List of railway lines in the Netherlands

Electrification of the rail network:
  Electrified 1500 V DC
  Electrified 25 kV AC 50 Hz
  Electrified 3000 V DC (Belgium)
  Electrified 15 kV AC 16,7 Hz (Germany)
  Not Electrified
Number of tracks on a railway line:
  Single track
  Double track
  Three track
  Four track
Maximum speeds on the rail network.

The Netherlands has a rail network totalling 7,021 kilometres (4,363 mi) of track,[1] or 3,013 route km.[2] Three quarters of it is electrified, one third is single track. Railway lines are built in standard gauge, apart from a few narrow gauge industrial and recreational railways.

List of railway lines by provinceEdit

In contrast with the motorways in the Netherlands, and the railway lines in Belgium, the railway lines in the Netherlands are not identified by line numbers. For that reason, the lines listed below are named simply by reference to the names of their termini.








North HollandEdit

South HollandEdit


North BrabantEdit


Stretches with four tracksEdit

  • 5 Schiphol – Hoofddorp
  • 5, 7 Leiden – Rijswijk
  • 7 Schiedam – Dordrecht
  • 13, 20 Amsterdam Centraal – Amsterdam Muiderpoort
  • 13 Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena – Utrecht Centraal
  • 9, 12 Boxtel – Eindhoven
  • 15, 16, 19 Utrecht Centraal – Utrecht Overvecht
  • 18 Utrecht – Woerden
  • 18 Gouda – Gouda Goverwelle

Former railwaysEdit

The railways in the following list have been closed and demolished:


Railway map 1904:

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