Maastricht–Venlo railway

The Maastricht–Venlo railway is a railway line in the Netherlands running from Maastricht to Venlo, passing through Sittard and Roermond. The line was opened in 1865. It is part of the Staatslijn "E".

Maastricht–Venlo railway
LocaleThe Netherlands
TerminiMaastricht railway station
Venlo railway station
Operator(s)Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Line length70 km (43 mi)
Number of tracksdouble track (Maastricht–Roermond),
single track (Roermond–Venlo)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge
Electrification1.5 kV DC
Route map
Line from Liège
0.0 Maastricht
to Hasselt
to Heerlen
6.4 Bunde
13.9 Beek-Elsloo
freight line from Stein
18.0 Geleen-Lutterade
Line from Heerlen
21.9 Sittard
freight line to Born
28.5 Susteren
33.0 Echt
freight line from Mönchengladbach
46.3 Roermond
Line to Eindhoven
51.7 Swalmen
58.1 Reuver
65.1 Tegelen
line from Viersen and Düsseldorf
70.0 Venlo
River Meuse
Lines to Eindhoven and Nijmegen


The main interchange stations on the Maastricht–Venlo railway are: