List of rulers of the Gibe state of Gera

The following is a list of rulers of the Kingdom of Gera. The Gibe kingdom of Gera was one of the kingdoms in the Gibe region of Ethiopia that emerged in the 19th century.

List of Rulers of the Gibe Kingdom of GeraEdit

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Moti (Rulers) (horse names in parentheses)
(semi-legendary) Abba Sirba, Moti (Borana)
(semi-legendary) Raia, Moti
(semi-legendary) Macha, Moti (Borana)
(semi-legendary) Akako, Moti (Borana)
(semi-legendary) Jimma, Moti (Borana)
(semi-legendary) Abo, Moti (Borana)
(semi-legendary) Saiyo, Moti (Borana)
(semi-legendary) Bobo, Moti (? Bareituma)
killed c. 1840 Tulu Ganje, Moti killed by Oncho, king of Gumma
c. 1840 ..., Moti
(Abba Baso)
c. 1845 to c. 1860 ..., Moti
(Abba Rago I)
reigned 15 years
c. 1860 - 1870 ..., Moti
(Abba Magal)
c. 1870 ..., Moti
(Abba Rago II)
c. 1880 Genne Fa Widow of Abba Rago II

Source: C.F. Beckingham and G.W.B. Huntingford, Some Records of Ethiopia, 1593-1646 (London: Hakluyt Society, 1954), pp. lxxxivf

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