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List of shopping malls in Iran

This is a list of shopping malls in Iran.

Mall City Year
Gross leasable
area (GLA)
Shops Remarks
Isfahan City Center Isfahan 2012 465,500 m² (5.1 million sq ft) 600,000 m² (6.5 million sq ft) 770+ Isfahan City Center is the largest shopping mall in Iran.[1] This mixed-use shopping mall complex includes a 5-star hotel, cinema, the biggest indoor amusement park in the Middle East with 345,000 square meters, restaurants, international financial exchange center, office tower, exhibition center and hotel apartment.
Persian Gulf Complex Shiraz 2012 450,000 m² (4.8 million sq feet)[2][3] 500,000 m² 2500+ World's largest by number of stores. As of 2012 the only store opened is Carrefour. The rest is now vacant.
Almas-e-Shargh Mashhad 2001
Kian Center Mashhad 2012 140,000 m² (1.5 sq ft)
Proma Hypermarket Mashhad 2012 420,000 m² (4.5 million sq feet) 430
Tirajeh I Tehran
Tirajeh II Tehran
Milad-e Noor Tehran
Kourosh Complex Tehran
Golestan Tehran
Mega Mall Tehran
Palladium Tehran 2015
Sana shopping center Tehran 2017
Isfahan City Center in Iran is the largest shopping mall in Iran, the 6th largest in the world, and the largest shopping mall in the world with a museum. 
Persian Gulf complex in Shiraz is the second largest shopping mall in Iran, the 8th largest in the world by area, and the world's largest by number of stores.