belgian law, is most of the time not fully served in prison, but later on changed into a suspended sentence).[427][428][429] No / Murdered 18 Days
2006 Chanel Petro-Nixon 16 or 17 Petro-Nixon was an American teenager from Brooklyn, New York, who went missing on 18 June 2006. Her body was discovered on 22 June 2006 in a trash bag in front of 212 Kingston Avenue. It was determined that Petro-Nixon had been strangled.[430] No / Murdered 4 days
2006 Frauke Liebs 21 Liebs was a student nurse who disappeared on 20 June 2006 after last being seen at a pub in Paderborn's city center.[431] Her skeletonized body was found by a hunter on 4 October 2006 in a forested area next to a Landesstraße ("state road") near Lichtenau.[432] No / Murdered 14 Weeks
2006 Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño Age unknown and 22 Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño, both alumni of the University of the Philippines Diliman, disappeared on 26 June 2006. According to eyewitness Raymond Manalo, the two were abducted by suspected military men in Hagonoy, Bulacan and were accused of being members of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The incident took place at the time of a fierce conflict in Central Luzon between the Philippine government and the communist rebel group New People's Army. According to Manalo, the two died after being tortured using waterboarding, electrocution and sexual assault in order to force their confession of being members of the NPA. Their bodies were never found. On 17 September 2018, retired Major General and former congressman Jovito Palparan and two other former military officials were convicted of kidnapping and serious illegal detention of Cadapan and Empeño and were sentenced to life imprisonment.[433][434] No / Murdered Missing for 14 years, 11 months and 19 days
2006 Destiny Norton 5 Norton had disappeared on 16 July 2006 from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her body was found on 24 July 2006, less than 100 feet from her home in the basement of her neighbor, Craig Roger Gregerson.[435] No / Murdered 8 Days
2006 Steven Centanni 60 A reporter for Fox News kidnapped alongside colleague Olaf Wiig in the Gaza Strip by Palestinian militants. Their kidnappers demanded that all Muslim prisoners in the United States be freed from custody. Although this demand was not met, both were freed after thirteen days of captivity after claiming to have converted to Islam. (Both later stated they had falsely claimed to have converted at gunpoint.)[436] Yes 13 days
2006 Angelika Kluk 23 23-year-old Angelika Kluk, a student from Poland, was last seen alive in the company of a church handyman at St. Patrick's Church in Glasgow.[437] Kluk's body was discovered hidden under the floorboards of the church on 29 September.[438] After a nationwide search, the church's handyman, who turned out to be the missing sex offender Peter Tobin, was found and convicted of Kluk's murder.[437] During investigations Tobin was found to have also murdered Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol, two girls who had disappeared in 1991.[437] No / Murdered 5 Days
2006 Chelvy Thiyagarajah Unknown Sri Lankan feminist poet and activist abducted by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a militant rebel group. Six years after her abduction, LTTE sources confirmed that Thiyagarajah and another activist had been executed at one of their camps. No / Executed Never found
2006 Peter Tobin/"Patrick McLaughlin" 60 On 28 September 2006, police in Glasgow announced that they wanted to speak to Patrick McLaughlin, a church handyman at St. Patrick's Church in Glasgow, as he was the last person to see missing student Angelika Kluk.[439] "McLaughlin" is later confirmed as being the missing sex offender Peter Tobin, and a nationwide search for him ensues after Kluk's body is found buried in the church.[439] Tobin is found on 1 October when a nurse at a hospital in London recognises his picture in the media.[439][437] Yes 3 Days
2006 Michelle Gardner-Quinn 21 Gardner-Quinn was an undergraduate at the University of Vermont, who was kidnapped on 7 October 2006. Her body was found along a road in the neighboring town of Richmond on 13 October 2006.[440] No / Murdered 6 Days
2006 Ahmed Kousay al-Taie 40 Al-Taie, an Iraqi-born American soldier serving in Baghdad during the Iraq War, was captured by a group of armed militants who held him as a hostage. His fate remained unclear until 2012, when the Iraqi government confirmed that he had been killed in 2008.[441] No / Murdered 6 years
2006 Tania Nicol 19 19-year-old Tania Nicol, who discreetly worked as a prostitute to fund a drug addiction, disappeared from Ipswich on the night of 30 October 2006.[442] Her body was found in a river on the outskirts of Ipwich on 8 December; she had been killed by the serial prostitute killer Steve Wright.[442] No / Murdered 38 days
2006 Douglas Al-Bazi 34 Iraqi Chaldean Catholic Church who was kidnapped by an Islamist militant group while serving in Baghdad. He was viciously tortured, but eventually released after a ransom of $170,000 was paid to the kidnappers. Since then, Al-Bazi has moved to New Zealand and has become the parish priest of the St. Addai Chaldean Catholic Church in Papatoetoe, doing political activism on behalf of Christians in the Middle East.[443] Yes 9 days
2006 Gemma Adams 25 25-year-old Gemma Adams, who had turned to prostitution to fund a drug addiction, disappeared from Ipswich on the night of 15 November 2006.[442] Her body was found in a river on the outskirts of Ipwich on 2 December, six days before the body of fellow missing Ipswich woman Tania Nichol was found in the same river.[442] Both had been killed by the serial prostitute killer Steve Wright.[442] No / Murdered 17 days
2006 Anneli Alderton 24 3 months-pregnant Anneli Alderton, who worked as a prostitute, disappeared from Ipswich on the evening of 3 December 2006.[442] She was found in woodland on the outskirts of Ipswich on 10 December when a passing motorist reported seeing her body, three days after another motorist mistook it for a manequin and failed to report it.[442] She had been killed by the serial prostitute killer Steve Wright.[442] No / Murdered 7 days
2006 James Kim 35 The American TV personality and this family were travelling back to their home in San Francisco, California, but encountered heavy snow while passing through Oregon, forcing them to change their route. Their vehicle was eventually immobilized, and James later attempted to get help by reaching the nearest town. While his family were later rescued, he died from hypothermia at Big Windy Creek, where his body was found two days later.[444] No / Death from hypothermia 2 days
2006 Annette Nicholls 29 29-year-old Tania Nicol, who worked as a prostitute, disappeared from Ipswich on 8 December 2006.[442] Her body was found alongside fellow missing Ipswich prostitute Paula Clennell in woodland by a road on 12 December; both had been killed by the serial prostitute killer Steve Wright.[442] No / Murdered 4 days
2006 Paula Clennell 24 24-year-old Paula Clennell, who discreetly worked as a prostitute, disappeared from Ipswich on the morning of 10 December 2006.[442] Her body was found in woodland by a road on the outskirts of Ipwich on 12 December, after a police helicopter spotted her and the body of the missing Ipswich woman Annette Nicholls.[442] Both had been killed by the serial prostitute killer Steve Wright.[442] No / Murdered 2 days
2007 Erika Hill 15 Erika was an American 15-year-old girl who was murdered in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, in February 2007. Hill's damaged body was found in Gary, Indiana, on 26 February, and her identity was not discovered until 2015. Taylin Hill, her adoptive mother, was charged with reckless homicide after Hill's identification, and later pleaded guilty to reduced charges for which she was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Her body was first taken to Chicago and burned, then five days later it was moved to Gary, Indiana.[445] Her identity was not revealed until 2015.[446] No / Murdered 5 Days
2007 Alan Johnston Unknown A British journalist for the BBC stationed in Gaza City, Johnston was kidnapped by Army of Islam militants and held in captivity. Despite several false reports of him being executed, he was eventually freed on July 4 and returned to the UK a few days later.[447] Yes More than 3 months
2007 Edward Chikombo 65–66 Zimbabwean journalist for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation who was killed after sending footage depicting police brutality towards Movement for Democratic Change members to foreign media. Despite the outrage over his death, his killers were never caught.[448] No / Murdered Several days
2007 Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez 26 Barrameda-Jimenez was the sister of Filipino actress and beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda. She disappeared on 14 March 2007 after visiting her children at the house of her estranged husband, Manuel Jimenez III's family in Navotas, Metro Manila. Her body was found more than two years later on 10 June 2009 inside a cemented metal drum on the bottom of Manila Bay near the Navotas Fish Port based on a tip from Manuel Montero, one of the alleged suspects in her murder. Montero confessed that she murdered Barrameda-Jimenez upon the orders of Manuel Jimenez III, his father Manuel Jimenez Jr. and his uncle Lope Jimenez. A driver named Eric Fernandez and a security officer named Lennard Descalso were also named as accomplices. On 30 September 2019, the Malabon Regional Trial Court dismissed the parricide case against Jimenez III and the murder case against his father, his uncle and several other accomplices after Montero recanted his testimony and went missing in 2013.[449][450][451][452] No / Murdered 2 years, 2 months, 28 days
2007 Kelsey Smith 18 Smith, an Overland Park, Kansas, teenager, disappeared on 2 June 2007 and was murdered that evening. Smith's body was found in Longview Lake, Missouri, on 6 June 2007. The Kelsey Smith Act was later created in her name. No / Murdered 4 days
2007 Riley Ann Sawyers 2 Sawyers had disappeared from Spring, Texas, on 24 July 2007. Her body was found in Galveston Bay, Texas, on 29 October 2007.[453] No / Murdered 3 Months
2007 Cédrika Provencher 9 Provencher was a girl from Trois-Rivières, Quebec, who disappeared on 31 July 2007.[454] The Quebec media believed that she was kidnapped.[455][456] On 12 December 2015, Quebec police announced that her remains had been found in Mauricie, Quebec.[457][458] No / Unknown 8 Years 5 Months
2007 Corryn Rayney 43 or 44 Rayney disappeared from Australia about 7 August 2007; her body was found a week later in a clandestine grave in Kings Park, Perth, with no clear cause of death.[459] No / Unknown 1 Week
2007 Nurin Jazlin 8 Jazlin was a Malaysian girl who disappeared in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, on the night of 20 August 2007. She was found brutally tortured in front of a shop on 17 September 2007, her body stuffed inside a gym bag.[460] No / Murdered 1 Month
2007 Steve Fossett 63 Fossett was the famous businessman and record breaking aviator who went missing on 3 September 2007 while flying over the Great Basin Desert. Exactly one year later, in September 2008, a hiker found Fossett's identification cards in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, leading shortly after to the discovery of the plane's wreckage. The remains of Fossett were two large bones, that were found half a mile from the crash site, probably scattered by wild animals.[461][462] No / Plane crash 1 Year
2008 Brianna Denison 19 Denison was a college student from Santa Barbara, California, who was abducted on 20 January 2008 from a friend's house in Reno, Nevada. Her body was discovered on 15 February 2008 in a field near a Reno business park after being raped and murdered.[463] No / Murdered 26 Days
2008 Shannon Matthews 9 Matthews is an English girl who was kidnapped in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, on 19 February 2008.[464] She was found alive and well on 14 March 2008, and it turned out that the "kidnapping" had been a scam by her mother and an uncle of the mother's boyfriend to fraudulently claim a reward for her return.[465] A drama was made about the case showing the extent of the community involvement in trying to locate Shannon. Yes 23 Days
2008 Leonid Rozhetskin 41 Rozhetskin was a Russian financier and lawyer, who went missing from his village in Jūrmala, Latvia, on 16 March 2008 under suspicious circumstances, and his body was found in 2013.[466] No / Unknown 5 Years
2008 Amanda Lindhout 27 Lindhout was a Canadian freelance journalist who was sent to report on events in Mogadishu, Somalia. On August 23, 2008, two days after her arrival, Lindhout, together with her Australian colleague Nigel Brennan, their translator Abdifatah Mohammed Elmi and driver Mahad Isse were all kidnapped by Islamist militants and held hostage. After 15 months, during which she was repeatedly tortured and raped, Lindhout and the other captives were released, and since then she has embarked on a philanthropic career helping out others in need.[467] Yes 15 months
2008 Caylee Anthony 2 Caylee was reported missing on 15 July 2008 in Orlando, Florida. On 11 December 2008, her skeletal remains were found with a blanket inside a trash bag in a wooded area near the family home.[369][468] Her mother was accused but acquitted of her murder. No / Unknown 5 Months
2008 Robert Fowler 64 Fowler was a Canadian diplomat and special envoy of the UN who was kidnapped while on a peace mission in Niger. After extensive negotiations, he and several other Western hostages were released.[469] Yes 4 months
2009 Pericles Panagopoulos 73 Panagopoulos, a successful Greek shipping magnate who owned multiple companies engaged in the trade, was kidnapped by a group of armed men in Athens in 2009. Orchestrated by crime boss Panagiotis Vlastos, the group demanded €30 million in ransom, and after a week, they released Panagopoulos after the sum was paid. It is reportedly the highest ransom ever paid.[470] Yes More than 1 week
2009 Gerry Rafferty 61 Scottish singer-songwriter, who was reported as having been missing for seven months in February 2009, having disappeared from St Thomas' Hospital in London, where he was being treated for liver failure.[471] Later that month, The Guardian reported that Rafferty had been found, and was described as living "in hiding" in the south of England.[472] Yes 7 Months
2009 Sandra Cantu 8 American girl from Tracy, California, who attracted national attention after she went missing on 27 March 2009. Her body was discovered two weeks later inside a suitcase in a nearby irrigation pond.[473] No / Murdered 2 Weeks
2009 Tori Stafford 8 Tori Stafford was a Canadian girl from Woodstock, Ontario who on 8 April 2009 was kidnapped, raped, and killed. On 21 July 2009 Stafford's body was found in Mount Forest, Ontario.[474] No / Murdered Less than two months
2009 Mark Sanford 49 Republican South Carolina Governor disappeared on 18 June 2009, and reappeared on 24 June six days later.[475][476] Yes 6 Days
2009 Annie Le 24 American doctoral student at the Yale School of Medicine's Department of Pharmacology, who disappeared on 8 September 2009, and was found dead on 13 September 2009 in the building where she worked.[477][478] No / Murdered 5 Days
2009 Mitrice Richardson 24 Richardson was an American woman from Calabasas, California, who disappeared on 17 September 2009 after being released from police custody; her body was found on 9 August 2010.[479] No / Unknown 11 Months
2009 Morgan Dana Harrington 20 American Virginia Tech student, who disappeared from the John Paul Jones Arena on 17 October 2009, while attending a Metallica concert at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville.[480] Her body was discovered on 26 January 2010.[481] No / Murdered 3 Months


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
2010 McStay family[482] Various Joseph McStay (40), his wife Summer (43), and their sons Gianni (4), and Joseph Jr. (3), abruptly disappeared from their Fallbrook, California, home under suspicious circumstances on 4 February 2010.[483][484] Their bodies were found by a biker in the desert near Victorville, California, on 13 November 2013. One year later, on 7 November 2014, police arrested Charles "Chase" Merritt, Joseph McStay's business partner, and charged him with the murders.[485] No / Murdered 3 Years 9 Months
2010 Faiza Ashraf 26 Faiza Ashraf was Pakistani-Norwegian woman who disappeared in at Haslum in Bærum on 3 February 2010 after being kidnapped. After 10 February 2010 Ashraf's body was found in Asker after the police were told the location of it.[486] No / Murdered 7 Days
2010 Mackenzie Cowell 17 Mackenzie Cowell was a high school student who went missing after last being seen leaving the beauty school she attended in Wenatchee, Washington on 9 February 2010. She had told classmates she would be back in 15 minutes. Her body was found four days later on a river bank. A beauty school classmate was charged in her death and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.[487] No / Murdered 4 Days
2010 Khalid Khawaja 58–59 Pakistan Air Force and Inter-Services Intelligence officer who was kidnapped by the Asian Tigers militant group on March 30, 2010 while making a documentary on Colonel Imam. His body was later found in Mir Ali.[488] No / Murdered 1 month
2010 Andrew Koenig 41 Andrew Koenig was an American actor who went missing after last being seen in Vancouver, British Columbia on 14 February 2010 and using his cellphone on 16 February. On 25 February 2010, a group of 11 of his friends and family members found his body hanging from a tree in Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver through an act of suicide.[489][490][491] No / Suicide 11 Days
2010 Suzanne Pilley 38 Suzanne Pilley was a woman who disappeared on 4 May 2010 in Scotland. On 23 June 2010, David Gilroy, her former boyfriend, was detained by Lothian and Borders Police under section 14 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 in connection with her disappearance. Later that day he was arrested and charged with her murder,[492] and on 15 March 2012 he was found guilty, revealing that she had been murdered.[493] No / Murdered Not Found
2010 Lyle and Marie McCann 78 (Lyle)
77 (Marie)
The McCann couple, from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, went missing after going on a road trip on 3 July 2010. Their bodies were never found. In January 2017, Travis Vader was sentenced to life imprisonment for their manslaughter.[494] No / Manslaughter Not Found
2010 Lorenzen Wright 34 An American professional basketball player, who disappeared on 19 July 2010, and was found dead on 28 July in Memphis, Tennessee, in a wooded area. The case was ruled a homicide.[495] On 9 November 2017, Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife, Sherra Wright Robinson was arrested in connection with the Lorenzen Wright murder, days after Billy R. Turner, a landscaper, was indicted on first-degree murder charges.[496] No / Murdered 9 days
2010 Joanna Yeates 25 A landscape architect from Hampshire, England, who disappeared on 17 December 2010 in Bristol.[497] Her body was discovered on 25 December 2010 in Failand, North Somerset.[498] No / Murdered 8 Days
2011 Laila Khan 33 Bollywood actress best known for her role in Wafa: A Deadly Love Story, and being allegedly married to a member of the banned Islamist organization Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami. She disappeared together with several family members on January 30, 2011. A year later, they were all found shot to death at a bungalow in Maharashtra.[499] No / Murdered More than 1 year
2011 Muzafar Bhutto 41 A Sindhi nationalist politician, who went missing on 24 February 2011 and was found dead on 22 May 2012 at a roadside near Hatri bypass.[500] No / Murdered 1 Year 3 Months
2011 Sian O'Callaghan 22 O'Callaghan was last seen on CCTV leaving the Suju nightclub in Swindon alone at 02.52 am on 19 March 2011, intending to walk the half a mile distance to her home.[501] Her boyfriend sent a text message to her at 03.24, at which time, it was later discovered, O'Callaghan's phone was in the Savernake Forest 12 miles away.[501] On 24 March, an arrested suspect led police to her body in a shallow grave near Uffington, Oxfordshire, and the suspect, Christopher Halliwell, was later convicted for her murder.[501] No / Murdered 5 days
2011 Holly Lynn Bobo 20 Disappeared from her home in Darden, Tennessee on 13 April 2011. Her remains were found in September 2014 in northern Decatur County, Tennessee, and her death was ruled a homicide.[502] No / Murdered 3 Years 5 Months
2011 Moussa Ibrahim 36 A Libyan political figure, who disappeared in August 2011.[503] In October 2014, he was discovered in, and later deported from, Egypt.[504] Yes 3 Years 2 Months
2011 Erica Parsons 13 Last seen in North Carolina by persons outside her family on 17 November 2011. In 2016, her remains were found in a shallow grave near her adoptive grandmother's house in an adjacent portion of South Carolina. Her own adoptive parents, who allegedly abused her, were later convicted for her murder.[505] No / Murdered 4 Years 10 Months
2011 Stephen Corrigan 48 Corrigan, an Irish man who disappeared on 22 November 2011,[506] and on 9 April 2020 some remains of his skeleton remains were found in Rathmines, Dublin.[507][508] No 9 years
2012 Gemma McCluskie 29 A British television actress who disappeared from her home in East London on 1 March 2012. Her dismembered body was discovered on 6 March 2012 in the Regent's Canal. Her brother, Tony McCluskie was charged and found guilty of her murder.[509] No / Murdered 5 Days
2012 Allison Baden-Clay 43 An Australian woman who disappeared on 20 April 2012, and whose body was discovered on 30 April 2012 after she was reported missing by her husband, who was found guilty of murdering her.[510] No / Murdered 10 days
2012 Gavin Smith 57 An executive with 20th Century Fox who was last seen leaving a friend's house in Oak Park, California, on 1 May 2012.[511] In 2014 he was declared legally dead from the night of his disappearance.[512] His body was found in a shallow grave later that year by hikers in a rural area near Angeles National Forest.[513] In early 2015 police arrested John Lenzie Creech, the husband of one of Smith's extramarital acquaintances, and charged him with Smith's murder.[514] Creech, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence on an unrelated drug dealing conviction, admitted killing Smith, but claimed he did so in self-defense. No / Murdered 2 Years
2012 Jeroen Oerlemans 42 Oerlemans was a Dutch photographer and war correspondent who was kidnapped in Syria in July 2012, together with British journalist John Cantlie. Both were freed a week later by the Free Syrian Army. Oerlemans continued to work in the Near East and Afghanistan until his death in 2016, when he was killed by an ISIL sniper in Sirte, Libya.[515] Yes 1 week
2012 Skylar Neese 16 An American girl who disappeared from her home in Star City, West Virginia around midnight on 6 July 2012. Neese's remains were found on 16 January 2013, in Greene County, Pennsylvania.[516] No / Murdered 6 Months
2012 Ramona Moore 35 Moore disappeared from her apartment in The Bronx, and her body was found three years later in South Blooming Grove. Her building superintendent, Nasean Bonie, a long-time suspect in the case, was later convicted of manslaughter in the case and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.[517] No / Murdered 3 years
2012 Tia Sharp 12 A girl from the United Kingdom who went missing on 3 August 2012. Her body was found 7 days later in her grandmother's loft.[518][519] Her grandmother's partner, who Tia regarded as her grandfather, was convicted of Tia's murder. No / Murdered 7 Days
2012 Hüseyin Aygün 42 Turkish lawyer and politician who was kidnapped by PKK militants on August 12, 2012, together with a reporter and his aide. Aygün was released unharmed two days later, and his comments on the amiable treatment from his kidnappers caused controversy within his party.[520] Yes 2 days
2012 Elaine O'Hara 36 An Irish childcare worker who was last seen on 22 August 2012 in Shanganagh, Dublin by a jogger.[521] Her body was found on 21 August 2013. On 27 March 2015, Graham Dwyer, with whom she had participated in BDSM sessions, was convicted and sentenced to a term of life imprisonment.[522] No / Murdered 1 Year
2012 April Jones 5 A girl from Machynlleth, Powys, who disappeared after she was sighted willingly getting into a vehicle near her home on 1 October 2012.[523] On 30 May 2013, Mark Bridger was convicted of Jones' abduction and murder,[524] after forensic evidence was found in his car and home, but her body has never been found. No / Murdered Not Found
2012 James Foley 38 Foley was an American journalist and video reporter, known for predominantly writing in military newspapers centering around events related to the Middle East. While working as a freelance correspondent in northwestern Syria, he was abducted by ISIL militants on November 22, 2012. He was kept as a hostage until August 2014, when he was beheaded on video by militants in response to the intervention in Iraq.[525] No / Murdered 2 years
2012 Joshua Boyle Unknown Boyle and Coleman are a Canadian-American couple who were kidnapped on October 8, 2012, in Afghanistan, while on a trip through Central and South Asia. They were held in captivity by militants until 2017, when they were rescued by security forces in Pakistan.[526] Yes 5 years
Caitlan Coleman Unknown
2012 Tokbergen Abiyev Unknown A Kazakh journalist who went missing on 20 December 2012, just hours after he announced to the Kazakh media that he had a sensational news report about to be published.[527] Abiyev reappeared on 4 January 2013.[528] Yes 2 Weeks
2013 Ethan Gilman 5 Gilman was kidnapped by Jimmy Lee Dykes, a retired Vietnam veteran, from his schoolbus, after killing the vehicle's driver. He then kept Gilman as his hostage in his bunker in Midland City, Alabama, until a week later, when police raided the facility, killing Dykes and rescuing Gilman.[529] Yes 1 week
2013 Elisa Lam 21 A university student who disappeared from the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles on 31 January 2013. Hotel elevator surveillance video taken on the day of her disappearance showed Lam repeatedly entering and exiting the (apparently malfunctioning) elevator while intermittently talking outside the elevator and appearing to hide within the elevator.[530] Maintenance workers found her body in a water tank atop the hotel on 19 February 2013 while responding to guest complaints about low water pressure. Her death was ruled accidental but questions still remained concerning why and how she entered the water tank.[531][532] No / Drowning 3 weeks
2013 David Haines 43 Haines was a British-Canadian aid worker providing humanitarian aid in various conflicts, most notably for people from former Yugoslavia, the African countries and the Middle East. In March 2013, he was kidnapped by an unidentified armed group in Atme, Syria, along with Italian aid worker Federico Motka. His status as a hostage was confirmed when he surfaced in the video showing the beheading of Steven Sotloff, prompting an attempted rescue. The attempt was unsuccessful, and Haines was executed a few months later.[533] No / Murdered 19 months
2013 Glory Chau Wing-ki and Moon Siu Yuet-yee 63 and 65 Glory Chau Wing-ki and Moon Siu Yuet-yee were an elderly couple murdered in Hong Kong, presumably on 1 March 2013. Their youngest son Henry Chau Hoi-leung and his friend Angus Tse Chun-kei were indicted for the murder, which they initially denied being involved in.[534] During Chau and Tse's interviews with the police, they admitted that after the murder, they chopped up the parents' dead bodies and cooked the remains with salt to make them look "like barbecue pork."[535] They kept part of the remains in lunch boxes, which they stored in the refrigerator. The gruesome details of the murder sparked a huge amount of media coverage in Hong Kong. On 20 March 2015, High Court deputy judge Michael Stuart-Moore found Chau guilty of double murder while finding his accomplice Tse not guilty on both counts of murder.[536] No / Murdered Unclear
2013 Sunil Tripathi 22 Sunil Tripathi was an American student who disappeared from Providence, Rhode Island on 16 March 2013. Tripathi was later found dead on 23 April 2013[537] after having died by suicide after drowning himself. No / Suicide by drowning Over 1 month
2013 Jessica Heeringa 25 Heeringa disappeared from her job at a gas station in Norton Shores, Michigan on 26 April 2013. Although her remains have not been found, in 2016, Jeffrey Willis, a frequent customer of hers, was charged with her kidnapping and murder due to forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony, while his cousin Kevin Bluhm was charged with accessory after he confessed to helping him bury her body.[538][539] Willis was found guilty of Heeringa's kidnapping and murder on 16 May 2018.[540] He received a life sentence without parole a month later.[541] On 27 November 2017, Bluhm pleaded no contest to being an accessory for helping Willis dispose of Heeringa's body and was sentenced on 9 January 2018 to time served, plus five years probation and to wear a GPS tether for at least a year.[542] No / Murdered Not Found
2013 Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severein 35 and 35 Visser and her boyfriend Lodewijk Severein disappeared on 13 May 2013 shortly after checking into a hotel in the city of Murcia, Spain. Visser was a member of the Netherlands women's national volleyball team. Their bodies were found in a shallow grave in a lemon grove on 27 May. The pair had been abducted, tortured and killed.[543] In November 2016 three men known to the couple were sentenced to 35 years in prison for the murders.[544] No / Murdered 2 Weeks
2013 Cullen Finnerty 30 An American football quarterback, who disappeared on 26 May 2013 after he went fishing on the Baldwin River in Michigan,[545] and was found dead on 28 May two days later in the woods.[546] No / Pneumonia 2 Days
2013 Hannah Anderson 16 Hannah Marie Anderson, a 16-year-old high school student from Lakeside, California, was abducted on the afternoon of 3 August 2013. Her abductor, 40-year-old James DiMaggio, had murdered Anderson's mother, Christina, and younger brother, Ethan, whose bodies were found in his incinerated home the following day. An AMBER alert was issued for Anderson, who was found alive at a campsite in Cascade, Idaho on August 10 immediately after her abductor—who had fled to this location with her—was killed by police after firing upon officers.[547] Yes 7 Days
2013 Alexis Murphy 17 Alexis Murphy was a female teenager who went missing on 3 August 2013[548][549] in Nelson County, Virginia. The remains of Murphy were found in Lovingston on 3 December 2020. No / Murdered More than 6 years
2013 Steven Sotloff 30 Sotloff was an American-Israeli journalist, known for covering current events in Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Bahrain and most notably, Syria. On 4 August 2013, he was kidnapped in Aleppo, Syria with several other people while crossing the border with Turkey. His kidnappers remained unknown until September 2, 2014, when ISIL released a video beheading him.[550] No / Murdered 13 months
2014 David Bird 55 Bird, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, left his Millington, New Jersey, home for a short walk on 11 January 2014, and never returned. His body was found in a nearby river 14 months later. A subsequent investigation determined that the cause of death was accidental drowning.[551] No / Drowning 14 Months
2014 Dmytro Bulatov 36 Civic activist and leader of AutoMaidan, an anti-government political movement. On January 22, 2014, he was kidnapped by a group of armed men, but when it was learned that he had gotten in contact with his friends, he was released eight days later. During his detention, Bulatov alleged that his kidnappers spoke Russian accents. He had to undergo treatment for his injuries as well, as he had been tortured.[552] Yes 8 days
2014 Hailey Owens 10 Owens was abducted in Springfield, Missouri while walking home from school on February 18, 2014, by Craig Michael Wood, who proceeded to rape the girl before fatally shooting her in the head. Her body was found in a dumpster near Wood's house the next day. He would later be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death, with the case serving as a precedent for Hailey's Law, which allows law enforcement to issue Amber alerts more quickly.[553] No / Murdered 1 day
2014 Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon 21 and 22 Two Dutch students who disappeared on 1 April 2014, while hiking in Panama. Their remains were found on 22 June 2014.[554] There are unanswered questions about their deaths and it has not been possible to rule out accident or murder. No / Death by misadventure 9 Weeks
2014 Charles Bothuell V 12 An American boy from Detroit, Michigan, reported missing by his father in June 2014.[555] When a search was conducted to find him, he was found alive eleven days later locked in his parents' basement.[556] Yes 11 Days
2014 Mohammed Abu Khdeir 16 The Palestinian teenager was kidnapped from an East Jerusalem street by three Israeli nationals, who subsequently murdered him and dumped his body in the Jerusalem Forest. His body was found hours later, with the three perpetrators being captured and sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime.[557] No / Murdered Same day
2014 Lynn Messer 52 Messer was not in bed next to her husband when he awoke on the morning of 8 July 2014, at their farm in Bloomsdale, Missouri. All her personal effects, including a walking boot she had been wearing to protect her broken toe, were in the house.[558] In November 2016, remains found near the farm were identified as hers.[559] No 2 Years 4 Months
2014 James Argent 27 Argent is an English television personality best known for being a regular cast member of The Only Way Is Essex, who is known to have a history of substance abuse. In August 2014, he was reported missing from his home after failing to attend a scheduled flight, but was found only a day later. He was later assigned to rehab, and returned to the show in 2015.[560] Yes 1 day
2014 Tina Fontaine 15 Fontaine was a teenage First Nations girl who went missing on 8 August 2014 from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fontaine was found dead on 17 August 2014 after being found wrapped in plastic and covered with rocks in the Red River.[561] No / Murdered 9 days
2014 Nadia Murad 19 Murad, a Yazidi student who lived in Kocho, was kidnapped from her native village by ISIL on 15 August 2014. Along with numerous other girls and women, she became a sex slave and was repeatedly tortured by her captors in Mosul. She managed to escape her confinement and convinced a neighboring family to smuggle her out to a refugee camp out of the militant-controlled territories in either September or November 2014. Since her escape, she moved to Germany, and has become a human rights activist and founder of Nadia's Initiative, an organization dedicated to combating genocide, human trafficking and recovering communties affected by mass atrocities.[562] Yes One to three months
2014 Alice Gross 14 Gross went missing after leaving her home in Hanwell on 28 August 2014.[563] The search for her was the largest deployment of Metropolitan Police officers in a search operation since the 7 July 2005 London bombings.[564] It involved 600 officers from eight forces.[565] Gross's body was found in the River Brent five weeks later, on 30 September. No / Murdered 5 Weeks
2014 Hannah Graham 18 Graham was reported missing after last being seen at the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia on 13 September 2014, and her remains were found on 18 October 2014.[566] No / Murdered 5 Weeks
2014 Shao Tong 20 Chinese undergraduate at Iowa State University who disappeared in Nevada and her body later found in Iowa City, Iowa. Her boyfriend, Li Xiangnan was arrested, charged and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder under Chinese law, which allows prosecution of killings that have occurred abroad.[567] No / Murdered 20 days
2014 Atsumi Yoshikubo 45 Yoshikubo, a Japanese psychiatrist, was last seen on the morning of 22 October 2014, walking along the Ingraham Trail (NT 4) in a wooded area on the northern outskirts of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Her disappearance was not noted until three days later, when she had failed to check out of her hotel and the staff found her luggage, all packed, in her room. An intense search both by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and concerned local residents over the next few days was called off after a week when the RCMP announced that their investigation had led them to conclude that she came to Yellowknife with the intent to disappear into the wilderness (although she had bought a return ticket to Japan and souvenirs).[568] Ten months later a hunter discovered some of her personal effects along with human remains in the bush off the highway; on 14 April 2016, those remains were positively identified as Yoshikubo's.[569] No 10 Months
2015 Ambrose Ball 30 Ambrose "Jay" Ball, who was a 30-year-old father from London, disappeared on 24 January 2015 after he was involved in a bad car accident. Even though the police conducted an extensive search, absolutely no trace of him was found at all. A body found in the River Lea in Tottenham, London was identified as being his.[570] No / Drowned More than 2 months
2015 Becky Watts 16 Watts, from Crown Hill in the St George area of Bristol, England, went missing on 19 February 2015. Her dismembered body was found on 3 March 2015 in Barton Court, Bristol.[571] Her 33-year-old stepbrother, Nathan Matthews, was convicted of murdering her in November that year. No / Murdered 12 Days
2015 Bella Bond 2 A child who was found dead in a plastic bag on the shore of Deer Island in Winthrop, Massachusetts, on 25 June 2015.[572] Authorities pursued investigation into discovering who the child was until her identification in September 2015.[573][574] No / Murdered Unclear
2015 Amanda Peterson 43 On 3 July 2015, American actress Amanda Peterson was reported missing.[575] Two days later Peterson was found dead at her home in Greeley, Colorado five days before her birthday.[576] Her body was discovered by police when her family became concerned after Peterson missed a scheduled family dinner. An autopsy to determine the cause of Peterson's death was scheduled by the Weld County coroner for 6 July and the results of the autopsy and toxicology tests were released on 2 September 2015. The medical examiner determined that Peterson died of an accidental drug overdose.[577] No / Drug overdose 2 Days
2015 Tomislav Salopek 31 Croatian topographer who was kidnapped while working in Egypt on July 22, 2015 by the ISIL-affiliated militant group Sinai Province. He was held in hostage until August 12, when his kidnappers killed him and showcased his decapitated corpse in a video.[578] No / Murdered Less than 1 month
2015 DJ Derek 74 Pioneering British disc jockey, last seen leaving a pub in the St Pauls neighbourhood of his native Bristol on 11 July 2015; his body was found in March 2016 near The Mall, Cribbs Causeway.[579][580] Avon and Somerset Police spokesmen said that investigators were satisfied that there was nothing to suggest that the death was suspicious.[581] No 8 Months
2015 Ebby Steppach 18 Steppach was an American woman who disappeared on 25 October 2015[582] from Little Rock, Arkansas.[583] Steppach's body was discovered in a drainage pipe in Chalamont Park on 14 May 2018.[584] No / Murdered Less than 3 years
2015 Tiahleigh Palmer 12 An Australian girl from Logan City, Queensland, who disappeared on 30 October 2015. Her remains were found on 5 November 2015 on the banks of the Pimpama River.[585] In 2016 her foster father was charged with murdering her;[586] several other members of the family pleaded guilty to charges related to their attempts to cover up in the case.[587] No / Murdered 6 days
2015 Yim Fung 52 A Chinese joint chairman and chief executive of Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Guotai Junan Securities,[588] who disappeared on 18 November 2015, but returned to work on 22 December 2015.[589] Yes 5 Weeks
2015 David Lytton 67 An individual whose body was found close to Dovestone Reservoir on Saddleworth Moor, in the South Pennines of Northern England on 12 December 2015. He had died via a lethal dosage of strychnine in an act of suicide. His remains were identified in 2017.[590] No / Suicide 13 months
2015 Sian Blake 43 Blake, a British actress and her two children were reported missing on 16 December 2015. Three weeks later their bodies were found at Blake's home in Erith, London.[591] Her partner, Arthur Simpson-Kent, pleaded guilty to the murders and was given a whole life sentence in October 2016.[592] No / Murdered 3 Weeks
2015 Gui Minhai 51 The Chinese-born Swedish scholar and book publisher went missing in Thailand on 17 October 2015. He was the second of five book publishers to go missing around the same time. He had been abducted by Chinese authorities and taken to China, ostensibly in relation to a fatal hit and run car accident in 2003 when authorities claimed he had been driving while intoxicated. He later appeared on Chinese television and made an apparent confession a few months after disappearing, which observers believed to have been forced. Complaints about alleged Chinese abduction reached high political levels in Britain and the United States.[593] Later, Gui was charged in China with "illegal business operations", without reference to the earlier allegations. Yes Several months
2015 Jihadi John 27 Mohammed Emwazi, better known by his moniker "Jihadi John", was a Kuwaiti-British man of Iraqi descent who was a member of The Beatles, an ISIL terrorist cell named after the famous English band due to the members' distinct accents. He was responsible or took part in numerous beheadings, among them being American-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff, Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, several Syrian soldiers and numerous others. On 12 November 2015, American officials reported that he had been killed in a drone strike in Raqqa, Syria, with his death officially confirmed three months later by ISIL representatives.[594] No / Killed by a drone strike 3 months
2016 Helen Bailey 51 The British writer of children's and teenage fiction was reported missing after allegedly taking her dog for a walk in Royston, Hertfordshire, England, in April 2016. No trace of her was found initially, but in July 2016 her remains (and the dogs) were found in a cesspit under the garage of her home and her partner was charged with her murder.[595] No / Murdered 3 Months
2016 Sierah Joughin 20 An American woman who was abducted in Delta, Ohio on 19 July 2016. Her remains were found three days later in a shallow grave, and a nearby resident was charged with her abduction and murder.[596] No / Murdered 3 days
2017 Randy Potter 53 Potter was last seen leaving his Lenexa, Kansas, home on the morning of 17 January 2017. On 12 September, his decomposed body was found in his truck, parked at Kansas City International Airport, where he had apparently gone to take his own life the morning of his disappearance.[597] No / Suicide 8 Months
2017 Alianna DeFreeze 14 American schoolgirl who was kidnapped, raped, tortured and subsequently killed in Cleveland, Ohio on January 26, 2017, with her body found three days later. Her killer, a hardened criminal named Christopher Whittaker, was later found guilty and sentenced to death for the murder. DeFreeze's case served as an inspiration to introduce laws concerning child safety.[598] No / Murdered 3 days
2017 Akbar Salubiro 25 Akbar Salubiro was a man who went missing on 25 March 2017 in Mamuju, Indonesia. His remains were found two days later inside the body of a reticulated python.[599] No / Killed and eaten by a reticulated python 2 Days
2017 Yingying Zhang 26 Zhang was kidnapped on 9 June 2017 when visiting Chinese scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. She was abducted by Brendt Allen Christensen,[600] a Champaign resident and former physics graduate student at the university. Christensen lured Zhang into his car at a bus stop on campus with the promise of a ride after she missed a bus, but then took her to his apartment where he raped her while his wife was out of town for the weekend. On 30 June 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested and charged Christensen in federal court. Christensen was convicted of one count of kidnapping resulting in death and two counts of making false statements to agents of the FBI, for which he received a sentence of life imprisonment.[601] No / Death resulted from kidnapping. Not found
2017 Santiago Maldonado 27 An Argentine craftsman and tattoo artist from the town of Veinticinco de Mayo, province of Buenos Aires, who was reported missing after a demonstration in Chubut on 1 August 2017.[602] His body was found three months after, drowned at Chubut River. On 21 October 2017, after a 12-hour autopsy involving 55 experts, Judge Gustavo Lleral confirmed that Maldonado's body did not have any signs of violence and the cause of death was established as death by drowning.[603] No / Drowning 10 Weeks
2017 Kim Wall 30 Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall was reported missing after failing to return from a voyage on Peter Madsen's submarine UC3 Nautilus on 10 August 2017. Over the next three months, her severed body parts were found in Køge Bay. In April 2018, Madsen was convicted of her murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.[604] No / Murdered Unclear
2017 Ali Zeidan 67 Former Prime Minister of Libya and liberal politician twice kidnapped by armed militants, in 2013 and 2017, but was released without incident both times.[605] Yes 10 days
2017 Maëlys de Araujo 8 Maëlys de Araujo disappeared during a wedding party in Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Isère, on the night of 26–27 August 2017. In February 2018, Nordahl Lelandais, who had been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping her, told police he had accidentally killed her and led them where he had hidden her body.[606] No / Murdered 6 Months
2017 Sherin Mathews 3 Mathews was an Indian American toddler from Richardson, Texas.[607] who disappeared on 7 October 2017. Her body was found on 22 October 2017 in a culvert under a road near her home.[608] No / found dead 15 days
2017 Tala and Rotana Farea unknown Saudi Arabian sisters whose bodies were found floating in the Hudson River. Coroners determined that they died in a suicide pact, allegedly to escape the abuse they had suffered while living in a facility.[609] No / Suicide by drowning More than 1 year
2018 Vladimir Cvijan 41 Cvijan, a former member of the National Assembly of Serbia, disappeared under suspicious circumstances in January 2018. His death was confirmed by the Serbian government in March 2021.[610] No / Drowning 3 years
2018 Timothy J. Cunningham 36 Epidemiologist working for the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention and author of 28 publications centering around sleep deprivation and various diseases, Cunningham vanished after leaving his workplace, complaining that he didn't feel well. His body was found in the Chattahoochee River more than a month, having drowned in apparent suicide.[611] No / Suicide by drowning More than 1 month
2018 Scott Hutchison 36 Hutchison, the lead singer for Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, disappeared on 9 May 2018 from a hotel in South Queensferry, Scotland.[612] Two days later, his body was found at the nearby Port Edgar marina.[613] No 2 Days
2018 Dennis Day 76 Day was a theatre director, and had previously been a cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club. He was last seen alive on 17 July 2018, and his body was discovered in April 2019. A live-in handyman, Daniel James Burda, was later charged with several counts regarding Day's death, including his manslaughter.[614] No 9 months
2018 Vance Rodriguez 42 Rodriguez, an American hiker who disappeared from New York, New York in July 2018 was found dead on 23 July 2018 in the Big Cypress National Preserve. Rodriguez was previously known as "Mostly Harmless", "Ben Bilemy" and "Denim",[615] before he was identified in 2021.[616] No / died from starvation 2–3 Weeks
2018 Mollie Tibbetts 20 Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, was last seen during an evening jog on 18 July 2018. She was later found and pronounced dead on 21 August 2018.[617] No / Murdered 3 Days
2018 Meng Hongwei 64 The president of Interpol visited his home country China in September 2018 and was reported missing by his wife on 4 October, after he had no contact with her or anyone else since 29 September. On 8 October, Chinese authorities confirmed that he was arrested for alleged corruption and bribery.[618] Yes 9 Days
2018 Jamal Khashoggi 59 The Saudi Arabian journalist was not seen since he had an appointment at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018. Saudi state television confirmed his death on 20 October.[619] According to Turkish authorities, he was murdered by Saudi intelligence agents.[620] The murder is alleged to have been captured on listening equipment in the embassy. No / Murdered Not Found
2018 Jayme Closs 13 Closs disappeared on 15 October 2018 from her home in Barron, Wisconsin. Both of her parents were shot to death and she was abducted. Jake Thomas Patterson pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping. Closs was recovered alive after she escaped on 9 January 2019. On 24 May 2019, Patterson was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole plus an additional 40 years.[621] Yes 3 Months
2018 Tahir Dawar 49 Tahir Dawar (Urdu: طاہر داوڑ‎; Pashto: طاهر داوړ‎) who went by his middle name of "Tahir" was kidnapped on 26 October 2018 from Islamabad[622] and murdered. Dawar was a Pashto poet and police officer from Pakistan. On 13 November 2018 Dawar's body was found in the Dur Baba District of Nangarhar Province.[623] No / Murdered 20 Days
2019 Lam Wing-kee 63 Hong Kong businessman and owner of Causeway Bay Books in Taipei, Taiwan who imposed a self-exile in response to the Hong Kong extradition bill. He resurfaced a year later.[624] Yes 1 year
2019 Desmond "Etika" Amofah 29 Amofah, a YouTuber better known by his online alias Etika, posted a YouTube video titled "I'm sorry" to his personal YouTube channel TR1Iceman, alluding to his suicidal thoughts as he was walking down New York City streets; in the video he admitted to having mental health issues, struggled with the attention he had been getting from streaming, and apologized for pushing people away from him. Prior to the incident, Amofah had gotten fame that for reacting to famous gaming, notably Nintendo Directs.[625] He was last heard from at 8 PM that night and was reported missing to the New York Police Department (NYPD) by 20 June.[626] On the evening of 24 June, NYPD and emergency medical services had recovered his body near Pier 16, approximately half a mile (0.8 km) down the East River[627] and confirmed that he was deceased by the point of recovery.[625] Two days later, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner determined that the cause of death was drowning, and the manner was suicide.[628] No / Suicide by drowning 4 Days
2019 Caroline Mwatha 37 Mwatha was a Kenyan human rights activist who went missing on 6 February 2019.[629] Mwatha was later found dead just 6 days later on 12 February in Nairobi's City mortuary. No / Died due to exsanguination 6 Days
2019 Florijana Ismaili 24 On 29 June 2019, Switzerland national team footballer Ismaili dived into the water from a boat diving platform while on holiday at Lake Como in Lombardy, but did not resurface. The next day, she was declared missing.[630][631][632] Local authorities conducted an investigation, including using remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV). On 2 July, Ismaili's body was found at the bottom of Lake Como at a depth of 204 metres (669 feet).[633][634] An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was from "an acute episode of asphyxia".[635] No / Drowning 3 Days
2019 Suzanne Eaton 59 Eaton was an American scientist and professor of molecular biology at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany. She was last seen playing the piano within the hotel lobby where she was attending a works conference in Chania, Crete. Her body was discovered six days later. An autopsy determined she had died by asphyxiation. The following year, a 27-year-old named Giannis Paraskakis was convicted of her rape and murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.[636] No / Murdered 6 Days
2019 Alexandra Măceșanu and Luiza Melencu 15 and 18 Măceșanu and Melencu were two teenage girls who were kidnapped on 25 July 2019 in Olt County, Caracal, Romania. Though their bodies were not recovered it was later revealed that their kidnapper had killed them.[637] No / Murdered Bodies not recovered
2019 Tylee Ryan and J. J. Vallow 16 and 7 Tylee Ryan and J. J. Vallow were two American siblings from Rexburg, Idaho who disappeared in September 2019 under circumstances involving their mother Lori Vallow Daybell and stepfather Chad Daybell. Their bodies were later discovered in June 2020 and Vallow and Daybell were charged with the murder of the children in June 2021.[638] No / Killed 9 months
2019 Edmundo Rada unknown Edmundo Angulo, who was nicknamed "Pipo",[639][176] was a Venezuelan politician in the Sucre Municipality who disappeared on 16 October 2019 and was murdered[640] and found dead on 17 October 2019,[641] just one day later in Caracas. No / Murdered 1 day
2019 Aniah Blanchard 19 Blanchard, the stepdaughter of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Walt Harris, was kidnapped from a gas station in Auburn, Alabama on October 24, 2019. A month later, her body was found in Macon County, having been shot to death. Her suspected killer, Ibraheem Yazeed, was arrested in 2021 and is currently held without bond, awaiting his capital murder trial. In response to this case, a law dedicated to Aniah was created to reform the bail system in the state of Alabama.[642] No / Murdered 1 month


Date Person(s) Age Circumstances Found alive / cause of death Time spent missing or unconfirmed
2020 Chen Qiushi 34 Qiushi, a lawyer and citizen journalist, was abducted by Chinese government officials on February 6, 2020, due to his coverage of the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests and the mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. In September 2020, a government agency reported that he was under strict surveillance at his parents' home.[643] Yes 7 months
2020 Li Zehua 24–25 Chinese journalist and rapper who was detained by government officials while attempting to locate journalist Chen Qiushi. Two months later, he posted a video saying that he had been temporarily arrested by police and later released.[644] Yes 2 months
2020 Vanessa Guillén 20 Guillén was a 20-year-old woman who was serving in the United States Army at the time of her disappearance. She had told her family and close friends that she was being sexually harassed by a fellow soldier, but never made an official complaint to her chain of command. Guillén was last seen on 22 April 2020 at approximately 1:00pm in the parking lot of her unit on Fort Hood, Texas. On 30 June 2020, authorities discovered human remains along the Leon River, in Belton, which after examination indicated that they were indeed Guillén's. The autopsy revealed the cause of death was due to bludgeoning.[645][646] No / Murdered 2 months 8 days
2020 Facundo Astudillo Castro 22–23 Castro was an Argentine man who disappeared on 30 April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic after he was stopped by the police[647][648] in Mayor Buratovich, Buenos Aires. Castro was found dead on 15 August 2020.[649] Castro's death was revealed to be caused by drowning. No / Drowning 107 days
2020 Shad Gaspard 39 On 17 May 2020, former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard and his 10-year-old son went swimming at the Marina Del Rey Beach in California. Both Gaspard and his son were caught in a rip current. Gaspard directed life guards to save his son first. His son was saved, but Gaspard had submerged underwater. Lifeguards at the beach, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Los Angeles Fire Department were searching for Gaspard until 7:30 pm that evening, when the search was called off. Three days later, on 20 May 2020, Gaspard's body was found on the beach and identified by the Los Angeles County coroner's office.[650][651] No / Drowning 3 days
2020 Naya Rivera 33 Rivera, an American actress best known for her role on Glee, was declared missing after she went swimming with her 4-year-old son in Lake Piru, California, on 8 July 2020 and never returned. She was declared presumed dead in a drowning incident the next day[652] and her body was recovered on 13 July 2020.[653] It is suspected that she and her son got caught in a current; she pushed her son onto their boat, but could not get up herself.[654][655] No / Drowning 5 days
2020 Park Won-soon 64 Park was a South Korean philanthropist, politician, lawyer, and activist, and was the longest-serving mayor of Seoul.[656] Park disappeared on 9 July 2020 and was found dead a day later, and it was revealed that he died by suicide.[657][658] No / Suicide 1 day
2021 Louis Nix 29 Louis Nix was an American professional football player who went missing on 24 February 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida and was found dead three days later on 27 February.[659][660] No / Death by drowning 3 days
2021 Sarah Everard 33 On the evening of 3 March 2021, Everard, a marketing executive living in Brixton Hill, disappeared after leaving a friend's house. Everard spoke on the phone with her boyfriend for roughly 15 minutes and agreed to meet him the next day. Around 30 minutes after leaving, Everard was seen on doorbell camera footage. This is the last recorded sighting of her and it is unknown whether she reached home. Everard's boyfriend contacted police the next day to report her missing. Six days after her disappearance, 48-year-old Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Everard and was later rearrested on 10 March on suspicion of her murder when human remains were found near Ashford, Kent.[661][662] The remains were confirmed to be Everard's on 12 March and Couzens was charged with her kidnap and murder later the same day.[663][664] No / under investigation 7 days
2021 Ahmadullah, Atifullah, Mohammad Rahim and Razamullah 13–17 The four boys were last seen hunting for wild hare in the area of Janikhel, Pakistan in early February 2021. On 21 March 2021, their mutilated remains were found in a mass grave by a shepherd's dog: one had been beheaded, another shot and the final two stoned to death. Their deaths remain under investigation, and have sparked a nation-wide protest from family, relatives and locals, who are demanding tighter security against militants operating in the area and the capture of the boys' killers.[665] No / Murdered and under investigation 3 weeks
2021 James Dean 35 Dean, an English footballer who played as a forward for several teams since beginning his career in 2003, was reported missing on 6 May 2021, after he was last seen the day prior. Three days later, his body was located by police in Oswaldtwistle. His death was determined to be not suspicious.[666] No / Unknown 4 days

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