List of railroad yards in New York City

New York City is mostly served by passenger railroads, with two lines available for freight railroads. Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, New York & Atlantic Railway, and CSX Transportation all own and operate yards in New York City. There are also many yards operated by the New York City Subway system that are not listed here. Furthermore, there are railyards on property owned by the city of New York, but operations are leased to railroads such as New York New Jersey Rail.



  • Sunnyside Yard - The largest railroad yard in New York City. It is owned and operated by Amtrak, but also used by NJ Transit. Now a passenger coach yard, it formerly also had a freight section (LIRR "Yard A") that was closed to make room for the East Side Access project.
  • Fresh Pond Junction - The primary freight yard on Long Island, operated by the New York & Atlantic Railway[1]
  • Hillside Facility - Owned and operated by the LIRR.
  • Morris Park Facility - Owned and operated by the LIRR.
  • Glendale Yard - Owned by the LIRR, operated by the New York & Atlantic Railway.
  • Arch Street Yard- Owned by the LIRR but which services both LIRR and Metro-North equipment. Also has a freight terminal for New York & Atlantic Railway.


  • Bush Terminal – Yard for freight traveling by car float across New York Harbor via New York New Jersey Rail, LLC. As of July 2012, the yard is no longer in service and the car float has been transferred to 65th Street Yard.
  • 65th Street Yard – Rebuilt by the City of New York Economic Development Corp. It was operated by NY&A, but the transfer bridges were unused. In July 2012, operation of the yard was leased to NYNJ Rail, and transfer bridges were placed in service.
  • Vanderbilt Yards – LIRR yard near the Atlantic Terminal, the western terminus of the Atlantic Branch railroad. It is bounded by Atlantic Avenue to the north, Carlton Avenue to the east, Pacific Street to the south, and 5th Avenue to the west. The Barclays Center was built over it. It is also the site of Pacific Park mixed-use commercial and residential development project.


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