List of rain deities

Aztec god Tlaloc, Millan Primary School in Mexico City

There are many different gods of rain in different religions:


African mythologyEdit



North AmericaEdit

South AmericaEdit


Hindu mythologyEdit

Middle Eastern mythologyEdit

Tibetan mythologyEdit


Greek mythologyEdit

  • Hyades, nymphs that bring rain
  • Zeus, god of rain, thunder, and lightning

Lithuanian mythologyEdit

  • Blizgulis, god of snow

Norse MythologyEdit

  • Freyr, Norse god of rain, sunshine, summer and fertility

Slavic mythologyEdit

  • Dodola, goddess of rain
  • Dudumitsa, Bulgarian goddess of rain


Hawaiian mythologyEdit

  • Lono,[6] who was also a fertility god

Australian Aboriginal DreamingEdit


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