Kumsa Moroda

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Kumsa Moroda (Oromo: Kumsaa Morodaa was the third and last Moti, or ruler, of the Welega kingdom also known as the Leqa Neqamte state. His father was Moti Moroda Bekere.[1]

Under his rule, Nekemte continued to prosper, despite the re-imposition of central authority; Russian explorer Alexander Bulatovich visited Nekemte on 13 March 1897; in his memoirs he describes its marketplace as "a very lively place and presents a motley mixture of languages, dress, and peoples", and carefully described the paintings in the town's newly constructed Ethiopian Orthodox church.[2] In 1905, a central government customs office was officially opened in Nekemte.

His cousin was the businessman and historian Blatta Deressa Amante, father of the senior statesman Lij Yilma Deressa.[citation needed]

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