List of science fiction magazines

This is a list of science fiction and science fiction-related magazines. The primary focus of the magazines in this list is or was writing about science fiction and/or contained science fiction for at least part of their run.

Name Founded Defunct Country Publisher Topics Format
Amazing Stories 1926 United States Experimenter Publishing Company American science fiction magazine Printed
Analog Science Fiction and Fact 1930 United States Crosstown Publications American science fiction and popular science magazine Printed
Apex Magazine 2005 United States Apex Book Company American horror and science fiction magazine. Online
Asimov's Science Fiction 1977 United States Penny Publications, LLC American magazine which publishes science fiction and fantasy and perpetuates the name of Isaac Asimov. Printed
Clarkesworld Magazine 2006 United States Wyrm Publishing American magazine which publishes science fiction. Online
Galaktika 1972 1995-2004 Hungary Metropolis Media Printed sci-fi and fantasy magazine with mainstream influence in Hungarian literature; despite the relatively small language market, at its peak was one of the top-selling SF magazines worldwide. Printed
Galaxy Science Fiction 1951 1980-1995 United States H.P. Gold and World Editions Printed sci-fi and fantasy magazine,available on PDF in Internet Archive Printed (online when available on PDF)
Interzone 1982 United Kingdom TTA Press Britain's longest running science fiction and fantasy magazine. Printed
Lightspeed 2010 United States John Joseph Adams Online fantasy and science fiction magazine. Online
Locus 1968 United States Locus A news and review magazine of the science fiction, fantasy and horror publishing fields. Printed
Mithila Review 2015 India Salik Shah Online magazine of science fiction, fantasy, art, poetry, reviews and interviews. Online
Science Fantasy 1950 1967 United Kingdom Science Fantasy Printed
SciFi4Ever 2014 United Kingdom Online magazine about all things sci-fi related (film, TV, video games, literature, models, board games, cosplay, conventions...) Online
SciFiNow 2007 United Kingdom Imagine Publishing Magazine about all areas of sci-fi (film, TV, literature) also writing about fantasy and horror. Printed
Sci Phi Journal 2014 Belgium Sci Phi Journal Quarterly journal dedicated to speculative fiction addressing philosophy, theology and related fields, with a particular focus on fictional non-fiction. Online
SFX 1995 United Kingdom Future plc Magazine covering topics in the genres of popular science fiction, fantasy and horror. Printed
Strange Horizons 2000 United States Strange Horizons Online magazine of science fiction, science fact, fantasy, opinion, art and reviews. Online
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1949 United States Fantasy & Science Fiction The original publisher of various science fiction and fantasy classics like Stephen King's Dark Tower and many others. Printed 2008 United States Tor Books Online magazine covering science fiction, fantasy, the universe and related subjects. Also publishes original short science fiction. Online
Kalpabiswa 2016 India Kalpabiswa Collective Online magazine covering science fiction, fantasy, horror related subjects. Online