List of rulers of Leqa Naqamte

Leqa Naqamte, also known as Leqa Neqemte, was a polity from 1841 to 1897 in what later became the Welega Province of Ethiopia. It was formed as an outgrowth of the power of the city of Nekemte which remained its capital. Its growth came as a result of the power-extending policies of Bekere Godana.[1] In 1897 it was incorporated into Ethiopia by the expansionist policies of Menelik.

Moti = Rulers

Tenure Incumbent Notes
before 1871 Foundation of Leqa Naqamte state
1841 to 1868 Bekere Godana, Moti
1871 to 1888 Mereda Bekere, Moti
1888 to 1923 Kumsa Mereda, Moti later called Gebregziabher, appointed governor of Welega
1882 Leqa Naqamte incorporated into Ethiopia

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