List of shipwrecks in 1858

The list of shipwrecks in 1858 includes ships sunk, wrecked, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1858.

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List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1858
Ship Country Description
Boree   United Kingdom The ship was driven ashore at Sfax, Beylik of Tunis. She was on a voyage from Alexandria, Egypt to Liverpool, Lancashire. She was refloated, repaired and resumed her voyage some time later.[1]
Carrier   United States The 345-ton sidewheel paddle steamer struck a snag and sank in the Missouri River. She was refloated, repaired, and returned to service.[2]
Catherine   United Kingdom The ship foundered off Ningpo, China. Her crew were rescued. She was on a voyage from Hong Kong to Shanghai.[3]
Cyclops Unknown During a voyage from San Francisco, California, to Coquille, Oregon, the schooner was wrecked on the Coos Bay Bar in Coos Bay off the coast of Oregon either in 1858 or in the spring of 1862.[4]
Dona Franziska   Hamburg The brig was wrecked on the coast of Brazil between 24 July and 6 November with the loss of three lives.[5]
Elizabeth   France The whaler was wrecked in the Chatham Islands before 10 April. Her crew were rescued.[6]
General Kushion   United States The ship was destroyed by fire at San Francisco, California.[7]
Genevieve   United Kingdom The barque was wrecked on Matakong, Africa.[8]
Hope   United Kingdom The ship was wrecked on the Parague Flat. Her crew were rescued. She was on a voyage from Melbourne, Victoria to Rangoon, Burma.[9]
Jane Black   United Kingdom The ship departed from Limerick for Quebec City, Province of Canada, British North America in mid-July. Presumed to have foundered on the return voyage with the loss of all hands.[10]
John E. Mayer   United States The ship was destroyed by fire in the Gulf of California.[7]
John Franklin   United States The schooner was lost while coming from Prince Edward Island for Gloucester, Massachusetts in the winter of 1858—59. Lost with all 6 hands, plus passengers, up to 14 lives lost.[11]
Lucas   Victoria The ship was wrecked with the loss of fifteen lives. She was on a voyage from Victoria to Fraser Island, New South Wales.[12]
Maria Isabel   Peru The steamship was lost in the Straits of Magellan. Her crew were rescued.[13]
Neophyte   United Kingdom The brigantine was wrecked on a reef off Sierra Leone in late July or early August. She was on a voyage from Sierra Leone to Liverpool, Lancashire.[14]
Panama   New Zealand The brig went missing while en route between the Chatham Islands and the New Zealand mainland early in 1858. Some wreckage believed to have been from the Panama was washed ashore near Cape Kidnappers in early September.[15]
Queen of Clippers   United States The fishing schooner was lost in the Newfoundland fishery in the winter of 1858—59. Lost with all 6 hands.[16]



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