Isfahan City Center

Isfahan City Center is a large commercial and entertainment complex in Isfahan, Iran.[citation needed] As of November 2012, it was the second largest shopping mall (after Iran Mall ) in Iran,[2] and one of the largest shopping malls in the world.

Isfahan City Center
LocationIsfahan, Iran
Coordinates32°33′09″N 51°41′24″E / 32.5525°N 51.6900°E / 32.5525; 51.6900Coordinates: 32°33′09″N 51°41′24″E / 32.5525°N 51.6900°E / 32.5525; 51.6900
AddressDastjerdi Hw.
Opening dateNovember 2012
DeveloperPrestige Land Iran | Masoud Sarrami
No. of stores and services600+
Total retail floor area465,500 square metres (5,011,000 sq ft)[citation needed]
No. of floors7
Parking5,500 car spaces[1]


The mall was developed by Masoud Sarrami through his firm, Prestige Land Iran Co.[3] Sarrami was confident that the venture would succeed, being cautiously hopeful in 2016 that the sanctions against Iran would eventually be lifted. He even toyed with the idea of attracting Donald Trump to invest in the hotel aspect of the project.[3]


The mall was designed by the architect Medardo Cadiz of Cadiz International, Inc.[4][5] Built in four phases, the Center covers approximately 465,500 square metres (5,011,000 sq ft) and includes a 5 star hotel, a general shopping mall with more than 750 retail outlets, a museum, a hypermarket, restaurants, airline offices, an indoor theme park with a roller coaster and bumper cars, an international financial center (IFC) and a World trade center (WTC), and an entertainment center with seven cinema screens and a fair complex.

The mall is located near the city of Isfahan and the towns of Sepahan Shahr and Baharestan.[6]


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